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I am the person who will destroy China.


Ooooo... Here's a gem... By now, all my LJ friends should be aware that "it appears that" Saudi Banks and the Royal Family, (e.g., Bush Family), is trying to force this invasion of Syria. "Saudi Arabia" and associated oil countries, especially QATAR, don't want the $$$ competition from the Iran-Syria-Turkey GAS pipeline, which would service Europe. "Israel", (i.e., some idiots in Israel), wants it too. And, let me key you in on a little secret, Russia doesn't actually mind it, because that ISLAMIC GAS PIPELINE will somewhat diminish it's control of gas going into Europe. However it can control the Islamic Gas Pipeline in Syria, well, that's what Russia wants. So, a lot of what you read about Russia in the news really is a lot of theatre. But China is probably a different story. ANYWAY, here is the main thing... The "Saudi Oil Alliance" of countries, (who, with "Israel", were probably behind 9/11), has come out and said that if the USA does go into Syria, they will cover all costs. How about that? Our military, tax-payers, and contractors, will all be mercenaries for Saudi Arabia. I bet Lawrence of Arabia never saw this one coming. Well, a POSSIBLE story behind the story may be THIS:

Hypothetical: What I am calling the "Saudi Oil Alliance", which includes global banks, may actually be threatening the USA, saying that either we go into Syria, or it will stop using US DOLLARS to trade in oil. Instead, it will switch over to a new reserve currency being created in Britain, which will not be controlled by the USA/ Federal Reserve. THIS IS MAJOR. First of all, it explains the rabid devotion of our politicians, especially Obama, to go to war in Syria, as planned. Of course, Congress-people all have to risk being exposed for sex-capades by the NSA, etc., or having their families blown up, by whatever covert nefarious "agency", should they vote against going to war. But such a threat from the Saudi Oil Alliance presents another imperative for them to vote for war, against the wishes of the vast majority of the American people. Why?

If the Saudi Oil Alliance switches over to a new reserve currency, that's it for us - game over. This is because, long ago, our USA dollar was taken off the relative stability of gold/ silver. Instead, it became based on mere international CONFIDENCE. This confidence was buttressed by keeping the dollar overproduced, and used across the globe, most importantly, for the buying and selling of oil. That is why it is called the PETRODOLLAR (and also the WORLD'S RESERVE CURRENCY). As the world's reserve currency, it is the safest currency to bet will do well - so Japan, China, the Fed all invest in it by buying up USA Treasury Bonds, which means that they agree to be bonded to LOANING THE USA MONEY. This is the BOND MARKET, or the TREASURY BILL market. Weirdly, it is not controlled by we the people, but by a semi-private central bank, the FEDeral Reserve, and it always involves we the taxpayers paying extra on interest rates for these loans to us, as if we are on a credit card.

Presently, Treasury Bond interest rates are low, to benefit the rich, central banks, and crazy speculating investors, such as those invested in the completely insane $1000 trillion+ DERIVATIVES MARKET, (which is greatly premised on the illegal buying and selling of mortgages). Every economist fears the rise in Bond interest rates, because this will, among many other things, cause a flight of confidence from the Dollar. That means China, Japan, etc., may want to cash in on those bonds, (i.e., loans to us), and we will be required to pay up. It will also mean a rush of paper USA dollars back into our borders, causing hyperinflation of costs for food, etc. But, most of all, it will provoke a raising of the global central banks LIBOR RATE, which affects all other interest rates. The rise in interest rates will mean that it becomes more expensive for crazy investors to borrow money to gamble on DERIVATIVES, so... THEY WILL ALL RUSH TO CASH IN - LIKE A RUN ON THE BANKS - EXCEPT, MULTIPLY THAT BY ABOUT INFINITY.

That would all be THE economic crash from hell. Interestingly, this scenario is virtually inevitable, sooner or later, and that is why our government has been militarising police departments, buying up billions of hollow-point bullets, building detainment camps, and expanding NSA, etc., surveillance - because they are preparing for inevitable social chaos - or a planned invasion from China, (which, actually, might be our best hope). (Add to this other possible Earth catastrophes, see "Kill Shot", and it makes sense). But - it might also make sense that the Saudi Oil Alliance shall proceed with its demands, and, should we not comply and diligently go to war in Syria for them, then:

They will go off the Petro-Dollar, and we will plunge into economic devastation. Either way, we lose - because, war in Syria can end up as a global nuclear war.

Got it? That's what's probably going on. And you heard it first on madman101.

It isn't encouraging that there are countless rumours that Obama has nefarious money interests in the Middle East, as did the Bush family, in coincidence with our whole errant PETRODOLLAR policy, which has been underway for many decades. as has been our geopolitical stragedy of destabilising governments in order to put in RADICAL FUNDAMENTALISTS, so that we can extract wealth and oil, in cooperations with the elites of those countries, as with the Saudi Royal Family. (Stop thinking of the world in terms of COUNTRIES, start thinking in terms of corrupt gangs, all serving global banksters and rich families).
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