I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Magical something - i forgot the title - but this is part one...

He who buys you today

will try to bury you tomorrow.

Remember this.

Evil is little more than the gross product of bad relationships.

The GDP -

Gone Entropo.

Even what seems to be stress-free - ego, snark, saving face, proving competence -

wears upon the soul and racks up extra-minutes charges.

Pride comes before a fall, into a world of contrarian forces.

To be of the world

One must make a UFO of the body, and fly away.

Baldness can only be cured using lots of horse bile.

Blithe denial can too easily be lured into that fire which must burn away all territory,

Dominate all being,

Control all mortality,

And end up as a two-bit 1990's post-punk garage band,

You thought it was oil, but it was bone.

Because you had interloped and refused to see..

Taking sides, you thought you were right.

Claiming that you take no sides.

And so you were wrong.

Right is right, and has zero to do with might.

Or might not.

Ask not for whom the bell bottoms.

Harvey Wong will rise again.

All hail I-SON !

(The above was written a day or two ago, and now I add, 1/2/14): A major Arctic front has moved through, meaning that N-Drama has cooled down - and so has my migraine, product of heavy snow-shovelling recently. Our brains respond to electric, microwave, nuclear, and quantum radiation associated with the movement of these great storm-forces. And these storm-forces, as on all other planets, are associated with activities/levels on the Sun. Has it been 22 years since the Sun last flipped? Or 11? Anyway, this major cosmic event portends a gradual lessening of much madness here on Earth, probably, but who knows - things may now be too far-gone. This is a wondrous universe. I will coat my dog's paws with baby oil blessed by the Pope - what harm can it do? And my studies of the Nethers are sufficiently complete. I have the gumption to move on, if only fate may cooperate. But, still, the free spirit carries the greatest static cling, and all the world continues to conspire, until the Fall. Driven by denial, control, territoriality - the fear of change - many lives are yet to be lost. We are sad little apes. But, all is being revealed. This is THURSDAY - so the genius off-the-wall astrologer MCCANNEY (sp?) should be on the shortwave somewhere today. Find him. I hope you are weathering the season well. Meanwhile, I am cooking again, to help create heat... Today, I have been boiling incomplete doggie rawhide chips, in a spiced, fatty broth, to make easilly edible treats for my dog. May we survive this terrible time. This place is nuts. Signing off! - mm101

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