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I am the person who will destroy China.

Welcome to Nineteen Eighty Whore.

Secretive, Rubber-Stamping Court Rules: "Secretiveness, Rubber-Stamping Constitutional."

That's right. They ruled that if I am in the privacy of my home - or maybe in the privacy of someone else's home - or the privacy of anywhere else - they are allowed to virtually break in and discover WHERE exactly I am, at what time, when I am making a phone call - and to whom. The so-called court ruled that collecting these phone records on every single person, virtually all of whom have done nothing wrong and plan nothing wrong, is perfectly legal. Am I missing something. And what is this info supposedly used for? Supposedly, it is used as meta-data, to spot general trends, or flukes, like tripping you up on code words, to entrap you. (innocent), and then barging into your house with guns because they made some stupid clerical error. And you end up dead. And they laugh. And more taxes and cell-phone money comes in to pay for all this. Plus - all the bank-rolling from fees and drug-running.. But, really, the data can be used to coerce you to do whatever they wish, and they can knock you out with a drone later - or merely threaten to serve your severed head up on a platter, which is how they get Congress to vote their way..

"Uh, look.. Listen. Nobody seriously believes that the Syrian Rebels aren't responsible for the chemical weapons attack." - B.Right.Back.Obama (para) - Also, War is Peace.

Ooooh... The POOR "Syrian Rebels"!!! NPR did a little report w/ an "expert correspondent" by the name of Josh, I think, (or something like that). He reported that the "Syrian Rebels" were so DISAPPOINTED that the USA isn't taking military action to support them. Luckilly, though, the USA is FINALLY running arms to them, so - at least THAT'S a relief. Plus, people don't mention it, but we are sending in some troops which we call, "advisers." See what has happened here, folks? They have pushed us, the envelope, again, into legitimising their OPEN, PUBLIC support of the "Syrian Rebels," who are lead by AL QUANO terriblists, by officially running arms to them, whereas hitherto, we had been doing it covertly for years.

And the President has apparently issued an order that we suspend the definition of, "TERRIBLIST," for some groups - such as the AL GUANO "SYRIAN REBELS" - so that we can support these TERRIBLISTS militarilly. Uh - I don't see anything wrong with THAT, do you??? Remember when the Big O said that if we didn't attack Assad, then the Al GUANO "SYRIAN REBELS" WOULD ONLY GET STRONGER - AND THAT WOULD BE A TERRIBLE THING - EVEN THOUGH WE SUPPORT THEM? And remember when we waged this whole global war on terriblism, trying -(pretending)- to catch the likes of Ozama-B-Ladden, AND ALL THOSE OTHER AL QUANO TERRIBLISTS??!!?!! And now we are supposed to accept that we "legitimately" SUPPORT them? Because we want the fricking ISLAMIC NATURAL GAS PIPELINE? AND A ROUTE INTO ATTACKING IRAN? And death to Shiite Muslims? And profit to CENTRAL BANKS and gangsters?!?!?

When is this going to stop?!!!!!!!!

A leader of Brazil postponed her visit w/ Obama because Brazil is pissed that the USA/Saudi NSA has been (illegally) doing CORPORATE SPYING on one of their corporations, as well as on thousands off innocent citizens. Corporate spying? This is what the NSA is for? See how once they have their camel nose under the tent, they most certainly proceed to abuse rights? So - Brazil is also cancelling a $4 billion contract for aircraft from USA Boeing. ~BOING!!~ Woops! NSA SPYING IS NEGATIVELY AFFECTING OUR ECONOMY? OMG - how could THAT happen?!

Note the recently posted article: Millions leaving FACEBOOK, due to USA & Facebook spying. WOOPS? NEFARIOUS SPYING IS RUINING OUR FACEBOOK ECONOMY - HOW CAN THAT BE?!?!?! And what about all the stealing of credit card info, identity theft, and personal bank accounts, for use by drug runners and THE LIKES OF NSA MOBSTERS? Noooo, that's GOOD for the drugster, Bankster economies! It's also good that no one can get credit, except for rich lunatics to invest in $trillions of derivatives, which are doomed to crash as soon as interest rates go up. NOT A PROBLEM!! AUSTERITY? MESSING WITH THE $$$ IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS? YOUR PENSIONS? Why complain? Big Brother LIKES you!

I have refrained from making online purchases because either you let the (govt/corporatist) spying in, via Amazon, Google, Yahoo, etc., or else the purchase won't function. AND WHO WANTS TO INVEST IN A FUTURE LIKE THIS? What an insult. Disgusting.
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