I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

As the times unfold... ironically...

In the future, humanoids will be grown in a giant Computerus. They will be shorn of much care. They will mostly discuss abortion. Pro-choice versus pro-life. Liberty. Security. Giant tampons.

*** ...

A cell constantly compelled to eat sugar may have a sense of freedom, but it can't hold its own when foreign invaders come in and kill it for the sugar. That cell is on the "liberty" side of the liberty-vs-security dichotomy.

If that cell were overwhelmed with an urgent need to fight away foreign invaders, it will be too stressed and occupied to be able to make choices about freedom - everything is about survival. In this scenario, the cell is on the "security" side of the liberty-vs-security dichotomy.

Then, THAT "security" side is dichotomised into fight versus flight.

This steppy logic goes all the way up to very discrete, merged processing - and I call this the logic of the "baseline logarithm." It is a logic not only of biology, involving cycles and rhythms, and feed-back-circuits, such as how our brain regulates/represses incoming information, it is a part of all existence, moving forward in its timelines. It is a systemic mechanism to get a jump on time, or to keep ahead of ENTROPY. It also involves the "double paradox" (my term) which is ultimately demonstrated in bizarre quantum behaviour, including quantum entanglement.

All of this is a quick introduction to an even more interesting post or series on, "ancient biologics."

But, referring back to the beginning of this HERE post, isn't it interesting how the liberty-versus-security dichotomy can be compared, philosophically, perhaps by coincidence, to the pro-choice versus pro-life debate? Intriguing. Anyway, I may be postponing any important Syria post soon... So, I am only going to brief you with some points which resemble bulllets...

My prediction of the Obama speech: He will say he wants to strike Syria, (on the premise that Assad used chemical weapons - being no threat to us, btw). This premise, backed up by reports of dying children, will somehow mean that he shall assume the continuing right to strike Syria, whether or not it is a threat to us, (and whether or not Congress approves).

However, he will disguise this in an attempt to push the envelope: by continuing to seek (symbolic) Congressional approval to strike Syria - not immediately, but any necessary time in the future.

He will then say that the proposal offered by Russia, (to have the UN oversee and even remove Assad's legal supply of (unused) chemical weapons - which Russia has itself been overseeing by now), is a positive development - and so, there is no need to strike Syria right away.

Instead, (he will save face and keep NWO options open), he will allow time for discussion of this option, but seek (symbolic) approval from Congress, (as I stated), for permission to hit Syria at any time in the future, if necessitated by some unforeseen reason, (such as a deliberately contrived false-flag event). In this way, the GOP - AND THE NWO BANKSTER PUPPETEERS - can't accuse him of backing down.

So, he will also say that the discussion on the Russian, which should be given time, should also be restricted to a limitted time frame. If it fails within exactly six months, e.g., then we begin bomming in 5 minutes.

Despite all this nicely delivered news conference, which will put us at ease, do not think for a minute that some false flag(s) here in the USA, which will make the President come on TV and say, "Sorry, but things have changed, and we definitely have to immediately hit Syria and or Iran!! Right now!" - And we will then be like, "What? What just happened? How did we get into this war?"

I am not saying the false flag, etc., SHALL occur - I am saying that past patterns, and interests, make it very possible that it may. So, let me ow say a few mini things, based on STRONG hypotheses &/or info:

A - Assad did NOT use chemical weapons.

B - Chemical weapons were probably used, as a false flag to draw us into the war, by any/combo of the following: 1 - Rogue See-Eye-Aye factions and associated contractors-mercenaries-criminals. 2 - Arabia intelligence in the service of the Royal Bankster Family, and the Arab Oil-Bankster Alliance. 3 - Israeli zionist hawks and US/European Neoliberals/Cons. 4 - The Syrian "rebels", who are centrally Al Quano, who kill Christians, have used chem weapons in the past, are our buddies, and were/are formed by See Eye Aye rogue factions. 5 - Splinter faction of Assad's gov't, (not likely). 6 - France covert, (former coloniser of Syria). 7 - Central banks, including IMF, Chase, and especially THE FED - via such knuckleheads as Goldman-Sachs or "Blackwater". 8 - Gas and or Oil company(s), covert, i.e., Dick Cheney. 9 - Russia, covert. 10 - Julian Assange, aka, the Joker.

C - Heat-seeking missiles, etc., were illegally shipped by rogue USA agents, via turkey, into Syria.

D - Moving on Syria without UN or Congressional approval, and also to "defend" the Chemical Weapons Treaty, are all DIFFERENT and SERIOUS violations of laws, and can be called war crimes.

E - It is certain that a false flag event or event is being planned, to get Obama to move on Syria and/or Iran. Whether this actually HAPPENS, I don't know.

F - "Chemical weapons" is an excuse, anyway. A sell job. The real aim is to take out Assad, and put in Islamic fundamentalists.

G - Although it is very possible that Obama may be playing expert chess against his very puppeteers, most of his rhetoric, etc., as well as those of Clinton, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, Boner, Hagel, McCain and Grahamm, have all been following the script and advise of the "NWO/ puppeteers", who are a vast corporate-bankster, right-wing conspiracy. Obama MAY be doing invisible ju-jujitsu on them. Otherwise, his life is in danger from them - and he won't end up with any golden parachute when he leaves office.

H - The strong "script" hypotheses above helps calculate some other hypotheses, or competing info, such as the Ed Shultz hypothesis that Obama pushe Putin to the wall, demanding he put forth "the Russian option" discussed above. It is more likly that Russia is in on any chess-playing - by Obama, (OR by the puppeteers).

I - The UN is not 100% trustworthy.

