I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

The FED is a gimmick.

I have three posts I have still to finish, and more to start. But I've been consumed by illness and also a need to sleep, which is a luxury. So, I will simply say this for now: Although this budget-shutdown-default debate is an unecessary and manufactured crisis, (and even though we've been through this same song-and-dance in Congress), it still can have serious consequences, we are not being held hostage by the Republicans, (and enabling Democrats). We are being held hostage by the "FEDeral" Reserve System, (of central banks), and its conspiring families, cronie pliticians and criminal corporations. I can't emphasize that enough. Everything else is a diversion, or a sham, including the President's apparently impressive press conference. What is this crisis going to come to? Probably what NormanGoldman(.com), (not I), has suggested, even though he is usually wrong - & doesn't realise the huge significance of his suggestion, which is this: At the last minute, the "FEDeral" Reserve will extend a loan of $2 trillion to carry us through - oh thank you, FED, who profits from the interest rates on that debt, and is also now enabled to loan out at least $20 trillion elsewhere, out of thin blue air, and profit even more. (This arrangement was probably affirmed during Obama's recent, allegedly illegal, meeting with Goldman-Sachs). So, rather than printing a $2 trillion platinum coin via OUR Treasure, dismissing this as, "a gimmick," (which, "won't satisfy THE BONDHOLDERS"), Obama will take the FED loan, (while the debt ceiling debate will work itself out). (By the way, the debt ceiling is NOT the debt. The actual DEBT is something CONGRESS has accrued. Raising the debt ceiling, which is NATURAL, is something to do to allow those Congressional bills to be PAID. The GOP doesn't want you to see this distinction. But the so-called, "debt-ceiling," is also a fabrication, and is nowhere within the CONSTITUTION - as neither were the wars by GW Bush, which largely got us into this mess). OK? But I feel the FED will probably add austerity STRINGS to this loan, nevertheless, and that means the beginning of the dismantling of Social Security, etc. The wonderful yet ever-complicit Nancy Pilosi has said that, "Today's debate is about the 'EXTENT OF GOVERNMENT'. No it is not. It is about the extent of SOCIAL PROGRAMMES, and how to dismantle them so they can be substitutite by privateers, so the people are further disempowered, and the military-industrial, National Insecurity State, can continue to extend its growth and control, spearheaded by a bunch of nefarious crooks. n cahoots with the FED, in this slow, silent coup.

As I've written elsewhere, I am a GRASSROOTS Keynesian, who believes that some money-printing by the Treasury, or borrowing funny money (from the "FED"), is necessary during recessions. But not to preserve a top-heavy and corrupting system, too big to fail or jail. Furthermore, we are headed deeper towards depression, so continuing QE printing, (under Janet Yellen), will not be enough to keep bonds, and so the dollar, stable - and we will crash no matter what. The people at the top know this, which is why they have been preparing for riots. And for their own profiteering.

PS - I guess it might be best for the "FED" CEOs that we hit a depression, instead of inflation, (? not sure), since inflation would dimish the value of the loan & interest (re)payments to the Fed over time.

Also: "FEDeral" Reserve (funny money loans to USA (taxpayers): NOT in Constitution. Also opposed by Jefferson, Lincoln, JFK, and many other dead people. (& - *See that dollar bill "FEDERAL" RESERVE NOTE in your pocket? That's an IOU to the "FED." We are owned by the banks).

US Treasury, (WE THE PEOPLE), right to print money & coins ITSELF: IN Constitution.
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