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La Barbe bleue

And so, I end up making a music post - during a forbidden midnight snack. I'm terrible. Sometimes its hard to tell where reality ends and the army of giant marching ducks begins. Speaking of which, it's seemingly clear that the so-called neigbours below indeed imbibe in the weed, and the next day the girl runs around all paranoid, staring our doors and windows, tapping walls, following my squeaking floorboards, and then leaving passive aggressive gifts for me around my porch, etc., including a shell casing, a custard bowl next to the shell casing, 3 billfolds (one containing ID), a neighbour's trash can, poop, a little bag of apparent weedajuana, a big bole of black hair, & a thousand different weird things meant to convey meaning. Then, the next day, the passive aggressive banging and slamming etc., begins, and she goads the fatherless boyfriend to join in, until he eventually get arrested for speeding in frustration with her craziness. Also - now I know why she makes brownies a lot, (like tonight). They are MOLLY'S brownies!!!

Speaking of which, I have just about HAD it with Pepe's produce! It's almost as if he replaces the SPOILED veggies with veggies which are programmed to spoil (mould, etc.) withing two days, no matter if it is correctly refrigerated. He uses a veggie display cooler which apparently doesn't even work. Then he fills that with new fresh food from COLD storage in the back, which then goes bad almost by the time you reach your door. I can't see him staying in business, but he's got the only veggies around. I said he could bring in suburban shoppers if he had a separate area for organic, GF, etc., foods - and he said his wife was kinda in charge of that. He has plans for switching things around and serving some food like a cafe, including GF food just for me, ha ha. Then he said he was intending to hire a few more people for this, and he stopped and eyed me with a grin. I wish I could do that, since I've been a cook, etc., and I have more than a half a mind for business, but, I am sorry to say, PEPE IS NOWHERE. But where else nearby can I get chips with sea salt? Or big cans of tuna from my beloved Ecuador? Or spoiling avocados? Or an onion? Or two decayed heads of cabbage for sauerkraut? Or a wide assortment of fruit-flies?

And tomatoes to DIE from!

And I don't know why people call them potatoes when they Aspargillus Bomms. Poof! Poof! Pow! I dream of the tops of my neighbours' heads being riddled with big fresh impact craters.

Tonight, I am listening to a repeat of, "Echoes." Ever since John B. Lamberto heard the album reinterpreting songs by, "Queens of the Stone Age," he has been playing really nice, but sometimes too sad, slow electronic music with beautiful crooning female singers - with reminiscences of Sixpence NTR, Jem, Kate Bush, etc.... like KT...... Includes, "Dead Can Dance," latest, which I think is good. Tonight's repeat, (of an Echoes from this last week), is pretty good.

Sometimes, the Origami Universe reminds me that I am trapped in a dream. For instance, I was out with my dog today, and across the way, a rather large lady sitting where the nice man usually sits lifts something up, and starts shouting, "Here! Here!" I thought she was calling from inside - but no. he was facing me, holding up what looked like a key in the end of a long black cord, "Here! Here!" I was supposed to take the key. Why? I thought abut this, and maybe it was a car key. Maybe she was teasing me cuz she has a car and I, who recycle my wine bottles, do not. Or, maybe she was offering her car to me, so I could actually TAKE my dog somewhere. Normally, I would have walked right up to her and asked her to explain, but, as I've said, I am attempting to avoid dangerous celebrity status here. Maybe I'll buy a car when I leave this future very-large sinkhole. But - also - I was oddly having an opera play on my radio today, in the background, missing, ("RadioLab"!). I HATE opera. But I fund I could tolerate THIS opera. It was mellow and melodic and reminded me of melatonin, somehow. So - I thought I'd try to find out what this opera was. It was, "Bluebeard Returns," by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, from the WFMT (wonderful Chg. classical station) Network. ( http://www.mso.org/mso_connected/radio ) I have NO idea who wrote this opera or when. But the Fairy Tale, "Bluebeard," comes from France in the 1600's. And - in contrast to the opera I heard today - it is very gruesome! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluebeard so, this oddball, Bluebeard, gives his new wife some keys, but tells her not to go into a certain room while he is away, so she goes in and sees all his past wives in a bloodied room, hanging by meat hooks and whatever. Like Shaharizad(sp?), she eventually gets away - but much of the story is about the keys, which became all bloodied. The keys. "Here! Here!" What does it mean? Could it be a key to the apartment below...

This brings us into the topic of recent NPR-type music shows... This week's, "Higher Ground," (from WPR: http://www.wpr.org/programs), was, a usual, absolutely great. It did slightly more Latin-Afro stuff - (which complemented some Mexican music I listened to on WORT early in the morning) - and some Tannahill Weavers. I couldn't locate the playlist tonight for some reason. But I found this - http://news.wpr.org/programs/higher-ground .. Last week or so, the show was ended with some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING throat-music-type stuff from a few female Arabic singers - I highly suggest you hear one of these in particular - let me see if it is in my notes... Nope - but I did find a paragraph from an unfinished post - which was meant to be about MLK, but was abandoned due to another round of insane passive aggression from the neighbours below...

"Uhhh... I skipped the first hour of my beloved WPR, "HIGHER GROUND," (possibly my favourite raio music show), so I could listen to NPR's, "AMERICAN ROOTS," (first hour), which is an awesome music show focusing on the roots of modern rock, blues, jazz, etc., especially coming out of Louisiana, the Mississippi, Texas, the South. I wanted to listen to its feature on J.J. KAIL, who wrote for Eric Clapton, but also VERY STRONGLY influenced Leon Russell, Boz Skags, probably the ever-spastic Joe Cocker, Bruce Springsteen, and others. It appears that he, a shy performer but great song-writer, appeared at the beginning of the 1970's, and possibly saved Eric Clapton's career from nose-diving, because Clapton was a great guitar-player, but not very original at all, in my opinion - even though he was a blockbuster force with his amplified blues influence in many pivotal 1960's bands."

