I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

"What a coincidence!!"

For a week or so, N-Girl has been magically appearing, again, at the same time when I take out my dog. She is all dressed sexy and so on. I was nice to her, since she left food on my porch. Then, she turned that around and began an all-out campaign of passive aggression, along w/ Faithful Sidekick (N-Guy), yesterday - now being in my face by banging from directly below me. So, what a coincidence! This morning she and N-Guy have somewhere to go, in solidarity, at the exact same time I am out w/ dog, at 5:30AM - when they are always in bed. I guess I just can't keep myself away from them! This afternoon, they were out at the same time I was to take my dog out, barbequing! At 2:30PM! In the cold! And, somehow, they expect me to just see in front of my face, get drawn in or else get intimidated, and not realise the stupidity of what they are doing. Because if I SAW it, then I would be a CONSPIRACY THEORIST!!! Or a racist BLAMING THEM!!!

What a coincidence! Miley Cyrus is flying around naked on a WRECKING BALL! And Justin Timberlake is singing, "Give me what I don't know I want." Surely, voices of our age. Don't you ever wonder how they were put up to this??! Or why Miley hosted SNL recently? Are there REALLY active STATUS-QUO INTERESTS pulling strings in corporate media? REALLY?

& Isn't it a little convenient that this hostage-budget-shutdown "debate", (which somehow coincided with a major innitiation in Obamacare), shall now be moving into a continuing-irresolution on the upcoming, October 17 DEBT LIMIT/ DEFAULT ISSUE? All the while, our pockets are picked, banksters don't go to jail, and we mobilise further into Africa. Rather odd, that, when asked if a USA DEFAULT would be a possibility, John Boner replied by saying, "That is the path we're on," AS IF THAT IS THE INTENTION. It's all a set-up - preparing us to start cutting Social Security, the Post Office, MediCare and Disability, food stamps, etc., so our spies, and military hardware, and banks, can eat well. - http://madman101.livejournal.com/1483366.html

WUT?!!!!! Obama seen, again, to have offered to negotiate away some funds for Social Security, etc., during the budget debate-quagmire, which is a fabricated sham to begin with?!?! And now that's somehow ACCEPTABLE to libs, who are no longer squawking?...

"US shutdown a smokescreen for assault on Social Security, Medicare"
"In an interview on day two of the partial shutdown of the US government, broadcast by the pro-business cable TV channel CNBC, President Barack Obama offered talks on cutting basic social programs such as Medicare and Social Security in return for Republican support for funding federal operations and raising the national debt ceiling.............
Obama’s remarks added to mounting evidence that behind the appearance of partisan warfare in Washington, the two big business parties are planning to use a crisis produced by an extended government shutdown as a smokescreen for reaching a deal to impose historic attacks on the bedrock social programs left over from the New Deal and Great Society periods."

And no one thinks it's JUST A LITTLE STRANGE that the person 'behind' the MASSACHUSETTS model for what has become Obamacare, vulture-billionaire, Mitt Romney, just happened to end up being the very person who front-ran against Obama in 2008? And then Obama/GOP ignored everything else for a year or so, including the economy, and fixated on Obamacare?!

Waht?! Waht's this! Tonight, "60 Minutes" just happens to run a story about how the SS DISABILITY programme is "massively" broke and needs to be, "reformed," cuz it's supposedly filling up with welfare queens!!! wake up, people! Wake ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey! Remember the whole Greek/ European collapse, which was triggered after GOLD-IN-SACKS, (aka The FED Gang), illegally hid the Greek government's goaded, hoarded NATIONAL DEBT? Well, history repeats, because our USA President is now negotiating with the very same GOLD-IN-SACKS to extend OUR debt limit...

...."Obama meets with Goldman Sachs for New Line of Credit – in Violation of US Law":
"URGENT MEMO: The current U.S. President has chosen to meet outside of government law, possibly selling off additional parts of the nation’s sovereignty – to men in suits who are more than ready to capitalize on the current US budget crisis."........
"Yes, Obama has met with Goldman Sachs and Co, in order to arrange for a new ‘debt ceiling’, or more accurately – a new line of credit. Only problem: he cannot do this during a shutdown. Such an act is in direct violation of the Antideficiency Act of 1870. It was a real law in fact, passed by Congress and also amended several times. This US law clearly prohibits a government office holders from incurring any monetary obligation – for which the Congress has not appropriated funds."

I'm a grassroots Keynesian who knows debt is needed during recessions, (and no other developed country carries a "debt-ceiling," which isn't Constitutional anyway), but isn't this JUST A TAD IFFY?

And hey! This is the anniversary of operation "Blackhawk Down", (sts), in 1993. 20 years ago. Today, we raided Somalia! After the fabricated raid of Somali El-Q agents into the Kenyan mall. HOW about that?!

Can someone tell me what the FB..I is doing OVERSEAS, when it is only supposed to work WITHIN the USA - while the CI..A is now illegally working WITHIN the USA and its state governments?!?! - "FBI agents work in nightmarish scene at Kenya mall" - http://news.yahoo.com/fbi-agents-nightmarish-scene-kenya-mall-222421643.html THAT's kinda quirky, isn't it?

Anyone have memory of the whole Aurora/ Batman/ Sandy Hook Weirdness? Or the mall in Oregon? Or the Boston Bommming media celebrity event? Or the questionable attack in Benghazi, which occurred on... on... Septemberrr 11?!... which was followed by Hillary Clinton somehow being detained from questioning because she was in some plane crash in which some passengers supposedly died, but she came out of it with a cold or something - and then showed up and made news by yelling at Rand Paul. Or - has anyone studied the strange phantasmagorical events and etc. surrounding the final disposal of Oh-la-la-been-lately?... Wherein a aircraft full of Navy Seals went down for no reason, and then ANOTHER one went down later in Turkey? And then a bunch of severed heads show up at the Vatican??? And talk about the Vatican... huh... That's where the Fed stores the taxes we paid to service our debt - yep. Yep.

Oh.. Any of you know why JFK was killled?! Maybe this might be a clue... Here comes the 50th anniversary of his asss-asss-ination, in 1963. And what happened 50 years before THAT, in 1913? The establishment of the QE, corpocrat FEDERAL RESERVE, and the IRS income tax. Somebody likes to play with numbers! And they obviously have a LOT of time on their hands!

There are sooooooo many other oddities which, when SEEN, and pieced together, suggest A BIGGER PICTURE, which we have bee ignoring. Hopefully, I may touch on some of them in future posts.

(PS - As you know, the text in AT LEAST two of my recent posts were DELETED - NOT by me! (THIS IS CALLED FACT, NOT 'PARANOIA'). I am wondering if one of those deleted posts might have been: "On the wondrous tedium of incidental madness." - or - "Welcome to Nineteen Eighty Whore." I am too done-for-the-night, but anyone is invited to check if these 2 posts still do exist!)
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