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[night, febr 24]:
Hey! Please note that I have SERIOUSLY updated this post. It would be great if you re-read the post - BUT - for your convenience, I have put all new additions in italics. Why did I do this? Well, it all began when I was a young child. Skipping forward a few years, I realised that this post could be a better representation of a lot of what "Entropism" is about. ("Entropism" is just a fancy way of saying, "madmanism"). The original post was basically a combination of free-association and a mini grab-bag theme post. Now I hope I have made it into a actual theme post. Yes, it will still drag, as theme posts sometimes do, because I am trying to re-emphasize and repeat my ideas, to be sure that future monks will eventually understand them. However, I do mention sex, and that's reason enough to check this:


If everything in existence is ultimately ambiguous, (like particle vs wave), then maybe we all believe ourselves to be doing "good" only because we are in denial of the harm, or "sin", that our headstrong, happy egos are inflicting on others in the universe, including insects, polar bears, and people, especially people we know. "You always hurt the one you love." Maybe the good we (think we) do is largely also EVIL we "unconsciously" inflict on others, or on ourselves, but which we completely deny as being evil, depending on how rosy our ego-optimistic glasses are.

For example, take the case of the nurse whom everyone loves, and of whom everyone is convinced is 100% good, but who has a burning desire to strangle the babies in her care. The greater her ego is thought to be good-doing, (i.e., THE GREATER THE NARCISSIST), the more she follows her temptation to replace CONTROL where EMPATHY should be, and strangles the helpless babies.

Meanwhile, the common people simply, sheepl-ly, go along with the hidden crime - sometimes in unconscious awareness of it - but then they are completely shocked when the crimes are brought to light, and hopefully to justice. They are locked in a mode where they are completely incapable of believing that this sweet nurse could have done anything so vile! And, yet, they react so, because they are locked into this mode of denial. They are invested in it, as it passes them along and ahead in society, through the comfortable middle avenues of mediocrity and safety and "rightness." That is, they follow authority. But it has been this DENIAL which has been a part of the crime. And so, to evade blame, THEY MUST NOW DENY ALL THE MORE, and respond with outrage at the nurse. And this is one way how enemies (and "witches") are selected, to preserve the social habits of denial, authority, and covert injustice..

Sexual dissonance: The ambiguity between the good ego and the evil ego, or the glib conscious, vs the blithe unconscious, (both creating the dissonance of a raging Id), widely translates into sexual desires, games, crimes, and addictions. From common person to serial killer. It is a contest - a private contest - a kind of fractal, often, of the greater contest(s) occurring in the social ORDER - i.e., the challenge of entropy, vs. the benefits of exploiting entropy for personal gain. Ultimately, this comes down to a conflict of space-in-time. A "resonant dissonance" - stochastic resonance - between one body here, vs another body there. The paradox of union and separation of identities. I will discuss this interesting aspect of sexual desire later - it is very metaphysical. Like particle and wave.

Self-rationalisation: "Since I am doing 'good' for you, I can control you. I can demand from you. I can expect to have my ass kissed. I can even TAKE from you."

Internal ambiguity: Sometimes, the germ of evil within the good that some people do, or claim to do, or imagine themselves doing, can become the OVERRIDING drive. So, the will to do evil, (like the will to power), can actually be the main, perhaps even conscious, aim, (see "psychopath"), where the whole act of "doing good" is really just an excuse to get to the opportunity to do evil. Normal do-gooders can easilly slide into this pathology, the more they focus on control rather than on empathy, and they learn to expertly cover their sins so effectively, it becomes a little risky game for them, (see also "serial killers"), to hide the compulsion to do evil, with an elabourate public face of "doing good" - (a system of lies, denials).

See also "gifts", "gift-giving", and see also:


Further, the close, "intimate entanglement" which I discuss below, as well as the drive to deny evil, and then to fall into the consequent "temptation" of that evil, (e.g., publicly anti-gay closet gays, or control freaks falling into a need for masochistic sex), are both very important when it comes to sexual desires and relationships.

