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* - galaxy

STATE OF THE ART Quantum Dementia!

Posted on 2013.09.20 at 21:04
Let your mind relax, and float downstream. Gather a little chaos here, a little there, and you will find, that your consciousness is unlocking various coded information in the quantum, #Origami Universe. And, so, you begin to see coincidences - synchronicities - miraculous anomalies, defying standard statistics. This measurement, which includes always emotion, is called consciousness. It is the living ether of the universe. And - it is not. It all depends on your perspective and... who's listening in?...

Mathematics Links Quantum Encryption and Black Holes - http://www.livescience.com/39821-mathematics-links-quantum-encryption-black-holes.html

Eureka! I have found it!

"Perfect information."

Crop Circles are true!

Also, the world really is "ending" - but that's kind of a side point.

Speaking of which. Silent sun is baffling scientists, (as sneaky I-SON Comet comes out from behind it!) "And there shall be signs in the sun..."

"Only when what shall be IS, shall what shall be ever have been." - Schrodinger's Cat.

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