where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

On Being

On Being:

All matter exists

in the past.

Time is not the fourth dimension,

it is the second -

Timelessness is the first

and the last.

I am the Alpha

and the Omega.

And the word was first

And memory ran along a timeline

In our mind, thinking of everything

Particular, we forgot

The field - in infinite waveform

Where first shall be last and last

The first, and all manner of thing

Sang without oxygen. And we were alive,

Asleep in the eternal; then Micro

Radiation cut short the field

And our planet plunged headlong into

Damnation -

Opening wide chasms in the sky wheredown

Came gross angels from other dimensions intent

Upon our replacement.

Like so many Xmas lightbulbs.

We expand our WiFi into speeds unknown

Nuzzling closer and closer to the expanse

Of the individual atom - then quark...

Where tempus fugit and even space is losing ground

Where shape hath shift and even viri

Can't stop us now. White matter

Is in the past. We have split the Mind.

We have unlocked the code.

Welcome to the infinit-

esimal ONE.

Welcome to the Alpha

And Omega

To be

Is to see

To know

Is Being, beyond

All dimensions in the blink

Of an eye, or as some have theorised:

Big Bang. Is everywhere.

Be here now.

Slough off this microwave sheath and slouch back

to Bethlahem, Rough Beast.



Body &


The Lion Sleeps tonight.


Gravity is not a tragically attractive force

Like love's labour lost into entropy of Sysyphusian

Madness. Gravity is light -

A lightly repulsive force, enforcing the biases

Of existing - as beings, as particles, as time,

Like leaves drifting on a river. Nevertheless free.

I had a dream of perfect information and awoke.

I know what it is to Be.

When all about collapse and men lose their heads.

I am the Captain of my soul.

And I am the star in thee.
Tags: physics - & see universe or astrophysics, poetry - my poetry (see also), s - awake series, s - poetry - awake series
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