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{Monday 17th febr]:
Eh - maybe tonight will be my dream night, where I do nothing but write theme posts.

I think N-Guy must be on krakk. And deeling. God knows their paranoi follows spells of cig/pot chain-smoking, brownies, and some weird smell like burnt potatoes. I had to shovel today, of course. It was the highpoint of my life. Also, N-Guy did some mock-shovellig, banging and so forth. While I was out, some big round black guy friend of theirs came over - so I don't know if maybe they had another fight, and now he was calming her - IDK - too early, knock on wood. I don't know why she doesn't just ask me for a massage and solve all her problems rigt there. Also, when I was out shovelling, someone in the distance whistled at me - this is the second time this happened. I responded by saying, "Bark. Bark."

I'm already tired. I'm supposed to do a mini-geographic post here... TBC... It's a small world after all.

[Resumed 8:45pm same night]: OK, this is what's happening...

The planet is expanding. This is why sinkholes are increasing. The surface is being stretched. Therefore, local areas become unstable, and collapse. (But there is more to it than this). It makes sense that ROUND sinkholes would occur, (being a natural shape when all forces are equivalent), since the entire globe is expanding, and the crust is being pulled in all directions. Do note however, that related bizarre Earth events, like booms, flashes and "trumpets," do often occur in ordered geo-geometric patterns.

I have, myself, theorised that the planet is expanding - and, I must say, it is pretty solid that this expansion is indeed occurring. And I did fully realise that this was related to bizarre Earth events, and cycles. One of these events is sinkholes. However, I never consciously came to the conclusion that an expanding Earth is what is CAUSING sinkholes - (except in the sense that the magma is heating, and helping to cause them). I never related it to a full expansion of the crust, due to the expansion of the core. I am surprised at myself. However, I have noted that massive sinkholes - like hundred or even a thousand miles across - have and will occur, and these are due to big shifts of mass and energy within the globe, such as would occur during our present expansion and our present MAGMA maximum. Thus, I have said that it IS possible for Edgar Caseys(sp) prediction to come true, wherein much of the central part of the USA sinks below water level, and floods.

Another area where this could occur would be in the Central Valley of California, which is already below sea level, AND sinking due to water being pumped up from underground. Just one significant tectonic event, and the Pacific could rush in to submerge much of this area. This area is already in serious drought, forcing future food prices up. It is where a majority of our fruits and veggies are grown.

Important: "15 Reasons Why Your Food Bill Is Going To Start SOARING" - http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/15-reasons-why-your-food-bill-is-going-to-start-soaring

Anyway, it was not until this morning, listening to STAN DEYO - (standeyo.com) - that I heard it directly related: Sinkholes are occurring due to an expanding crust. More on sinkholes later.

Why is the Earth expanding?

Stan Dayo mentioned how the continents were all one mass-continent, Pangea or whatever, and so it seems the planet was once so much smaller. I dunno - that would put it at about the size of the Moon, at one point, and I don't see that as a possibility. The continents are really a fragile skin, that can easilly be changed to suggest any damn thing. It is not safe to base such grand ideas merely on the shape of today's continents. It is entirely possible that the Moon was once ejected from the Earth, via a planetary collision, and the resulting shape of the continents meant a vast Pacific Ocean - (as opposed to the Earth constantly expanding for billions of years, so creating a gap now called the Pacific Ocean). And, any force, (such as centripetal), pushing continents apart, (as opposed to being caused solely by planetary expansion), is greatly compensated, (at the other side of continents), by the subduction of tectonic plates back into and under the Earth's mantle and magma.

With this all said, I still believe the Earth has been expanding over billions of years, (but not as much as Stan Deyo thinks). Now we get to some interesting, out-there stuff...

For one thing, I believe the much-discounted theory of the "perpetual creation" of the universe has merit, and may be said to be at least as true as, "big bang," when we consider new ideas of dark energy, infinite multiverses, etc. As I have said before, the physical falasie of the big bang, though it may be considered to be true in one model, leads to a whole bunch of logical and mathematical and theoretical inconsistencies or questions, which undermine the theory, and can support the "perpetual creation" theory. So, very simply, if the universe is in perpetual creation, then one possibility, beyond stars and galaxies being created by black holes, is that planets may somehow be taking on a little weight. That is only a THOUGHT possibility - not a scientific hypothesis.

However, I have also come to this idea of mine called, "acretion." And this involves the creation of mass in the universe. It is a side-effect of a universal dynamic of consciousness in action. An interesting thing about physical acretion is that it has a "cognitive" correlative - in the process of individual consciousness and thought. According to my ideas, our processes of memory and thought and observation are a kind of mimic of the process in which matter is brought into existence. As life follows from energy, so cognition follows from the creation of mass. It's one step up. But, these are things I have yet to explain and to flesh out.

