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Posted on 2014.03.02 at 10:43
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Notice how President Obama is talking like RUSSIA IS THE PROBLEM? And that's basically what we're getting via the megacorpse media as well. Whether or not Obama is serious, or of good intention, this whole, "YOU ARE THE PROBLEM," blame game, which the Nethers promulgate instinctively, (in their drug-running, poverty-stricken, bullet-infested, all-American moral environment, God bless us for we are all sinners halleluiah), is a rampantly contagious pandemic these days - and be prepared - I wish to focus on it on an upcoming post, which will probably begin like this, "I guess I'm going to start off by seeming ly bragging about me." But suddenly, the amazing post will shift to, "All my life, like you, I HAVE APPARENTLY BEEN THE PROBLEM!" ha ha - so stay tuned for that.

How can some Christians be so comfy with themselves even while the bomm the bejesus out of the Middle East, etc., btw??? Well, on yesterday's T.A.L. (NPR), there was an interview with a bommer pilot - just a kid, who puts all moral considerations out of his mind when he goes up into the air to do the duty he was trained for, (like a good NAZI, I mean soldier). Well, he said that whenever he DID think about it, he felt GOOD about, "bomming the bad people," (even when innocent lives were destroyed), because he was saving the Afghan people from someone who has, in a way, "invaded their house!" Now - who wouldn't feel good about that, hmmm?! See. It sounds perfectly right, doesn't it? Perfectly morally justifiable. So long as you don't study geopolitics, or hae insight nto secret Pentagon and State Department information, and o long as you aren't the President making the BIG decisions. Perfect moral rationalisation, so long as you stuff your lazy ego with a lot of easy BLITHE DENIAL. So - its not like a Christian nation isn't in some evil CONSPIRACY to bomm the planet. Its just that they are all comfy with this whole BLITHE DENIAL habit, which, as a bi-product, so easilly sports the whole, "YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!" contagion. See how it works. Seemingly nice, apparently decent people, in all other respects, can, like a slip on a water-slide, also do the Devil's bidding, killing millions, all in the name of god. Or Fred. Or whatever is the trend of the millenium.

Well, hey. Is this really happening? Blithe denial says no. Blaming "conspiracy theorists" says no. The big football screen TV and the video war games all say no. Non-reporting in the news, with mundane peer pressure, and beer - these all say no. Gotta-have-sex, gotta-have-money, gotta-have-drgggs, gotta-have-bling, gotta-have-college-education - these also say NO!!!! The beginning of the end, WWIII, like Katrina, and Fukushima, and Gabriele's Trumpets - this is not really happening. Instead, lets' identify messengers and make them VICTIMS OF OUR BLAME!

The cost of living says no. And so we ignore the slaughter. Its as if we need Middle-Easterners or Russians for our Big Macs. Oh - wait - THE UKRAINE IS FULL OF WHEAT! And THE MIDDLE EAST IS FULL OF OIL! All we need now is the BEEF. Where's the beef?

Remeber when Ross Perot was running? I believe he got the biggest vote for any 3rd-party candidate in modern history. And yet he lost - because he had big ears and people said he was crazy. So, when he tried to make a sund-bite comment by saying that NAFTA would cause jobs to go to Mexico, etc., creating a "BIG SUCKING SOUND," well then, such an odd weird comment surely had to do with the agreed-upon-"fact" that Ross Perot, (billionaire), was one of those crazy TINFOIL-HAT-WEARERS. Kinda the same blithe denial and concommitant moral rationalisation promulgated by the bommer pilot, Huh? And the Nethers. And maybe even the President, huh? Thus, AMERICANS VOTED TO SEND THEIR JOBS OVERSEAS. why not? Not one of them felt that this could possibly affect them PERSONALLY, cuz it wouldn't really happen. Living, voting, in America - its all just one big videogame simulation anyway, right? A trial-run before we get to heaven. Or hell. Same difference. Same coffin. Blithe denial. FEAR of death. YOU are the problem. Blame the messenger-victim. Like that Jesus guy.