Also, the build-up of cognitive dissonance and physical STRESS, within people who are a part of a dysfunctionalising society, due to a pervasiveness of social AMBIGUITY, (see also "racism", "borderline personality disorder", "narcissism"), who tend towards the limbic/reptilian in their emotional thinking, (see also "GOP"), creates a compulsive need to RELIEVE STRESS, through sex, and its accompanying dissonant images and roles, etc. The more reptilian, the more this compulsion is addictive, (involving CONTROL and POWER and FORCE - vs their opposites), and the more it serves to perpetuate a person's daily role and attitude and class in the dysfunctional society, and economy.

I have not yet mentioned psychic awareness, sex and such. That needs to be its own little post. Maybe about like 6".

Intimate relationship dissonance: I find that much strife in close relationships often involves a mix-up of wants, expectations, plans, and CONTROL. When we need the peace and quiet and intimacy to CONTEMPLATE the most, and thus make our plans to forge ahead against the entropy threatening our existence from every direction, here we become entangled by some lover or mother or etc., stitched close to our heart, who also has his/her own ideas of how to deal with oncoming entropy in his/her life - and this OTHER person also needs the peace and freedom to CONTEMPLATE - all the intricate little things to be dealt with. And much of each of their foci is upon SHARED or CONTESTED wants, needs, resources, options, strategies, money, values, etc. And so, plans become ensnared and mixed up - first lovingly, and all feels GOOD - but... eventually...

The ambivalence of our moral existence: And if we all do good at the same time we are doing evil, (as defined by whatever pro- or con- group observing us), then it is like we evolve not so much progressively, but reactively - we emerge, we feast, we fade when the climate changes, and the sum total of our efforts have been? What? Neither good nor bad - both? And, also, it is as if we are way INBRED, as a species, where all our good or bad ideas infold onto and off of each other, creating templates of meaning and strategy, and groups in wars and crusades - but all these meaningful infoldings, they serve only our vain, collective ego, and they do little more than keep us convinced that we are meaningful, and right, or wrong - when in fact we feast, we fade, we collapse as a balloon back into naught, having fulfilled the ways of energy, and that is all.

We rise and fall like a virtual particle, or like our own, isolated "origami bubble", existing, and then collapsing, from dust back into to dust, signifying nothing. We have fulfilled nature's scheme of energy use, (like water evapourating in the sunlight, and then falling as rain again), and that is all. Energy - in space in time. The energy of nature, thought to contain consciousness. There is a flip side to every coin. The meaning of "transcendental existentialism," (in "entropism"), is to see this great desperate picture, and ironically choose to rise above or reach beyond it nevertheless. That is supposedly the birth of spirit, of will, which is mainly the point of all existence. This has been a test.

Do-gooders. Evil-doers.

Fracking: Seemingly unrelated: One of my LJ friends is smelling gas in her tapwater. (Probably from fracking. Extremely toxic, btw). Meanwhile, the great lakes are almost all frozen over, due to the serious winter - in a pause in global warming due to volcanic eruptions, (I'll include link later). So, eh, kinda rhea-static, huh? (Or, maybe its mainly the CORE which is heating, letting off steam via volcanoes - surely you are allowed to believe this ya). But, this all got me thinking... So, global population expands, winters get colder - thus we need more and more PETROLEUM to keep us warm. So we frack and we frack, until we no longer have clean water.

Government-behemoth as a 'solution' to chaos(?!): So, we have to have government come in and regulate the fracking, which increases anyway, as does more CORRUPTION behind it, thanks to banksters, etc. (Goggle: "Regulatory Capture"). And government must come in and try to clean and regulate water and its usage - even though the problem gets worse anyway. We have the need for petroleum versus the need for water, now both increasingly fighting against each other, all because we are convinced we must keep existing, and multiplying. Government tries to come and and referee this expanding battle, right down to the finest hair and the smallest drop and bean bean bean counting, all the way into our living rooms and cellphones.

In other words, this rising battle between oil and water - entropically enveloping us - compels government to ultimate tax the heck out of us, invade our privacy, regulate our doings, and ABIDE BY GROWING CORRUPTION AND FINANCIAL IRRATIONALITY SURROUNDING THE FORCES FOR OIL, AND THE FORCES FOR WATER.

