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marginal agora !

So, I have a lot of communities which are pretty quiet. A few of them are popular, but most of them need more people and posters. In all of my communities, I encourage people NOT stick feel confined to the standard, polished ONTD format or relevance - but they are allowed to post quickie links, and even personal stuff like add_me requests and community promos. In several of them, people are encouraged to peddle their wares!!! Crafts, CDs, whatever. I also have a job-search community. And, I do request that EVERYONE join crisis_911 - just because it makes sense to do so.

Well, I do have one community where half of the mission is for members to post their wares, and also to talk with each other about anything - it is my most open forum. It takes it's name from the ancient Greek marketplace, the Agora. People can sell, trade, chat, whine, seek escape from loneliness, talk about mental illness issues, illness difficulties, etc.

Well - I don't see why more of you haven't joined it, because it could be so helpful. Maybe it's the name, marginal_agora. Maybe, "marginal" might confuse people. But what it means it that the community is mainly geared towards people who who feel left out of the normal mainstream of society - "marginalised." People who have mental illness, chronic illness, feel bullied, alone, ugly, etc. - or people who just feel different - are all allowed to gather here in this virtual plaza, and discuss their issues, feelings and concerns - and also EMPOWER each other, via trading, etc. It is a place where all the so-called minorities can come together, come out of the closet, interact, and be the true majority. It is all about empowering you. You can make add_me requests, promo your communities, seek advice, tell private stories, and give support to other members.

If you have a struggle with your meds right now - or with family or society - if you have a gift that others don't understand - please think of joining, marginal_agora, and make it into something more helpful! Thanks!

Oh - and if you want to shut your quirkiness from the rooftops, there is also, i_am_off_kilter. Some people add this just because its a cool name to have on your profile page.

Also - for anyone interested in natural health, healthy_planet can be good.

Another great lifestyle community is, indie_lifestyle!
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