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Planetary change of underwear.

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I thought, "Five feet of hail," was a little much. So, I looked it up and, yes, it's true. In Denver-Boulder area. It happens, at higher elevations. Lately. And, after that big Global Warming (shhhhhh!!!!) fire in Boulder, we now have 15 inches of rain washing everyone away...

Rain - http://news.yahoo.com/three-dead-thousands-evacuated-colorado-flooding-023123640.html
Hail - (good site) - http://cocorahs.blogspot.com/2013/09/hail-storm-in-denver.html
- http://www.examiner.com/article/severe-storm-buries-new-mexico-town-under-2-feet-of-hail
- http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/weather/weather_news/incredible-thunderstorm-dumps-four-feet-of-hail

Remember, with Global Warming, the Stratosphere is getting colder, which may be why large blocks of ice fell on Brooklyn or somewhere lately. Remember this. I am trying to break you in to the whole end-of-the-world discussion easilly..

Ok - so.. There have been a lot of sinkholes lately swallowing bedrooms, golfers, horses, Republicans, vehicles. They are everywhere, including in front of my house. Look at this big one in Kansas, (Sharon Springs, late July 2013) - http://www.earthfiles.com/images/news/K/KansasSinkholeGigantic080213.jpg - And, we tell ourselves that the sinkhole in Louisiana is all about salt mines below, but, come on, they're all related. This little boy was wandering on the Indiana Dunes on around July 11 or 12, and he get completely swallowed away by a sinkhole. Hours later, he was dug out, still alive, and he was like, the Devil now - not really.. Around August 11, there was another inexplicable Earth-boom, this time near South Bend Indiana. That's not far from the Sand Dunes sinkhole - directly East of it. And, around September 11 & 13, more Earth-booms, South Bend. ( http://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=2126&category=Environment ) See any connection? They are all one month apart. I'm hunching that the same geological forces causing the booms are causing the sinkholes. And, recall, I've said that rising magma deep in the Earth is probably related to most recent sinkhole events..

Remember my post about the recent sinkholes in Florida? I noticed a curious geometry in Earth locations of these events. It was just exploratory thinking. I added that, "lines of force," are strong in Florida, as well, and perhaps these have similar right angles and North-South orientations. (I have also postulated that geomagnetic lines of force, or related, may be behind the stone-sense ability to levitate gigantic rocks. That is why power-giving or power-balancing pyramids were built in strategic locations, (tens of) thousands of years ago). Well, up comes this coincidence again, when I considered the July/Aug./Sept. events in Indiana. Exactly east of the Dunes is South Bend. Exactly South of South bend is Kokomo. Kokomo has been the site of the renowned, "Kokomo Hum," as well as a moderate little, relative recent earthquake. Related? Looking like possible.

As I have proposed, these strange new Earth events can organise geometrically along geomagnetic lines of force, or related grids, even involving sound waves patterns. So, this gives support to those "geo-matrix" ideas. However, just as HAARP is rumoured to change weather, (rather than it being changed by Global Warming), HAARP is rumoured to stretch an electro-magnetic grid pattern across the globe. So - even though it sounds absurd, we can't dismiss HAARP as at least helping to cause sinkholes and Earth-booms and hums, and "Gabrielle's trumpets" and big light flashes. And then, of course, there are the reports of "foo-fighter-type" UFO light-globes correlated not only to these flashes and booms, but also to crop circles. So - it gets really tough trying to figure all this out. But, we seem to be seeing some patterns, at least. I am not trying to explain any of this, in this here post. Other posts, yes.

Of course, there are monthly cycles in the moon. There really appears to be a related statistical correlation of earthquakes and lunar cycles, with other variables. So, the Indiana sinkhole-boom(-hum?) coincidence is not far-fetched as a possible real pattern in time, (and in space). However, internal core electro-magnetic events are not merely associated with lunar influences, but with Solar.

Did you know that the Sun flips its own magnetic poles every 11 years? (It may be slightly 11+ a little). And, (as our geomagnetics is related to the moon), this cycle is thought to be related to the 11-year orbit of the Planet Jupiter. Jupiter is not quite a twin star - but it certainly has an electro-magnetically and radioactively dynamic core and mass, and so it plays its "divinely" placed role, refreshing the Sun's electro-magnetic cycles, keeping the dynamo of the sun - and of our whole solar system - fresh and dynamic. These 11 year cycles do indeed influence dynamics and life on Earth. No doubt there.

What is another cycle? Well, it takes a long time between flips of our planet's own geomagnetic poles. Hundreds of millions of years. However, like clockwork, every 11,500 years, our Earth "TRIES" to flip its geomagnetic poles, and then, "abandons these attempts." That is to say, there are conditions urging a geomagnetic alteration, but which are insufficient to cause a complete flip. But, every 11,500 years, these "attempts" occur, wherein the poles go on little escapades. These are called geomagnetic pole (field) "excursions." We are seeing one of these today, as our magnetic North Pole continues its accelerating excursion from North America into Siberia, presently at 40 miles per year. This excursion is occurring not only at a point where the sun is due to flip it's poles within the next few months, but whilst our planet is at the apex in a "magma-rise" cycle, which occurs every 400 years. This portends a possibility of upsetting times, including a long/ overdue Stock Market correction, on Earth soon.

Every 11,500 years, we experience a pole excursion, such as we are now experiencing. Coincidentally, pole excursions may be correlated with times of significant climate change, wherein large extinctions occur. Got it? Other events, such as an inexplicable large rise in sea levels, or massive releases of gasses from the Earth, such as methane, or hydrogen sulfide, may occur at the same time.

It is not absurd to think that some governments have been at least anticipating such global changes. Also, it is not absurd to try to discern if consciousness behind crop circles and some UFOs is trying to communicate to us about these patterns arising, not only on our planet, but within the solar system and the sun. These patterns may not only include planetary orbits, but electromagnetic and contravity influences from intervening orbits of asteroids, gas clouds, or comets, such as Comet I-SON.

Go to sleep.
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