Conspiracy: A marriage between dissonant entropic energy needs and social vices: This is a perfect example of how CONSPIRACY works. Those elites at the top simply play one status quo against the same status quo, basically, and fund the need for this dysfunctional war, and all its destruction, to continue - and to grow into actual, global warming. Thus, we are wont, by their conspiracy, to destroy ourselves as a species, along with much of the planet, all because we may have been incapable of stepping outside and seeing a bigger picture. Because we, swarming in gossip, and blame, and money, and ego, and pain, and want, and need, and CONTROL... We forfeited the chance to think rightly, and switch to A NEW ENERGY SOURCE. But, we could not leave the status quo, because all around us, we were controlled by VESTED INTERESTS.

Arithmetic expansion of chaos ('up-against-itself') creates geometrc amplifications: When entropy comes up against itself, it destroys systems. It begins as a kind of friction or warmth, upon which certain elements may thrive for a little while, but which becomes destructive at a more geometrically increasing rate than can be exploited or managed by order-invested elements in the system. Therefore, gangs of corruption grow up to tap the greatest power or capital from the system, but they are like a short-circuit - even though they may personally gain a bit of wealth in their own small, personal lives. This is what is going on. A shorting out. The abstraction of wealth from the poor, trying to maintain an (entropic) status-quo.

New paradigms based on best profit from alternate energy strategies: The same thing happened when we went into WWII. Japan was crazy for resources. Then we nuked them with this new nuke thingie. And some people in control in Japan got together with some people in control in the USA, etc., and they all said - "OK! We can stop making money off of world war now! We can make money on this whole new concept of, 'ATOMS FOR PEACE'!"

And, soon began the era of nuclear energy, upon which a relative handful of people greatly profitted.

But - look at the EXTREMELY high insurance costs of nuclear energy! Too expensive to legitimise the use of nuclear energy - the building of plants. SO... This handful of wealthy leaders, and such, STUCK THE EXPENSE TO THE TAXPAYERS. And we have been subsidising this waste ever since. We have been subsidising A FUTURE WHERE NUCLEAR ENERGY WILL BACKLASH AND DESTROY THE PLANET. Unless we CHOSE TO THINK RIGHT and change these prophesies before they become realities. You make the choice!

Seemingly unrelated.

[Re-cap: Switch to a new source of energy, (virtually), and entropy decreases, and so profits grow again, and so people generally feel that their society is in positive control].

ps - The last thing we need now is more "DEFENSE COUNTERPRODUCTION (see tags) supporting the petro-dollar, Monsanto, etc.

ps - Under the present PETROL system, it costs the planet more to lift people out of poverty than to NOT - (see link below).

ps - Since this post is helping to show how various areas of my thought fit together, I will add that this phenomenon where values like oil and water eventually "come up against themselves" as chaos or entropy to the system, of course, has great significance to economics. It can be see as a time where corruption increases arithmetically, at the top, in the margins, and through society. That is to say, the social morality erodes. Lying, cheating, stealing, etc., all become more popular, while more indicative of, "Those evil terriblists in El-Qwida." An enemy is more and more selected to be blamed, to cover the degenerating ills of society, and to hold social/groups together. Well, these erosions express themselves in economics as, "a race to the bottom," "the danger of collective action," "violation of the Commons," etc., as they do into inflation, value, credit, and interest rates. All of this can be seen as a, "Coming out of an age of Morality."

VIOLATION OF THE COMMONS: All of these collapses, like the, "race to the bottom," can simply be lumped into the game-theory concept of the," Violation of the Commons" - (the "VoC").

Some instances of the "VoC" occur on a small, local scale, where one cheater spoils things for everyone in a group, and so each other member then runs in to cheat as well, and so the group is so disintegrated. (Or, the group ends up being taxed more for the single violator's crime, and so the disintegration of the group is only postponed, and mass cheating occurs somewhere down the road, probably more violently - as when the poor resort to rioting after seeing too much injustice perpetrated by the elites. The delay in time does not mean that a true VoC has not occurred in this instance! It is the same with inflation - just because there is a delay in the expense, and then in the hyperinflation, and then in the violence, does not mean that this inflation was not an instance of the VoC - ON A LARGE SCALE, btw).