I officially now like the Black Keys. I heard their latest album was pretty good, and decided it was - after I heard several tracks from it. But it was, BAMBINO, who convinced me. He worked with the Black Keys on his most successful hit, which I first heard on, "Higher Ground," saying, "WOW" - and then it showed up on, "World Cafe," a few weeks later, and I said, "YAY." (But, isn't it creepy how KEYS keep getting mentioned in this post?). Well, "World Cafe," featured, The Black Keys, in a show this week, and which repeated tonight. http://www.npr.org/2013/09/02/143847423/the-black-keys-on-world-cafe?ft=1&f=39, and the interview was amusing.

Also on that same show, http://www.npr.org/templates/rundowns/rundown.php?prgId=39&prgDate=09-02-2013 , were a lot of wonderful tunes, in BOTH hours, but especially the last. Recommended. See neo-existentialist lyics below, from Houndmouth and Little Green Cars. I love the dark-heavy poppie song from Cayukas, "High School Lover," or Elvis Costello's, "Motel Matches," or one of Crowded House's many stark-yet-sentimental songs, and many others from the show.

Well - if anyone wants to set up a date with me, YO LA TENGO, will be performing in Northern Illinois, at OTTO'S in Dekalb, on Sept. 20-21, 8:pm, $20 - http://ottosdekalb.tumblr.com/ They are one of my favourite bands.

If you sing along, try not to sing out of KEY...

Oh - I should have mentioned above, talking about, "Higher Ground,"... Madison's WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL will be celebrated at the Union Theatre, and at the Willie Street Fair, on September 19-21. I believe a theatre at UW Whitewater will also be used. I also heard that Peter Gabriel, ("Real Music" label), created something called, WOMAD - or such - need to learn more about that!

Hey - sorry that the Alex Jones Show today ended up talking with JOHN B. WELLS. I hate John B. Wells. He doesn't make me be well at all. I could go on about why, but this is just a segway. Speaking of, "Coast-to-Coast," the Great ART BELL may be COMING BACK! Maybe he is sick of John B. Wells, too. Well, there is plenty to tak about, as the world ends, I'd say. Yeah - could even be made into a movie. Anyway, Art Bell has a limitted range of musical experience - BUT, he has a good ear for off-colour songs. Songs of an eerie flavour - of the Third Kind. One band he played as bumper music a lot was, "The Moody Blues." Well, I listed to some Moody Blues albums. I love their concept albums, and their metaphysical hopefulness, and their basic harmonies, and symphonic backdrop. Think, "ELO", before Disco. Speaking of Blue Beards - and Blue Hair - these perennially aging Baby Boomers are on tour - and I'd think about going, except I wouldn't afford a ticket - tickets are apparently priced for other rich aging Baby Boomers. But I will mention that The Moody Blues will be playing at the Horseshoe Casino, 8:pm - what? September 5th??? - I lost the date, oh well, here's the site - https://www.horseshoe-indiana.com/casinos/caesars-indiana/casino-entertainment/the-moody-blues-detail.html 1-800-745-3000 Hopefully, I got that sort-of right.

What else? I really wish I had more on that female Arabic singer on Higher Ground - that was just amazing. OK - some lyrics...

Houndmouth - On the Road Lyrics

I'm on the road, I'm on the road
I'm on the road and I'm sinking solely
I bought a book, I bought a book
I bought a book, I will read it slowly

I'm going down and nobody knows me
I'm going down and nobody knows me
I'm going down and nobody knows me

I had a job, I had a job
I had a job, had to leave behind me
I hate to move, I hate to move
I hate to move to another city

I'm going down and nobody knows me
I'm going down and nobody knows me
I'm going down and nobody knows me

Hey sugar mamma you know what you want
But I don't got it, I wish I could help you out
But I cannot

Hey there boy in blue
I think there's something wrong with you
I wish that I could help you out
But I cannot

I'm going down and nobody knows me
I'm going down and nobody knows me
I'm going down and nobody knows me

http://www.azlyricdb.com/lyrics/Houndmouth-On-the-Road-384240 - has lyrics for full album

Little Green Cars – Harper Lee

Like a crash I wait for the impact
And like a train I wait for the smoke
Like a storm I wait for the silence
And like a bluff I wait till you fold

Oooh there’s a gun in the attic let me go grab it
Oooh I’d blow holes in my soul just so you can look past it
Oooh ye there’s glass on the floor there’s a hole in the roof
Oooh ye the chandelier fell now the rains falling through

Like a dog I wait for my owner
And Harper Lee I’ll kill me a bird
And I sit back and I just watch it happen
And just like you I won’t say a word

Oooh there’s a gun in the attic, let me go grab it
Oooh I’d blow holes in my soul just so you can look past it
Oooh ye there’s glass on the floor, there’s a hole in the roof
Oooh ye the chandelier fell, now the rain’s falling through

Oooh I put mice in the kitchen to see if you’d kill them
Oooh oh no you let them live now there’s twelve thousand kids
Oooh oh ye you let them breed now I’ve got mouths to feed
Oooh oh ye you let them stay now they have taken my place
Oooh ye you left them alone now they’re eating our home

http://songmeanings.com/songs/view/3530822107859452419/ - has lyrics for full album

To listen, go to, "World Cafe," playlist link above.

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