I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

The Sword of Damocles - HANGING by a HAIR !



Ooooo! CATCHY WORDS! Lets go bomm Syria like frickin zombot-retards now! Let's all act like a collective FOUR YEAR OLD!... and keep the true four-year-olds in power! So they can feed off our diminishing wealth! Saudi Banks. Zionists and hawks. Military contractors. Drug and arms runners. Oil and gas monopoly-imperialists, too big to fail. Our faithful puppets, Al Quano. Let's do to "Assad" what Obama wanted to do to Snowden, Manning and Assange - and what was done to those in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Let's go through this symbolic charade of having a vote in Congress, just to let Obama do as he wills anyway. Let's all get distracted from the REAL JOBS ECONOMY, and from the MASSIVE UNCONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS OF OUR RIGHTS BY THE CORPORATE NATIONAL-SECURITY STATE!!! Because Barack Obama is black, and makes pretty speeches which contradict reality, and appeases us only on some left-vs-right social issues. Let's ignore the rest of the world, the UN, Britain, American opinion, THE FACTS, THE LACK OF SUPPORTIVE EVIDENCE, because, "We need to maintain credibility!" We owe everyone MONEY - WHAT credibility?! We defy the very international anti-chemical-weapons treaty which we accuse Assad of violating - a treaty which Syria never even SIGNED, but WE DID! Lets ignore the videos and reports and the reality that the USA-INSTIGATED Syrian "rebels" have themselves already used chemical weapons AT LEAST 5 TIMES IN THE PAST. Let's ignore that Britain gave export permits to the sale of large amounts of sodium fluoride and potassium fluoride to an ANONYMOUS Syrian buyer, during KNOWN INSTABILITY in that country - just as the USA allowed export permits for the sale of biological and chemical weapons into IRAQ, to pre-destabilise that country, SOLD BY DONALD RUMSFELD HIMSELF, (see also Rumsfeld, Monsanto, Fiser, ASPARTAME). Those same WMD's were later used AGAINST OUR OWN TROOPS, (provoking Gulf War Illness, PTSD, suicides, TBI, etc.), and killed thousands more. Let's ignore the fact that this checkerboard strategy of destablising Syria, Iran, Egypt, Libya, ETC., has been on the drawing-boards for years, going back DECADES, as was the Cheney OIL INVASIONS OF IRAQ. Let's not look at the See-Aye-Aye BUSH family has been in bed with the Saudi Royal Bank-Family for GENERATIONS, or that Barack Obama has nefarious ties to Middle Eastern Money interests...

"But we have HAIR SAMPLES, PROVING that Sarin Gas was used! Oh, me oh my! (Therefore we must go in and take out Assad, ultimately)!"

HAIR samples? HAIR SAMPLES?!!! Does anyone here have even the first basic knowledge of FORENSICS?! Can I get a witness?!

"We have evidence from THOUSANDS OF SOURCES!!!" - Kerry (para)

"We will have support from DOZENS OF COUNTRIES!" - Wasserman-Shultz

"I'm Heckle, and he's Jeckle!" - John McCain on Lindsey Graham.

"Praise the Lord and pass the Merlot!" - John Boner to Nancy Pelosi. "Let's all piss another, 'Line in the Sand'! Ah ha ha haaaaa!!! YOU LIE!!!!"

Please send out postcards NOW - to your Congress-people, to the military in your state, your governor, etc. - POST TO COMMUNITIES!!! - and urge friends to do the same!!! All that has to happen, for Congress to vote to allow this new WORLD WAR, is for nefarious agents to again scare and threaten them with some staged event of mass violence around WDC. And you can bet that they are also planning some kind of false-flag 9/11-type event here in the USA, to scare the American Public into obedience. This has gone far enough! Stop the destruction of our government, our economy, and the GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT!!!

neener neener - YOU BETTER BET WE FUCKING CAN!!!!!! Don't you wag your Spruce Goose over our noble heads!

"madman is sexy when he's mad!"

"Oooo, yes!"

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