Other instances of the VoC do occur on large, national, and global scales. This generally involves economics and politics. And, we must give thanks to the rampant, naive LIBERTARIANS, demanding personal freedom for all, leading to these TRAGEDIES OF THE COMMONS, (such as the rape of our resources and public utilities by foreign mega-corporations, where the personal freedom and wealth of most common people are PILLAGED) - thanks to them, we now experience the collapse of the economy and social morals of this country - but - Empire shall Collapse, and they are merely puppets of natural decay.

Accelerants of entropy.

Although, I don't see this inflagration as necessary, of course. They further invest us in Empire in RIGOUR-MORTIS, where we demand more status quo, more petro-dollar, more funny money, more derivatives, more exploitations, more taxes, more poverty, more vile oil, more vile water, etc. They do not help us move capital towards pragmatic new investments, energies, or morals. WHICH IS WITHIN THE RANGE OF POSSIBILITY TO DO. If we step out, and THINK RIGHT, instead of contributing to this great FALLING IN UPON OURSELVES.

[2/24/14 insert]: Violation of the Commons. [from, "PLACEBO IS TRANSCENDENCE," POST 2/12]: "The common people end up adopting the paranoia of the elites, and then are compelled to go off and fight amongst themselves, in order to defend it, unless they instead resort to a public turning, which often means rioting over unfair food prices - the most tangible effect of the dysfunctional economics, thieving INFLATION, and "austerity". But as long as each citizen is kept feeling alone, isolated, alienated or helpless - i.e., UNABLE TO CONTROL - then the resort to a public turning may be thwarted by the elites. This is done through various routes: bureaucratic programmes, the media, police surveillance, etc.

"The whole problem is that people are brought away from trusting in their inner self, voice or drum-beat - THEIR OWN DAEMON - and so they put their faith in external devices and authorities, i.e., FALSE IDOLS. But this is not unconnected to economics or psychology - being a contagious fear of losing means or resources, reverting to a limbic fight/flight stress mode. Thus follows: moral hazard, the danger of collective action, the violation of the commons, and a RACE TO THE BOTTOM."

Mistakes, accidents, declining infrastructure, inflation, collapsing credit - these reflect a rise of social and economic dissonance - A rise of AMBIGUITY, and also a DECLINE of morality adequate enough to keep apace in RESOLVING AMBIGUITY. These also reflect an increase of real ENTROPY in the system(s). That is, such battles between conflicting values as OIL vs WATER - (which are a rising collision between physical and economic zero-sum-gains. Please see my brief yet obtuse comment below, in the comments section).

Such negative forces, (like two benign chemicals in interaction, BECOMING HIGHLY TOXIC - "MULTIFACTORAL!!!"), create an arithmetic, and then geometrically, accelerating tax on all systems, which cannot be compensated by the slower status quo measures meant to deal with, (CONTROL), more moderate, predictable problems. Such status quo measure can be, e.g., the building up of a "NATIONAL SECURITY STATE", with concomitant MILTARY-INDUSTRIAL-TECHNOCRATIC-etc. establishment(s). Yet, a build-up of CONSTRAINTS ON PRIVACY AND CREATIVITY, just like a build-up of DEFENSE COUNTERPRODUCTION, amounts to little more than digging holes in the ground, and then filling them back up with dirt.

The resort to, e.g., cheating or lying, which entices EVERYONE in a group to similarly Violate the Commons, and therefore RACE TO THE BOTTOM, thus creating a TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONS, is also a form of accelerating tax on the system(s), or a form of entropy, real, or economic, or social, or moral - or all of the above.

Thus, people, in their psychic ambiguity, as discussed above, may choose to resolve moral ambiguity by resorting to cheating or lying - while their egos rationalise and justifies their false, anti-social moves - which has become an art-form for psychopaths, who then tend to rise into positions of power and "CONTROL".

Thus, people resort to a VoC strategy, destroying the society, (see also "spite"), as a way of, so to speak, REPRESENTING ENTROPY IN REALITY.

I mean, the Violation of the Commons can often be a mere economic representation of actual economic and physical entropy in the system(s). In this way, people contributing to the rise of decadence, immorality, greed, etc., (by VoC), can be seen as little more than puppets of nature, like iron files above a magnet, or like brutes in an animal jungle. They are merely servicing the dictates of chaos.

