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They are holding the budget hostage because - um... Well, it WAS because of Obamacare for a while, but that is out of the news, (aside from being SELF-FUNDED), and most Americans WANTED Obamacare, (even though it mainly sucks), so, now they are holding the budget hostage because, um...

They don't have a reason. They have no idea why they are doing it.. "Give me what I don't know I want..."

Oh, wait. They are doing it because IT IS ALL ABOUT THEM:

"We're not going to be disrespected! We have to get something out of this - and I don't even know what that is." - GOP Rep. Stutzman to House Speaker John Boner.

"Therefore, the Democrats are being stubborn and unreasonable!!! ~ blame blame blah blah blah ~."

This follows the spotlight GOP filibuster, which-wasn't-a-filibuster, by GOP Ted Cruz.

Meanwhile, self-appointed, anti-freedom, "libertarian," trolls are slithering like snakes out of the grass and using this issue to accuse almost Anyone of being naive liberals - oh no, oh no!!!!

Then they start telling them what to do. Which is the main thing. Hmmm... (Stay tuned for psychological analysis later).

And, meanwhile, as Obama begins to look good, the Nether People decide to mount a blitz of passive aggression, since I am white, ergo GOP? (More on how I confronted them and they gave me three different denials, I mean lies, later).

Does anyone see what bogus bullcrap this is? Can anyone fathom that this is all contrived, with the complicity of both spineless Democrats, and Democrats who are paid to keep this in the news. It's a sham. A distraction. It serves THE MILITANT BANKSTERS, not left or right. But it's in the news to keep us fighting amongst ourselves - and, quite frankly, I am astounded by the great majority of stupid Americans who are falling for it.

ha ha ha -"lemmings in life-jackets" + "OCD with eyeshadow" - http://urbanwordofday.livejournal.com/805820.html

Anyway - some deeper thought is in the madman hopper... the Head-a-Hopper... Also, I totally wanted the Affordable Car Act to succeed cuz I really need an affordable car..
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