The point here is that, in the ELECTRICAL UNIVERSE THEORY, mass can be created locally - not just from the big bang. E=mc2 still holds true, in Relativity Theory - just like statistical averages hold true, but where it is unique local events, like opinions, which are the body of the stats. I mean to say: A thousand people may have a thousand different reasons for voting Republican, (local events), but the "law" derived from all these thousand may be something like, "people with big feet tend to vote Republican," - see? There can be alternate and abiding truths - and in fact there ARE, in an Origami universe. Ironically. And not.

So, planets may possibly expand, according to the idea of acretion. Let me just say a little bit more about acretion. It is already accepted that if you excite the energy of a photon enough, it will create matter - in the form of an electron and an anti-electron, which will be wont to cancel each other out again, in a giant explosion, outwards, of nuclear energy. It is not understood that acretion similarly occurs throughout space, with photons whizzing through, and virtual particles instantly coming into and out of existence. Thus, space is not empty, but actually contains - according to modern physics - a virtually infinite amount of energy. (Goggle, "zero-point energy"). In other words, the relatively newly hypothesized, "DARK ENERGY," and possibly further types of energy. However, this is all from the perspective of current theory, and I do have my own view on this, which does not necessarilly prove it wrong. It is just an alternate view. Too much to get into right now. However, it is already held as possible that matter can be CREATED through nuclear processes, so long as matter/energy conservation is maintained.

I go a little farther. I believe matter can be created in known and unknown nuclear and electrical processes, wherein matter/energy may indeed be conserved, (or possibly not), but via exchanges not entirely known to us. For example, there may be a conversion of mass or energy into GRAVITY, in a way we don't yet understand. And this is entirely possible because WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE FORCE OF GRAVITY. (As I have said before, gravity is not an attractive force, but a weakly repulsive force - no one has yet called me on this seemingly absurd statement - I'm still waiting). I wish I could study this area further. Very important. However, it is safe to say that electromagnetism, and/or various nuclear processes, do play some role in the physical phenomenon of acretion.

Remember me bringing up the phrase, "Reactivity," a lot, back when I was writing more about the sun, and about Fukushima? Well, it's very important. Nuclear radiation never really, 100% disappears over time - it only reduces by half-lives. Like Xeno's Arrow. And, Nuclear radiation never really, 100% disappears over distance - it only reduces by general level. Curiously: What happens when we reduce and we reduce and we reduce, the influence of some nuclear radiation, over time and/or over distance? Well, we are left with something like, um, one single subatomic particle - not in one place, not in one time. How beautiful is the universe. See how statistical averaging is ultimately unviable here, because when the "known half-life" or the "known level of dangerous exposure" stats are reduced to the ultimate base local event, of one radiating particle, we are shown that the base truth behind all of it is wonderfully AMBIGUOUS or PARANORMAL. That, my friend, is the story of all your reality.

I'd say I finally did a fair job of explaining myself just there. Good enough for now... Anyway, what else?... Reactivity - we're still on that concept... Since nuclear radiation, (and all energy, really), never really 100% ceases to influence - even if it means influencing all the way across the universe, by one subatomic particle upon some other subatomic particle(s). THEREFORE: If you have, for example, an abundance of nuclear explosions somewhere across the surface of a planet, then these will continue to influence, and will CONVERGE AT THE CORE OF THE PLANET TO INFLUENCE NUCLEAR PROCESSES THERE, INCLUDING THE PROCESS OF ACRETION, OR THE CREATION OF MASS.

I am not saying we have had a bunch of nuclear events, causing this. But, actually, we have. They are called nuclear power plants - as well as nuclear testing. And recall that not only nuclear energy, BUT ALSO ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY, play into the process of acretion, (as well as into nuclear events). Well, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and geomagnetic field flux caused by core wobble and friction and heating, are all events involving magnetic, electric and PIZOELECTRIC energy release or changes. (If you think of the planets or things in the universe as not coming first, but consider that ELECTRICAL ENERGIES come before changes in tectonics, magma, orbits, etc., then this becomes a little easier to conceptualise).

Well, we have had the tragedy at Fukushima, which continues to pour out radioactivity. We have had degenerating and leaking power plants, and nuclear testing. We have had natural nuclear activity within the Earth's crust and core. And, we have had tectonic and electrical/magnetic activities occurring in many ways, more than in any time in recorded history. All of these continue to spread their influence, through all time and space, but they especially converge at the center of the earth, the molten CORE.