(Similarly, we blame each other for the vicissitudes of the weather. Don't fall for it. Don't let it depress you. Or THEY HAVE WON!)

Likewise, the rise of mistakes in a dysfunctional society certainly reflects the rise of general chaos. Where does it all come from? Social confusion over what is or isn't appropriate, or "moral," for the moment. And so there is a mass confusion over the intentions, values, plans, etc., etc., of each member of society - except of the rich and powerful, of course, who are in fact the most destructive. Everyone opts for the known, the safe, the satus quo - for the mistakes of the past.

Why was Mussolini, Fascist, kept in power? He put breaks on some of the mass-mistakes - by increasing CONTROL, (and force). "At least he makes the trains run on time!"

(This is why I dread to think of Chris Christie rising to greater power. I hear the same laudings about him, from helpless people, as were in vogue regarding Mussolini. And, btw, please note that not only did I study the rise of Fascism in Interwar Europe, I actually worked reading and filing letters written by Europeans during that period, where they lauded or blamed the early Hitler, etc.).

"Are you comparing ******* to HITLER!?!??!!!!! Shame on you!" This is one of those paralyzing bomms which people drop to stop you in your tracks, and magically smear everything you say, or have said, or will say - similar to, "You wear a TINFOIL HAT, because you do not THINK CRITICALLY!" And, then, everybody listening quickly sides with this common prankster, who is something of a BULLY. This is how societies of FEAR react, (see also "paradoxical learning"). Just how critical is the mind of such bullies, I am not sure, since they seem more to be in the business of SELECTIVELY CRITICISING ENEMIES!

Again, we similarly plow through nature and the weather, and BLAME EACH OTHER FOR IT. We blame each other for natural "ENTROPY", which is, after all, THE DIVERSITY OF NATURE. Change. Or, the only place real change can come from. What we call entropy and enemies and sins, etc., today, could be the new alternative technologies of the future. If only we would step ahead, and THINK RIGHT.

Well, don't let those suiciding bomms work on YOU! Because, here is the simple truth:

Those who do not study and learn from History are doomed to repeat it! Can I get a witness?!

OK - here is my last contribution to the update. Here are some examples of how Violations of the Commons can snowball in wider societies, and cause Tragedies of the Commons, or a social and/or economic rush to the bottom. (Hopefully, I will be able to discuss these things more in relation to economics later. I enjoy that, it is important to do, and it can have applications to the real world).

First, the whole topic of inflation, interest rates, currencies, will be discussed elsewhere. But, simply look at inflation as the same FLIGHT OF TRUST in a demoralising society, where values crumble and people rush to raid the shelves while sellers keep fighting to get ahead by raising prices more and more. Confidence in the value of the currency is lost. This is what will be happening to us within a handful of years.

Next: Remember my posts about social ambiguity in societies of FEAR. People are all on edge, and no one extends a positive hand, but is ready to pull the trigger first if necessary, (even though they be DELUDED). Mere incidents of tension in public can rile more ambiguity and stress, unless they are RESOLVED, (or "collapsed", to use a term from Quantum Physics). They can be resolved as simple mistakes, and people apologise, and go their chipper ways - except, not in a society of FEAR where everyone must appear proud and strong, and save face, etc. Nope - not gonna happen.

Another way a public incident of tension or ambiguity, (stress), can be resolved is if some Bully happens to be around, and declares, (for all practical purposes), "I OBSERVE this to be an incident of RACISM! RACISM! RACISM!"

Resolving ambiguous moments of stress into, e.g., "Racism", (true or not), can quickly become a wildfire in a tense society of FEAR. And people desperate to resolve their own inner stresses can quickly join in, turning their private spites and resentments turn into a attack. This is an example of a VoC, becoming a Flight of Trust, and quickly destroying the public commons, or morality, or system of respect, etc. Locally, it can turn to mob behaviour. Nationally, it can become nights of rioting. This is a very basic example of the Violation (violence) of the Commons.

