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So, I'm trying...

Well, I'm trying. I don't know if I can't put my deeper feelings down in here, or if I just am so eager for life that I don't have deeper feelings. Well, actually I know I have deeper feelings because they are the spine of everything I do. It is all those feelings from the past... like sand over sand and the water just sieves through them. The water is my life. It is free and ever-flowing. That is where I'm at - always. But the sand - the dry and the new wet stuff - it is there. I always feel it. It is part of me. Do I want to make it part of anyone else? Why?

Nothing is invincible: That means that everything is finite - sand - and limitted by something else. That also means that everything defers to chaos. Nothing is invincible - it stays, and then it goes. Let the days go by, water flowing underground. There is no particle that can be seen to be going anywhere, and there is no anywhere that seems to be particular. Make your mark here, and, by necessity, everything else is uncertainty. That is to say, we are mortal beings, all deferring to the spirit of chance, uncertainty, coincidence - infinite life. It's everywhere - if we would but perceive. If we would but suspend...

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