NOT ONLY THIS - but FAR MORE: We are having unusual influence FROM THE SUN. Ionic. Photon. Neutrino. Magnetic. Nuclear. Superlumial(!) Having an influence on global warming BEYOND the direct impact of thermodynamic heat, which is widely under-appreciated by climate scientists, the gross impact on Earth of various radiations from the Sun considerably warms the core of the planet, AS IT ALSO HEIGHTENS GROSS NUCLEAR REACTIVITY BOTH IN THE CORE AND ON EVENTS ON THE SURFACE OF THE PLANET, INCLUDING SUCH EVENTS AS NUCLEAR POWER PLANT FAILURES.

Everything is related, and INTER-REACTIVE.

Don't miss this important point! REACTIVITY via the Sun has had a critical impact on the emergence of the Fukushima continuing disaster, on bizarre Earth changes here on the surface, (such as SINKHOLES), and on the nuclear and thermodynamic energy and heat and size increase of the Earth's core.

Most people think of the Earth's core as a big ball of molten iron. It is far more. Of course, it is a geomagnetic dynamo, creating our magnetic field, and electrical relationships here on the surface.. In fact, processes at the Earth's core resemble, in immature ways, processes within the Sun. In fact, the core of the Earth is - or involves - a huge nuclear reactor. That's right. We have a core which contains ongoing, massive nuclear reactions. What science has not yet discerned is, as within the sun, some elements may be CREATED WITHIN THE CORE OF THE EARTH. Just as stars create elements! That is to say: ACRETION.

(We are a burning mini-star, covered by a thin skin of solid land. Acretion. Creation. And, ya know - sometimes stars explode).

So, when the Earth's nuclear core heats ups, (or "speeds up"), in reaction to all these things mentioned above, the planet's mass grows. I have no idea how much, but I am fairly sure, (hypothetically), that it does. More Iron. More Uranium. More Hydrogen for water - bubbling up. Full of life. Letting the days go by. There is water underground.

And water raining down from solar processes. And from comets. All following from nuclear fusions. NOT so much from the Big Bang. But, OK, that, too.

The Earth's Core nuclear reactor is almost entirely FISSION, rather than the Sun's FUSION - and so the relative degree of acretion is far, far less, however.

Well, the Core obviously heats up, as well, from the influx of solar heat, in any form, as well as from, "the greenhouse effect," greatly influenced by human causes. And, like nuclear radiations, thermodynamic heat vectors ALSO tend to converge closer to the core - more and moreso as times goes on. This is why my prediction was proved correct, that the bottoms of the oceans were warming faster than the Earth's surface or atmosphere. But, either way - thermodynamic global warming, or various nuclear reactivity related to the Sun, etc. - all tends to heat the core, (which tends to heat the bottoms of the oceans),
which causes EXPANSION DUE TO HEAT - in addition to expansion based on ACRETION. SO - I have just explained the two main ways the Earth's core is expanding, causing the entire planet to expand, causing sinkholes and so on.

Of course, these core changes - which include a core wobble and core friction - (in relation to the Sun) - are responsible for the bizarre Earth changes we are experiencing today. More on those later. The most important, fundamental change occurring is the magnetic field's flux, resulting from the Earth's Core DYNAMO wanting to reverse polarity, as occurs in cycles, (and as occurs on the Sun, every 11 years, in relation to Jupiter and Mercury). (Apparently, this pole reversal is something fundamental to the nuclear reaction process, involving electricity. So interesting). Note: Radio show, "Ground Zero," is talking about all the changes in the weather - "could it be caused by the geomagnetic dynamo?" Cool how more and more people are discussing these things. Like - sinkholes are taken much more seriously because one swallows a bunch of expensive Corvettes. Not a horse. Not a golfer. Not a boy. Not a house. A bunch of expensive Corvettes. ha ha.

That's why the Earth is expanding.

Now what I have to do is to elabourate on sinkholes. See tags for now. And I also want to re-discuss bizarre flashes, booms, "trumpets," etc. You will want to read that one. Note: I will mention mega-lightning.

But, for now, I want to tatalize you with this one bizarre possibility. Hypothesis: WiFi signals not only help loosen up the ground, (liquify), predisposing vulnerable areas for the occurrence of sinkhole events - THEY ALSO CONVERGE AT THE CORE AND CONTRIBUTE TO CORE REACTIVITY, HEAT AND EXPANSION. Not to mention melting brains and causing mass-shootings. Which is why N-Guy acts like he is on krakk.

One day, all will be revealed.

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