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Syria war update & analysis

Let's see.. The last time the President gave a speech, I really wanted to do an analysis here, but was not able to, and now that time has passed. But, one thing I noted was that he never said he CAN'T instigate aggression on Syria, he said he SHOULDN'T, before the issue was taken to Congress first. (Etc.) As you know, leaders in Congress are pushing for the war, despite the votes not (YET) being lined up, and despite the overwhelming opinion of the American people AGAINST going to war. As I said, all that needs to happen for an event to be created which will SCARE Congress into lining up and declaring war. Well - there is evidence now that, perhaps, just such a event is being fabricated, partly via executive order.

One thing that the President said some time back was that he would not attack Syria unless they resorted to using Chemical weapons. There are ample reports that Assad did not in fact use chemical weapons, thus crossing this, "RED LINE (In The Sand"), but that the chemical weapons were released by nefarious agents as an attempt to draw us into war. These agents may or may not have been associated with our friends, the AL GUANO "rebels," "Israel," Saudi Intelligence, or others working for global banks. There is vast background and contextual evidence supporting this hypothesis. Well, the President later borrowed a little rhetoric from Nancy Pelosi, and contradicted himself by saying that he had never said there was a, "Red Line", but that, "The WORLD has set the Red Line!" Presently, with our true CREDIBILITY low, we have no such support of the global community. Nor would we be justified in attacking Syria by the CHEMICAL WEAPONS TREATY, because to take unilateral action against Syria would ITSELF be a violation of that very treaty! But, with a false-flag event, suspected of being fabricated, (see above), then the global community, along with Congress, can be scared into overtly rationalising going into Syria with the USA, in the service of global banks, corporations, and interests in the Middle East). The grand design is to go through Syria and Invade Iran. I do believe, if World War Three has indeed been mapped out, then Russia may line up to hit the USA back, in defense of Syria - but I feel that they, as in previous wars, may actually have been PARTY TO THE PLAN.

Similarly, with a fabricated false-flag event, the point becomes moot as to how Congress may vote. As Obama is now asserting clearly, whilst this false-flag event seems to be underway, was that he WILL attack Syria, (and Iran), should they suddenly BECOME A "DIRECT THREAT TO OUR SECURITY." Aka, the FALSE-FLAG EVENT. So, the President is now free to backtrack and say that he never went to Congress merely as a SYMBOLIC or POLITICAL ploy, but because he felt it was Constitutional. Let me be clear again, studying the wording of his speech, it was NEVER out-right stated that Obama was Constitutionally-bound to present his case before Congress, (even though he was, and is). So, I am saying that, with the false-flag brewing, (apparently), he can now make this self-correction, because he may be aiming to go into Syria no matter how Congress votes, by blaming Syria and Iran for threatening us - with nukes.

Speaking of nukes... There is a FUSION nuclear power plant in Syria, (and a nuke plant in Iran?), which, if bommed by Israel, will cause devastating radiation release. That would include deadly plutonium. Further, once hostilities begin, it is likely that both side - several countries - are likely to resort to using nuclear weapons, (some possibly by design). Why would the banksters devise such a holocaust? That is a whole different discussion, but it is plausible.

You know all about how crazy Florida is, which was once, "Governed," by Jeb Bush. The Bush family has been in bed with the Saudi Royal family, an offshoot which was indeed "AL GUANO", (enemies who are now "our" buddies). There is plenty of info on how Al Guano was created and employed to further nefarious geopolitics. Well, Florida was where, it has been reported, some kind of Ferret-splinter group deliberately trained a handful of Muslims to become terriblists within our borders. Some members of the 9/11 attack actually took air flight classes in Florida. Florida is the renowned center of the, "hanging chad," of deliberate voter suppression, and of the curt case which got George W. Bush illegally elected, while thousands of black and service member votes were not counted in the final vote tally. There was a news story buried several months ago, of hundreds of very large electrical generators being kept in a warehouse in Florida, apparently unused. These were labelled, "Katrina," although I have wondered whether there might have been more to the picture than that.

Well, here is something else coming out of Florida, apparently... Military Special Forces from Florida recently moved nuclear warheads from an Air Force Base in TEXAS, destined for a drop-off point in South Carolina. Infowars.com reports that no paperwork was signed, and the transfer seems to be in violation of various laws. At the same time:

Our good friend, "Jeckle," i.e., Lindsey Grahamm, is now going around declaring that UNLESS WE HIT SYRIA AND IRAN FIRST, these countries are sure to set off nukes within our borders, from a ship either in harbour in SOUTH CAROLINA or in NYC. Apparently, this may be the false-flag event, meant to scare Congress and the world, at the very least, and meant to trigger nuclear war in the Middle East, at the worst. Recall that it was 9/11 which got us into war with Iraq, oddly, which, although it massively drained us of wealth, was quite lucrative for the likes of Goldman-Sachs, the Federal Reserve, central banks, military contractors, and Oilmen like Cheney - and politicians who were pawns for the military/etc. complex. Please review my previous post, where I present a scenario which may help explain why this country seems to be under a coercion to go into war. Although, "The Arabian Oil Alliance," may be the short-term pusher of this coercion, these events have been ammassing for decades, meaning to BENEFIT THE WEALTH OF THOSE POWERS-THAT-BE WHO ARE HIGHLY INVESTED IN THE ECONOMIC STATUS-QUO. During this dangerous time of global warming, when oil becomes more and more scarce, these forces are playing us like they played the price of wheat and corn on the Commodities markets, creating a profit bubble for themselves to reap, allowing everyone else to take a heavy hit when they collapse that bubble. Thus, this is all a mustering to exploit the declining resource of oil, upon which our USA dollar, as a world reserve currency, is based, by a tenuous confidence underwritten by MILITARY AND COVERT AND RENEGADE NEFARIOUS AND DESTABILISING ACTIONS ALONE - MORE AND MORE SO. It is an addiction, doomed to play out destructively, naturally saturated by real conspiracies.

Some prominent politician, possibly Obama, has said that those here in this country, who oppose going to war with Syria or Iran, "will be to blame for any attack by these countries." That's rather an Orwellian stretch. Coincidentally, Assad's forces have been referred to as, "protestors," and, "activists," thus underlining this mean or cynical view, perhaps softening us up for the time after Martial Law is declared here at home, and protestors and activists may be hauled away to - well - the NDAA says they can be hauled away to anywhere, detained forever. Because, they will all be labelled, "internal terriblists." I offer this line of analysis not as truth, but as a collection of strong hypothesis - because it is always best to prepare for the worst, but remain optimistic and willful. I understand that there can be alternate explanations to many of these emergencies, including the vicissitudes of President Obama's rhetoric. It remains possible that Obama is trying as hard as he can to keep us OUT of a nuclear war provoked by Heckle and Jeckle running around, devious at play while the Cat's away at the G20 in Russia, devising their false flag. I don't know. The element of our unfolding chaos is uncertainty itself - none of us really knows what is going on. We have the right to guess - we have the right to vote. We also have the right to impeach and to amend. If corporations are really people, then how about we send them to Mars where they can duke all this out, instead of involving billions of innocent lives?

I forgot to mention yet another coincidence:
PS - Also, here is supposed to be a national security "drill," featuring pull-over-and-search types of events, this November 13-14.
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