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I am the person who will destroy China.


Well, I reckon I'll try a little something.

OK. First of all, it is no surprise that I have been sniffed, hacked and DDOS-attacked so much in the past; or that I have had weird phone problems; or that I have had weird trolls and other hacker problems on LJ; etc., or that I am now suddenly restricted from reaching my local internet access phone numbers. THIS STUFF IS HAPPENING - and people are being paid to do it. Once, some troll on LJ objected to a few of my mild porn pics, and this lead to someone stealing the password to my picture site and then deleting the objected pics, even though they were legal.

On the one hand, certain people want to exploit for a profit. On the other, I have acquired ATTENTION - ever since the beginning. I have posted some very out-there stuff, I guess. In recent years, I have posted theme posts chock-full of radical ideas, for anyone daring or bored enough to read them. Some of these ideas are challenging because they are political. Some because they are economic. Some because they are sociological. Some because they are cosmically PHYSICAL. And, I have gathered, it may be the latter ideas which are the most threatening to the rogue powers that be. And I feel that there can only be four possible explanations for this: 1- Academic jealousy. 2- Investment in STATUS QUO technology, & unwilling to allow new approaches. 3- Unwilling to let people gain knowledge of advanced, (UFO-type; quantum-computer-type; info-tele-transportation-type; microwave weaponry-type; mind-control-type), technology which they hold. 4- A general obsession with not letting people think freely, and so controlling their destinies. I'm not saying my ideas are great or not great. I am saying there is some perverse obsession out there trying to hold on to status quo info, technology and authority. And COUNTLESS innocent people are being singled out and leaned on. And this is exemplified in the perverse hounding of Edward Snowden, which has been foretold in the treatment of victims at Al Ghraib, etc., etc. We have just become a shit-ass PUNK of a country. And it shows in the abuse of privacy, money, innocence, power, and so on.

I have studied the Snowden incident as much as I could, and put it in comparisons within bigger pictures or theories. I have come to the conclusion, (i.e., very-strong hypothesis), that the Snowden incident was contrived, in collusion with Russia. I have come to the same conclusion with the present "resolution" on Syria - and so of the Nuke breakthroughs with Iran. For better or for worse, Obama is intricately involved in these things. I don't know if its all secretive in order to hide it from profit-geared mega-corps, banks, and/or the NWO and rogue powers that be. I don't know if it's secretive because of partisan politics, requiring TOUGH TALK by the Dems. in diplomacy, etc. I don't know if it's secretive because Obama and company is trying to take over the globe and install communism led by reptilian aliens. I don't know if it's secretive in order to BENEFIT the banks, NWO, etc. I just don't know. But I am simply aware that there is mega secrecy going on. (Remember Obama's website inviting people to apply for positions in his new administration? It was hyper-secretive and intrusive. That right there was an early indication). I also saw deep secrecy in Obama's visit to gold-rich South Africa, with the shifty Mandella family, at precisely the time when the price of gold dipped lower than the point where production could remain profitable. I have also seen that Obama does lie, very adeptly.

I am fairly convinced that Obama and Putin are in cooperation on Ukraine, no matter what appears on the news, or in their talk. I have gathered this from watching a LOT of information, including Russian ship movements in the Middle-East, etc. My hunch is that Putin is following a promise of wealth and future political support. Russia is not being represented by him, although he may be popular. So, from other things I have studied about the Ukraine, what is unfolding there is quite probably in agreement by Obama and Putin, for whatever reason. I guess that's all I'll say for tonight.

Except this. "Gabriele's trumpets". Goggle it. Ominous sounds of blaring trumpets - as if the earth - or SOMETHING - is WARNING us. Where were the first cosmic trumpet sounds heard? In Kiev, Ukraine. 2011. (Same year as the Arab Spring, Madison, and Katrina - and my move, btw). It's on YouTube. 11 minutes. Then they were heard again, in 2012, in bankster Switzerland. Now they are everywhere. And.. I have to post about how coincidence in the Origami Universe converge like cogs in Mayan wheels - so it's not just me - it's every single person that SEES. But, I have to tell you, it is beginning to annoy me how some of these weird Earth events seem associated with my own life. Remember that one post I made about this subject - fact or fantasy? - wherein I said certain events occurred, e.g., near my birthplace? Please know that I am not narcissisticly going out LOOKING for such coincidences. In fact, my brain is usually too fucked up for that anyway. They just happen. But, I do know one thing, these events, these trumpets, these crop-circles and many of these UFOs they ARE predictive. That's 100% certainty - which I no longer view as being weird, even though you probably will. But the weird thing to me is that I am on CL looking for apartments in Vermont. Next thing you know, there are reports of Gabriele's Trumpets in Vermont. Then I am looking in wherever, and there are reports of Gabriele's Trumpets in wherever. In fact, I would rather that these coincidences didn't occur, because all they do is nag me to spend more of my time trying to keep track, look for patterns, figure them out, and question whether I am supposed to be the NEXT FUCKING MESSIAH! ha ha. I don't need that because I am needing to spend time on other weird things having nothing to do with me - hopefully. btw - new movie on "Son of God" - probably more NWO claptrap. Then there is the guy in Israel who named the new Messiah before he died. Gotta tell ya, my friends, I am sick of this crap. WHO NEEDS IT !?!

Hey - after I went for nacho's and cheese a little while back, MAKING WALKING NOISE IN MY KITCHEN, the N-People "retaliated" by making popcorn - (and pot?).

And then, (11:42pm), there were 5 loud, protracted bangs from below.

I guess now they have their revenge. Because POPCORN PROVES THEY ARE RIGHT. Because they are in an endless FOOD FIGHT with me, whether I agree to it or not. I have never, ever in my life, seen such people so fucking insane.

Hmmmm... What did I tell ya... Remember I predicted that the N-People would be attacking again, because they were SMOKING AGAIN? Hmmmm.... I guess, once again, I am the ruling prophet of the age, woo hoo!

PS - 12:05am - Heavy smell of marijuana now. The correlation is indisputable. My next move: Sheriff's Department investigator. I don't play patty-cake.
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