I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Mister Coffee - drip, drip..

I'm drinking a big mug of re-caffeinated coffee-mocha, with a dash of nutmeg, curry, and cajun pepper. And my Hello Kitty boots are a brilliant lime-green. It's a pretty damn good drink, despite not having any stevia, since I didn't want to open my, "fridge", because IT'S LIKE 90 DEGREES IN HERE... I am reaching for my Farm&Fleet Catalogue - maybe I can order some nuts and raw-hides before the sale ends. According to ye Olde Farmer's Almanack, first created in 1812 by Billy Joel, it's going to be a long, cold, snowy winter - especially in the Nether Regions - with an 80% chance of body ash and pulverised concrete. When the current WARMING clears, I should like to tape up my stairs and vents, in preparation... for, although I live without AC or HEAT, at least this might muffle the sounds of the people slowly going hungry below. That's something to dream about, as I clutch my favourite gas-mask. No body parts were removed in the making of this movie.

oh - PS - I forgot to add, RE: me supposedly wanting, "to save the world." No, I think everyone here is pretty aware of the fact that I think our living planet is headed for hell-in-a-handbasket. I choose to push a head nevertheless. That is the paranormal secret of WILL. (btw - "Hi, Will!!"). That is what makes me an Existential Transcendentalist. Or a Transcendental Existentialist. I forget which. It basically means: Drinking hot coffee-mocha despite inevitable heat-death. What was that famous line, from, "Dog Day Afternoon"?...

"Entropy! Entropy!"

More broken-record... (fear-mongering conspiracy-theories) -
Fukushima-Nagasaki - http://www.naturalnews.com/041800_Fukushima_radiation_leaks_desperation.html

Militarisation I - https://www.aclu.org/militarization

Militarisation II - http://www.alternet.org/environment/militarization-fossil-fuel-pipelines

Syria I - http://news.yahoo.com/on-syria--is-obama-treading-in-bush-s-iraq-footsteps--151321791.html

Syria II - http://www.wnd.com/2013/08/video-shows-rebels-launching-gas-attack-in-syria/

Egypt I - http://www.wnd.com/2013/08/obamas-brother-linked-to-muslim-brotherhood/

Egypt II - Book: "A Mosque in Munich: Nazis, the CIA, and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West." - http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/mosque-in-munich-ian-johnson/1100692284

Levity - (Sirota Aug.27) - http://www.davidsirota.com/

The Secret END-GAME MEMO - http://www.gregpalast.com/larry-summers-and-the-secret-end-game-memo/
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