J - Law is not bigger than reality. No principle or lawyer-think is worth us going to war when nobody wants to go to war. That is a seed of self-destruction. So - don't fall for this - it's manipulation, that's all it is. Many such principles are breeding grounds for bad justice, and corrupt OUT-LAWS, which follow and consume. That is why, after the UN goes into a country for humanitarian reason, getting people to give up their guns, the corrupt gun-runners are essentially INVITED IN to sell their wares - as politicians palms are greased.

K - Believe only actions, not words, speeches, promises, fear-mongering, or expectations or predictions as to what will happen next, if this, if that.. YOU ARE THE ONE TO DO THE THINKING, DECIDING AND VOTING. THIS IS YOUR GOVERNMENT. THESE ARE YOU RIGHTS. THIS IS THE JUSTICE OF THE UNIVERSE AND IT IS YOURS. Note that there is greater theory and conspiracy in blindly trusting idols or authorities, than there is in winnowing through perfidious facts, fictions and fears.

L - This war is all about money, with a mere tincture of reason added. Of course, corporate profiteers and banks, as well as country consumers and sellers of gas, stand to gain. But this is also about keeping USA/UK/Arabian/Israeli control over Middle Eastern energy regimes, and keeping the USA petro-dollar the reserve currency, (even if to transition it to something new).

M - This war is about religion. Fundamentalist Suni Muslim Saudi Arabia is in a silent war against Shiite Muslims throughout the Middle East. The USA has been complicit in this war, as a price it pays for keeping economic and military control, even supporting the Al Quano Syrian rebels who kill Christians, the Muslim Brotherhood (indirectly), who kill Christians, and Muslims in the Balkan wars, who killed Christians. In addition, Israel rogue elements don't mind killing Muslims, and they are apparently in Alliance with the Saudi Sunis for convenience and for economic reasons. USA Rogue element Christians are basically money profiteers, working under a vast banner of (Protestant) anti-COMMUNISM which, for the foreseeable future, is now painted as anti-Terriblism - (whereas it was once anti-Muslim terriblists). However, there are some strong Christian fundamentalists, and rich Lucifarians, who want to see Armageddon played out, "as prophesied" - these narcissists are self-fullfilled up with themselves.

N - The Russian option was planned in advance. As to HOW, WHY & WHEN - IDK.

O - SEVEN MAJOR WARS have been planned out well in advance, including this one. This war was intended to be the first of TWO wars on Syria.

P - The bankster (etc.) NWO PUPPETEERS and PROFITEERS are willing to alter their plans, and also change their propaganda, in mid-stream. So, if it wasn't Obama changing his plan to attack Syria ASAP - it was THEM, his script-writers. Thus, they ARE vulnerable to being manipulated somewhat. Here's why:

1 - They are smart businessmen, mostly after the money, however they can get it.
2 - They are afraid of the public.
3 - They don't want to be exposed.
4 - They think time is on their side, since they have most of the money.
5 - They want to preserve the Left-Right, Black-White, etc., paradigms.
6 - They have other means. They can always take out Assad via the continuing revolution by the "rebels."
7 - Their eye is on Iran.
8 - They don't want to hurt the economy too much right now.

Q - This war is part of a wider script of diversions of our attention, such as away from NSA.

R - The war-mongering support of our leaders is scripted, for better or worse - and it betrays ULTERIOR MOTIVE. What are the possible ulterior motives?

1 - Insider knowledge or profit, e.g., the planned attack on Syria is INEVITABLE
2 - A bluff to force the hand of Syria, Russia.
3 - Complete BS to keep the NWO PUPPETEERS HAPPY - and keep themselves from being knocked-off. Its iffy as to whether the NWO PUPPETEERS thrive by this anyway, as they generally do, but it could also be:
4 - Complete BS to keep the NWO PUPPETEERS HAPPY - while Obama plays chess against them.
5 - They are pawns in Obama's pro-puppeteer chess game. They, and we, are being played.
6 - Politics. They have found, in the past, that they can go to any extreme, and gain votes, by out-Republicanning the Republicans when it comes to Neoliberal war-mongering. Oddly, they and Obama are complete failures at this absolutism on all other policies or "negotiations". But - whatever - they are still playing for the old middle, including corporate cash, or the dying status quo - not for votes.
7 - They are so afraid and stupid and too doped up on GMO corn.

* Please do not support any short-term or longer-term plans for aggression on Syria or Iran. Now is the time not to relax, but to intensify your intentions and resolve!!!

Just fyi-

Ron Paul: Chemical Weapons In Syria A "False Flag" - (YouTube) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpxblGLXiUE

Rand Paul Challenges Senate to Not Start World War Three - http://www.scribd.com/doc/166726627

Libertarianism: A Phony Ideology to Promote a Corporate Agenda - http://www.smirkingchimp.com/thread/mark-ames/51540/the-true-history-of-libertarianism-in-america-a-phony-ideology-to-promote-a-corporate-agenda / http://www.thomhartmann.com/forum/2012/08/friedrich-von-hayek-economic-hokum?page=3

*** "Because Obama!": Second City Mocks Liberals Supporting War - http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/09/10/second-city-mocks-liberals-supporting-war-americans-whatever-barack-o

Obama Supporters Endorse Karl Marx as Next US President - http://www.youtube.com/user/MarkDice?feature=watch

Charlie Rose Interview of Bashir Sadam Bin Qadaffi Assad Assange: http://positivity.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/syrian-president-bashar-al-assad-interview-transcripts-and-video/ - http://video.pbs.org/video/2365076639/

Syrian rebels plan chem attack on Israel from Assad-controlled territories - http://rt.com/news/syria-rebels-chemical-attack-israel-618/
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