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cheers - panda

What's YOUR LJ Q?

Posted on 2013.10.19 at 16:51
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What is yu position in LJ "top journals"??! It is noted on your fancy new home page, (but you must have your settings allowing the stat to happen).

Considering that my LJ is so boring and outcast lately, while it was once all the rage, what with all the fancy cool talk and the soft porn, and the whole Ashley episode, and the infamous Cafe Saga, and the voice-posts, where I could be heard flirting on the phone with blond aliens in their fancy UFO's... I was rather surprised to find that my LJ is presently ranked as # 2,475. Pretty good considering that LJ is so popular and bustling and widely used by zillions of people across the universe.

I changed my LJ password again, but this time I remembered to protect it from IP-sniffers, such as the Ferret, or Panther CDN, or the Black Lotus network... You don't believe me, but my LJ was hacked very recently. Now - WHO would want to do such a thing? So - I'll also need to be dropping some more LJ friends who might possibly be security risks. If any of you have been added back by me from out of the blue, with no apparent explanation, it wasn't me who did that - but the hacker, near as I can gather. All for now..

Update - I'm posting the ff to keep a tab on whether my jnl is being altered in any way w/o my consent... I'll be doing this from time to time..

2,511 place in User ratings - went down! ha ha..
Social capital: 11

5,543 journal entries
21,990 comments posted
18,270 comments received
2,603 tags

18 memories
18 photos
8 V-Gifts
126 userpics


proceedcyclone at 2013-10-20 02:45 (UTC) (Lien)
I have no idea how they're calculating social capital and ranking. The FAQ merely gives a vague descriptions of things they consider (log-ins, length of time having an account, posts, comments, etc.) to determine which accounts are bot accounts and which aren't. However, when I have seemingly been the most active (making multiple posts a week and commenting every day), I actually went down a few hundred points. I haven't really been checking since.

where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2013-10-21 02:17 (UTC) (Lien)
It seems confusing, so I have never ventured to try to figure it out. They should print their formulae. But maybe they want to reserve the right to skew the numbers on people they don't like, Being Ruskies, and all.
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