I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Let me just say. It's funny how mammoth, money-sucking institutions can find it in themselves to be psychic enough to figure out ways to keep sucking money, but that's where the selection of the wonderful new Pope Francis got the Roman Catholic Empire. I now realise how the selection of this guy benefits Catholic membership numbers, and so brings in the cash. See - the world populations are being pummelled into a mentality of FIGHTING-AMONGST-OURSELVES, which benefits the money-sucking banksters, and their associated flying monkeys. You know, DIVIDE-and-CONQUER(?). So, it is an OBVIOUS stroke of genius to send in a Pope, (like they sent in the poor dupe Jesus), with a completely opposite message, emphasising, um, empathy, compassion, acceptance of cats and dogs living together, etc. In today's world, that's like a refreshing blast of spring air evoking unspeakable miniature orgasms of the spirit. So, it's a winning strategy for the Church, part of the NWO as it is, to sop & lop up all the poor people fighting amongst themselves, rendered pathetic by the blood-sucking elites. It's a NO-FAIL strategy. Kind of an organic reaction by civilisation, through an institution, like an organ, like a diseased liver coming back to life. Well, I don't know if they strategically planned this - sometimes I don't think higher-ups ANYWHERE are capable of this kind of thinking. They are mainly thinking about STEAK all the time. But, the word is that there were two miracles which happened, which told the Cardinals to vote in favour of Pope Francis, (Jesuit). One miracle, they won't make public. The other miracle was like, some SISTER said, "Mmmmmm! That Francis dude!" and another SISTER said, "Fuck YEAH!" Plus, we all know about the famous bird on the chimney. Poor damn bird is probably already road-kill somewhere is the Baltics, never knowing the role he played... Waking up in the upper echelons of Heaven, and he's like, "Oh, YEAH!"

I went downtown today. Pepe seduced me back into buying his decrepit produce. How? He dangled a 24-oz jar of coconut oil over my head. More in our next exciting episode.
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