Our jobs went overseas. And, would you believe me if I told you that some sprouts from Neo-Clavinist John-Birch-Society bent had this as a plan all along. And so followed a vast profit taking, and corrupting of the population's morals and morale, from those sociopathic citizens we fondly refer to as, "corporations." The GOP rose to prominance, mainly because the UNIONS had been decimated, and so they were no longer able to fork over enough campaign funds to Democrats. Meanwhile, the Supreme court and other courts were stacked so that we got such decisions as "money is speech," and, "CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE." This allowed infinite secret money to go to corrupt and proto-fascist politicians of both parties, but more critically to the GOP and it's wing of KOCH TEA-PARTIERS. Remember this - I will mention the KOCH's later. By the way, the KOCHS contributed to BOTH parties, including to CLINTON, who signed NAFTA and deregulated WALL STREET and the BANKS. These are the reasons that the USA is diving into THIRD WORLD NATION STATUS. But, you tell me that this can't be happening, because the numbers on Wall Street tell you (and the media) that this can't be happening. Inflation; profit-from-destruction; SOCIOPATHIC profit-greed; rapid-fire computer investing; the artificial strength of the dollar, kept up by MILITANCE and the TAMPERING WITH GOLD PRICES - CURRENCY WARS - AND EXTRAVAGENT BS BUBBLES - and FILTHY-RICH LOW INTEREST RATES - these have been what have been making the numbers on Wall Street look good. And you, without researching this, tell me that this can't be happening.

It is happening.

Do you know that while rising food prices have been blamed on tragic weather lately, the extra money has NOT been going to the growers who supply the food? That means that intermediary mega-corp food companies are charging higher prices and stiffing the growers, for their own gain, even while many of their ilk pay talking heads to deny that global warming exists. VoC - mass contageon - This is happening. And - oh yeah - THE UKRAINE IS FULL OF WHEAT!


I will tell you how this can be happening.

Several years ago, the U.S. Army put out a report on how the world will look within about the next 50 years or so. Such reports from the Army are really amazing, being some of the most telling NON-CLASSIFIED gov't information a citizen can read. In this report, it was said that the wheat fields of Poland and the Ukraine would become increasingly more important, strategically, as the world population grows, and global warming brings more erratic weather, droughts, etc. It was advised that NATO create a stonghold in Poland, and take advantage of opportunities towards controlling the Ukraine. Well, since that report, the U.S. and NATO have attempted to move nuclear-capable missiles into Poland and Easter Europe, obstensively to confront the terrible rising threat of Iran, (which has always been a charade). Also, Russia has been playing the card of controlling its pipeline oil supply to Europe.

So - that's why this can be happening. It isn't an accident. The uprising in the Ukraine, which is not just pro- or anti-Russia, but is a lot of people angry about corruption in government, resembles the uprising in Egypt, (etc.), which was fanned by Western agents via social media, etc. Similarly, the leader is fascilly disappeared from the scene, without being harmed. It also resembles the US-Russia confrontation surrounding Georgia, (Russia). This incident was clearly contrived by the West, probably with the involvement of Dick Cheney. (My guess is that Monsanto's DONALD RUMSFELD has bee behind the contrivance of the Ukrainian problem). What we hear from the media leads us to believe that everyone in Western Ukraine is revolting, for joining the ridiculous European Union, (which facilitated the collapses of Greece, etc., for the benefit of its central banks). But the uprising also includes PRO-RUSSIA protesters. And a large part of the pro-Europe protesters are NEO-NAZIs. OMG - WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THAT COMING?! Well, Neo-Nazi's from all over Europe are swarming in to join the NeoNazi protesters in Ukraine!!! Is this really happening?

