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[Started night, Valentines Febr 14, 2014]: It looks like there will be at least three installments of the one-day-famous, "Placebo is Transcendence," series.

Before we get moving along, I thought it would help a lot if I summarize what we learnt from our last class. Regarding CONTROL. Why am I talking so much about control? Because it interests me; because I am filling a gap in what has been posted so far; because it is relative to the times and to paradigm changes; because it is weird, and because it actually does relate to the whole concept of placebo and transcendence - believe me, be patient, let your mind wander, and control yourself. You will thank me when we are all dead.

btw - this whole death thing - it's driving me nuts. we shouldn't have to die. i guess we are all like temporary leaves, acquiring all this amazing info, knowledge and wisdom and skill, only to fall off the branch - what a waste. only a tiny fraction of what we know or do actually goes to serve the greater mass of humanity or civilisation. yet - apparently that's the only reason we exist - to serve the collective Borg civilisation, marching forward into naught. and, even as i decry death, i get hit with a massive migraine, and the only thing i want to do is become dust really really fast.

i get to this point in my life, and i realise that my biological clock is ticking. no, really. i constructed an actual clock made entirely out of stem cells and it is sitting over there on my dresser. throbbing. a biological clock. how thrilling it was to see this morning that it is actually ticking. it's alive! and so i look at this clock and realise that i may never have bad-ass babies. speaking of babies, i am begining to think that there is a correlation between hand size and how many babies a woman might have. smaller hands = more babies. i wonder if this is true.

a man's penis is his biological clock. except it works more like a sundial. which is why you see a lot of naked men lying around in the sunlight. many of these men are abducted up to UFOs, and examined by tiny hands. this is how leprechauns are made.

this is a post? i thought this was part 2 of my latest boring series. i need help, people. somebody help me.

OK - There are three major things we learnt from our discussion about control, in the first post...

1 - Control is ambiguous, (not always bad, not always good).
2 - Control involves, (beyond "initial" observation), PREDICTION, PLANNING, and MANIPULATION.
3 - "The essence of the worldly need to CONTROL is the very fear of being OUT of control."

What I'm going to end up talking a lot about in this post, will be some little forms of psychological dysfunction, related to control. That's the juicy stuff, which I am saving for nearer the end of this post. But, before that, I am going to talk about more basic psychology, involving stimulus-response, Pavlov, etc. But, even before that I am going to flesh out, a little, the three aspects noted above. And, then, after that, I will have some related things to say... So, here we go, (tomorrow, maybe ... TBC...).
Tags: psychology - control, s- placebo is transcendence (series)

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