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crazy /eek - yammer

all in the carpet-bag

Posted on 2013.08.30 at 12:47
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Demand his RESIGNATION !

(Oh, of course, not now, when we're all being swept away by the lies - again. I remember the last time this happened, Iraq. Back then, I saw the truth, and I did everything I could to tell people, and I was treated like a tinfoil asshat - because everyone believed the, "officials," i.e., Bank-Puppets. This time, the, "officials," are liberals, and the fantastical bridges across logic and facts are even worse. Because, "we WANT to believe." Well, no - don't demand his resignation now - of COURSE - just wait at least 5 years until this all blows over, and all the terriblists have been hauled away, and we are all too hungry to care. I tell you folks, this country is dangerously mad. They're riding the debate, dudes. They pull back when it's too risky, then they hop on the latest public talking point surfacing, and officially counter or channel it. That includes Congressmen who pretend to question, but in fact move the process forward, by saying, "WHEN/ HOW does the President plan to invade! We demand answers!" Then it gets muffled for a day... and the schedule moves ahead, the debate is moved in their direction... Then they reel in another five percentage points of approval in the polls. By the time we go in, many liberals and Republicans will swing support so that they now have 60% fervent nationalism. I am disgusted).

"Bad - BAD - chemical weapons! Look at the people SUFFERING! Therefore WE MUST KILL MORE!!"

Islamic (Natural Gas) Pipeline

Saudi Banks

Israeli Zionists and NAZI progeny.

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