I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Delicious, bite-sized Memory Chips - Part 1.

We are proud of our human independence. Our great doings. History. Art. But, at least we sometimes have an awareness that all we do seems rather insignificant, when we try to contemplate the vastness of the universe, or the complexity of any living cell. But, I dare say, there is more to the great puzzle than this - this childish vanity, leavened by this childish wonderment... Indeed, our great, industrious doings, and all our waves in history, cannot really be separated from the greater influences and contexts of the forces of the universe, most saliently, of the Sun. The world heats up, and humans go bat-shit crazy - and yet we think ourselves to be making Congressional decisions. Some of us are gathering that, um, this may not be so. But, it is more than a thermodynamical, Saint Vidas Dance we fall into. There are electromagnetic, "gravitational", radiation, quanta and psychic influences - (perhaps even the intervention of aliens, depending on how one defines, "aliens"). Certainly, a relationship between the Sun and our Earth's core moves the ground to shake, the skies to sing, and our minds to turn to a kind of liquid psychoses. Surely, these fingers of the divine or demonic get into the hair of history at least a bit, and critically compel mass movements this way or that, as currents will carry a ship against the wind. We are but the plastic sinews of an ever-pouncing Nature. (Inevitable humourous aside: And this is what the great Prophet Obama meant when he said, "You... You didn't build that!") (Priceless political commentary: But... maybe the Religionist Right had such a hard time digesting this because, well, maybe it was a little of Obama's secret Muslim religion showing through - God only knows).

We are all in (a) RELATIONSHIP in, within, or of, Nature. Thankfully, we are given this stupid ego which forever tests us throughout the span off our silly mortal existence, but the bottom lines is that we remain pawns in a bigger, quasi-accidental game. And, sometimes, that relationship can skid into rough patches - and it seems we are being tossed back and forth between two arguing, dysfunctional parents. And so, the first theme-point which I am getting to is this: Somewhere within my brain there is a pot sitting on a stove, and it is boiling up the following consideration: It is possible that there may be forces of good and evil in the universe, even though these absolutes are inherently subjective or relative. For, surely I sometimes feel that the Nethers have something more behind them, which is testing my otherwise perennial ego, which has as its foundation the so-called will to do good. And I makke this consideration not based directly on my subjective glimmerings and fathomings, but on a more separate current of my philosophical thought. Which will now be surmised...

Information cannot be separated from observation. Observation cannot be separated from Emotion. In fact:

All information contains some degree of emotion ("within it"), just as all emotion has some degree of information, or memory, or learning, brought through it. (These ideas are extremely important to other vectors of thought concerning energy- and information- processing, as well as the phenomenon of, "time").

Our infinite universe is RIFE with emotion, and its aiming right at our heads.

And its Russian Roulette all over and over again...

And the psychic said, "You cannot have a curse visitted upon you, unless you give it your permission." TBC...

PS - During the making of this post, the phrase,"the Holy Fuck", was not used, although I had the perfect spot for it - but - then memory failed...
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