Meanwhile, Eastern Ukraine, remains pro-Russian, with 70% of the population speaking Russian. In this destabilised country, Russia has some reason to move in assistance to the Russian population there. And it has been doing so with great restraint. But this is being panted as Russia INVADING the Ukraine, (after the Ukraine's leader had been wildly pro-Russian, angering people), because RUSSIA IS THE PROBLEM. It's a set-up - just like in the countless destabilisations in the Middle East. And it mainly is to drain wealth, satisfy mega-corps, prop up the DOLLAR, continue Cold War angst amongst US (and European) Baby Boomers; feed the military-contractor-technocratic complex, and to continue on this rote, self-defeating habit of imperial expansion. But, it was also all mapped out in the Army report, as an answer to global warming.

The West is intent on getting that wheat. They are convincing Ukrainians that they shall fair better in a freer market through Europe, just as the KOCHS are convincing Americans that they shall profit from the oil coming through, AND AWAY FROM, the Keystone XL Pipeline. But it is always the same old scam. China ultimately benefits. More and more, the US Gov't is doing the dirty work that benefits China, because many of the world's MAIN CONTROLLING MEGACORPS are now in China, (no longer in the USA) - and because China holds so much of our debt. But, very simply, the longer the STATUS QUO economy is sought to be maintained by the US and its military/contractors, the more China is benefitted. Therefore, it is possible that an ultimate plan to war against China is in the cards, down the road. Right now, the US is trying to get as much done as possible, while it is able to prolong and ride out the wave of its artifically-propped-up dollar. It is riding a bubble, and it knows it. At least the top strategists do. All the rest just assist because they believe in STATUS QUO.

I don't know how much Putin is helping this pro-Western strategy, but I am pretty sure he is. I don't know if the recent leader of the Ukraine was knowingly, deliberately trying to assist this whole conflagration, which should benefit the West - but I feel he may have been more of a shallow opportunist, played by the powers that be - just as Mubarek was. (Russia is full of shallow opportunists these days). I don't know if the recent, large anti-gay uprising in France was instigated precisely to cause a rise of Neo-NAZIism in Europe, towards the goal of aiding a Ukrainian revolution. However, 1- I do feel that the French protesters were partly fueled by outside or vested interests, and, 2- France has a renowned history of commisserating with Russians and their revolutions, and this could have been something to tap into, and, 3- A rise of Neo-NAZIism in Europe is not merely a natural outgrowth of decades of Neo-Calvinist ANTI-COMMUNIST strategies of Containment, continuing to this day, because of human and bureaucratic inertia - it is also most probably an end-game strategy of the global rogue powers that be, who's roots are in the NAZIs of WWII. Revenge of the Ayn Randian NeoNazis. NONE OF THIS IS AN ACCIDENT. That's how this can be happening. An uninterrupted addiction by Master-racers for CONTROL, of the world. But, conspiracy comes also by way of serendipity.

I also know that it is the way of Democracies in diplomacy; of paradoxical human nature; of capitalism, and of REALITY ITSELF, to coalesce wills and actions into accidental, but mutually-beneficial, "conspiracies." It happens as a matter of course, as we dance to the dictates of energy and fate. Entropy. Chaos. SO - I don't know if Putin's recent anti-gay rants were meant merely to garner political support at home, or if it was meant to feed into this European Neo-NAZI conspiracy. But, looking at other considerations I have made, it seems that they MAY have been meant to support the conspiracy.

If you seriously study history, you will find that Alex Jones is correct. Banksters have funded both the east and the west - both Communists and NAZIs. Most wars have been manipulated this way. So, it should come as no surprise that Putin may be assisting the West. (And I haven't even gone into detail about why it seems that he is doing so). Why do banksters do this? It all has to do with capital movement, the wants of the elites, planned exploits of megacorp monopolies, and strategic planning by state departments and global organisations. And ideological sycophants and talking heads. Recall how easy it was for the bommer pilot to rationalise and justify his killings, all for the greater good? This is how easy the world can end.

It is happening.

That's what the trumpets in Kiev announced, in 2011.

oops - i forgot to talk about kochs and great lakes - tbc

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