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SAY UNCLE!! - Part 3

Well, this pretty much puts a capper on it. I heard recorded clips of Lindsey "Jeckle" Graham, (SOUTH CAROLINA), blathering on May 9th of this year, wherein he basically said this, to paraphrase:

"NO MATTER WHAT, there is going to be a war with Syria. This will be a very short war. It's purpose will be to take out Assad, and put in Muslim radicals like Al Quano, [or the Muslim Brotherhood?]. We will go into Syria after they release chemical weapons. After the fall of Assad, the people will rebel against Al Quano, and decide they want to be "our friends." [$$$]. So, then there will be a SECOND, longer war with Syria, to destroy the Al Quano leadership."

These clips were heard via TruNews, and will be big news soon, at least in the alternative media. It was also said that as far back as 2003, Lindsey was predicting this war with Syria. At some point, Lindsey also said that, "The next bomming in the USA will have a lot more that screws and nails in it."

Now, Graham has said that if we don't support the attack on Syria, there will a nuclear bomm exploded in Charleston Harbor, (or NYC), of his home state, SOUTH CAROLINA - central hub of the USA military-industrial-contractors complex. This followed strong reports that nuclear warheads has been illegally shipped from an Airforce Base in Texas, for drop-off in SOUTH CAROLINA. In addition, the USA Southern Satellite Defense shield has been conveniently turned off for maintenance. (And B1 bommers are being decommissioned). (I guess we're supposed to blame the automatic spending cuts - the "Sequestor.").

We also know that 7 wars were planned in advance, according to a secret leaked memo, which I have linked to elsewhere below.

OK? That's pretty much all I need to say.
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