I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Shutdown? Shooters? Economy? ... pffft! - check THIS:

Are you following me?! All the USA Presidents since Eisenhower belonged to a nefarious club - except for JFK, (maybe) Carter, and POSSIBLY Gerald Ford. This club goes back centuries, but has a lot to do with richsters and banksters and people like Dulles, the BUSH REGIME, NAZI's, rich Florida Zionists, the Casino Royale Saudi Fami-ladin, and more(!) Yes, ALL THESE CAN BE YOURS FOR THE LOW LOW PRICE OF SELLING YOUR SOUL! Anyway.. Lots of crimes were committed. More on all that later. But.. If ever there was a person who knew the inside scoops, secret info, solid predictions, etc., it would be a President - esp. one of these BAD presidents. So, when we see a USA President all readied to move away from his ranch in Crawford, TX, (where the giant UFO's get as bad as drones each year), to a remote 100,000 acre ranch in South America, YA GOTTA WONDER WHAT'S UP. I MEAN DUH. What's so special about South America, you would ask - and WHY?! WHY AM I STILL HERE?!

Maybe this is why President George alphabet Bush, a refugee from several countries, has moved to FRICKIN PARAGUAY!! -

Get your bucket out and don't forget to add this to your list of Disasters to Be Accomplished This Century!:

Yellowstone Supervolcano Alert: The Most Dangerous Volcano In America Is Roaring To Life

Whereas this is fear-mongering because there are hundreds of thousands of years between each eruption of this massive subterranean hot-spot, it is also not fear-mongering because: The next eruption is long "overdue," and there are other geo-astrological reasons why eruption probabilities are considerably increased in the RIGHT NOW.

(Deniers call such multi-factoring being, "Agnostic," or, "fear-mongering," rather than being, "Scientific," or, "Thinking Critically").

Down in South America, where lotsi NAZI's also live; and Argentina and Brazil have both adopted progressive, independent economic recoveries - and places like Brazil, Ecuador and Peru look a bit askance at American BULLYISM - and everyone in Rio speaks SEXLISH! - there may be advantages, like getting away from 10 feet of volcanic dust. Or, certain places can also be good for escaping big glaciers, if an ice age should erupt, (see this):

Source Of 13th Century Volcanic Calamity Discovered...
-- "The Benedictine monk Matthew Paris knew that 1258 was a really bad year. Winter seemed to last forever. The sky was always dark. There were no crops, he wrote, and hundreds of thousands of people were starving to death. It was the year summer never came.. ... and this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_ice_age

We are currently in an HONEST global warming. But, that can turn around on a massive cataclysmic dime - but still - VERY South America might not be so bad, should we heat up another 5 degrees, all plump and juicy. And, if fresh water all dries up, then it makes sense that...

(There is a shitload of clean water under-ground!).. Moving to PARAGUAY might make even more sense, however, if President Bush is hedging against a devastating, universal release of radiation in the northern hemisphere - either because he knows it is inevitable that some - OR MANY ALL AT ONCE (EMP) - nuclear plants could LIKELY fail, or else because he foresees the last battle called Armageddon coming, which, a lot of richsters do, because I won't get into it right now..

So - it would make sense to escape to Paraguay, to hedge against a possible - or probable - release of nuclear radiation, from NUKE plants, or WW3.04. Paraguay sits on a massive clean water aquifer, which can last a body centuries. It's in the SOUTHERN hemisphere, decades away from contamination from the NORTHERN hemisphere. Plus,it is close to other NAZI's and billionaires, with easilly manipulated little government puppet people around, meat for the picking, climate insurance, etc. Plus, (radioactive) rain tends to fall on the pacific coast, leaving Paraguay pretty dry.

Well, if you don't know much about MERELY Fukushima, or about how it's DOOMSDAY threat has been rapidly increasing, I urge you to research this, (see also my tags).

Fuku. Yellowstone. These dissuade me from my dream of moving to the NorthWest, (if not scaring me into renting a coffin and having myself shipped to Rio, or the Cook Islands). Also, the more I associate with most people raised in the NW, the more I don't want to know them. But that's for some other, post-apocalypse-post.

ps - SOLAR - In synch (again) w/ relapses, shortwave prop. disturb's.. Solar Fallout from Sun Eruption Crashes Into Earth (Video) - http://www.livescience.com/40153-solar-storm-sun-eruption-hits-earth.html
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