I have also written of the "economic" phenomenon of, "The danger of collective action." That's where, in my example, movie companies, (or Chinese solar-cell companies), come into states and towns, and demand tax breaks, and other benefits, for making a movie in a respective state. The VoC occurs where other states get jealous for movies to be made in THEIR borders. So, all 50 states go running like whores after Hollywood movie companies, promising them BILLION$ - (more than the next state down the line) - and the movie companies basically get a free ride. Meanwhile ALL THE TAXPAYERS AND BUSINESSES OF ALL THE STATES LOSE OUT, AND BECOME POORER. Thanks to corrupted, yet do-gooder, politicians - in conspiracy, btw. (Feel free to find my post(s) about this and read further).

Another example of the VoC, discussed by the Notorious Alex Jones today, is something I will call, "Porn Glut." Back in the 1950s - or some time - hot women who defied MORALITY and stepped into the porn business once got paid millions and millions of dollars. These women were the initial cheaters, ("who spoilt it for everyone else"). Soon, this became something of a cheap fad, with thousands and thousands of women running to porn companies, begging to be porn stars. What happened? Porn Glut. These late-comers (!) flooded the market, and ended up getting paid only hundreds or thousands of dollars each - or else becoming prostitutes, druggies or homeless. The social morality was further eroded, or changed, by all the cheap porn videos available to the general public. A tragedy of this commons.

Alex Jones fails to note that it was an attitude of Libertarianism which fueled the flames of Porn Glut.

A final example of the VoC is where foreign megacorps make lots of money for a tiny elite at the top of a Latin American city, like Rio. But they simultaneously impoverish most of the population of the city - AND THE COUNTRY. Now-poorer people, like exploited farmers, in the country-side get wind of the fabulous life being lead by the tiny elites in the city - through TV, radio or rumour. So, they begin to flock to the city, to MAKE A LOT OF MONEY.

At the very beginning, a few initial cheaters may end up making some money. But, soon, the city is OVERWHELMED with millions of poor immigrants, which destroy the infrastructure and mores of the city - (and, by extension, the country). The poor end up living in FEVALAS, or, (in the Philippines), in "Garbage Mountain", having no choice but to resort to prostitution, drggg-runnng, scrapping, crime, and other stressful alternatives in underground economies. (Yet, they can often prove themselves to be very innovative and resourceful!) In general, this is another example of a demoralising Violation, and Tragedy, of the Commons. There are good books and movies about all this, including the famous movie, "City of God."

[Repeating]: All of this can be seen as a, "Coming out of (an age of) Morality."

There always arise waves of different kinds or interpretations of morality for every new age or generation, to grease the skids for economic and social control. But, it is very important to know this important thought of mine:

Most of successful capitalism emerges from the erosion of one age or wave of morality, (and thus inviting the implementation of some new moral system, or, "public philosophy", or religion, or ORDER). Extended economic booms are usually times where some moral era goes to seed. Times of "coming out of Morality", where the morality still applies, but more people start to "innocently" cheat, and this is popular, amusing and a thrill. I.e., "Fun." (See also, "fun").

Well, a very interesting thing is this: Not only is this true, but so is this: The degeneration of a morality, and its attendant power hierarchy, and system of energy-use, food-distribution, media-control, etc.), is fundamental to the germination and success of CAPITALISM ITSELF.

That is to say: Capitalism is fundamentally based, in part, not only upon a seed of moral corruption, but upon entropy itself.

{Thus monopolies ultimately arise, in a population which is more and more exploited and rendered helpless. See also tags, econ, "virtual scarcity". The whole idea of capital - it's kinda silly. Profit. Finding the best future(s) for self and all of society, from the sweat of labour, when the system further and further erodes - it can't be done. All civilisations collapse. The introduction of new energy sources, etc., simply buys time, provides opportunity for new creativity, creates and reinvests capital, and begins a new wave of morality, and social ego rationalisation. But, THERE ARE LIMITS.

And, now, the planet is showing us the supremacy of this reality. Coming up against ourselves. Like Chinese capitalism bringing Western capitalism down. (It's all pretty simple, and yet endlessly fascinating).}

Economics exist because we need to eat and, just as in the wild, we will find ways to feed that need, which always shall be at the expense of some other abiding brother in our universe. But, as we eat, we believe we are good. And, is that a sin? If it is a sin, then all the universe be damned. See also:

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