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Last night, it occurred to me: It's the guy. It's N-Guy. He's a psychopath. Soon, the topic on Coast-to-Coast discussed the profile of a psychopath, for an hour, and yep. He very probably broke my water heater on purpose, after I had talked to him about the destruction of the plants in front - where he said that he had no idea, and that it was the regular law people who did the damage. See the list below. Also, I use about 200 units of water per month. This month, it was 12,300. Now, how could they constantly do laundry in the basement and never have noticed this leak for so long? And - their recent "silence', and N-Girl's "niceness", is all about them not wanting to get caught for bringing back dog #2 - and probably not wanting to get caught for the water-heater, knowing that it would take a while before I got my water bill. Fear.

- I have caught both N-People in lies.
- So many other instances of banging, etc., while N-Girl might be trying to send signals crying out for help.
- He acts like a serial user, sucking her dry, and she is an enabler. She is obviously very unhappy or brainwashed into being numb.
- He tries to lock in with his eyes, like sizing up prey. Esp. when he just stood on his porch w/ his dog, staring at me, (after N-Girl was asked to get rid of dog #2).
- He is either hiding, or bursting out the front door to try to intimidate. He either mumbles or yells.
- He is a coward. Fear of dog. Projects own negatives upon others, holds them blameworthy.
- He is calculating and manipulative.
- This is a game for him, he does not care about people.
- He does not correct his behaviour when he receives negative or positive feedback. Only gradually over time by the influence of N-Girl, or fear of being caught, kicked out.
- Painful screams by N-Girl when I first moved in. Endless loud, door-slamming arguments for the first year+.
- It seems there are no large retaliations when I squeak floorboards, etc., at about the time he should be away. But he does return here as much as possible.
- I didn't see him being a charming butterfly - except when I remembered back to when I passed him once on the street, and his behaviour was totally different, and he was kissing up, "dancing" for some bigger dudes.
- Explosive temper. I saw that he was a nauseating narcissist very soon after I moved in.
- Failure to own up to his destructive actions.
- Massively retaliates for my few, minor, accidental noises, by overwhelming banging, etc.
- Tries to key in on the victim's vulnerabilities. 24/7 obsession with controlling, harming.
- VPC dysfunction, dopamine deficiency, need to remain at gambling casino, need for stimulation to relieve dissociative boredom, lack of empathy.
- Endless, pointless, (spiteful) #immitative competition.
- Cycles resembling manic-depression. Except: When they dip into a "depressive" period of quietness, it is only because he fears getting caught, or he feels he has succeeded, or he needs to cater to N-Girl until the next round.
- Ability to enlist N-Girl in periods of solidarity, where she joins in with the passive aggression, etc. Pot. Bullying. She tries to keep things together by cooking for him, etc., buttering up his hurt ego.
- She starts chain-smoking when his jealousy and anger starts simmering.
- N-Girl is not exonerated, and some of her problems have been acquired from him. They act as the same beast.
- Her natural need to escape, and so her secret desire for other males, (such as me, M-Guy), sets him off. Her "secret desire" is a part of the WHOLE pathology - a function of it.
- To normal people w/ empathy, it seems completely impossible that anyone could be so diabolical.
- Sees other people as too caring, emotional, manipulable. "Punished" me w/ loud passive aggression for such things as, talking to my dog, quietly humming or singing to myself, talking on the phone, talking pleasantly with neighbours, somehow being responsible for N-Girl being interested in me - something he can't control, which infuriates him. As if I have no right to care, exist.
- These are HYPOTHESES.
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