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Venturing far from the Manning crowd...

The whole Bradley Manning thing is interesting. He sure has been salient in the news, at times, hasn't he? Makes the mind wonder off on hypothetical tangents. After all the CONTINUING PATTERNS of false set-ups, staged BS, deliberate smoke and mirrors, equivocations, etc., this is only natural, and no cause to take heavy doses of psychoactives. Apparently, eating rice is as good as melatonin, but time will tell.

well, this helps me explain why I listen to Alex Jones, along to everything else except the vastly boring. Today, Alex Jones offered a conclusion about the latest Bradley Manning floater-in-our-eye, which closely matched one of my own hypotheses. He said that Manning had really smart lawyers, to serve up this angel on him wanted to wear women's clothes, (while simultaneously being sent away to all-male Leavenworth). My similar hypothesis was that Bradley Manning may himself be very smart, but I guess the Alex version is better. But, Jones also said that Manning had been through all hell, and abuse, and so this made him crazy and want to become a women, naturally.

But these two conclusions were but two options provided me, within MY OWN LARGER FULL-COURSE MEAL OF HYPOTHESES on the whole Manning affair. See, this is a fine example of how I can listen to what Jones says, ad some of his ideas to my collection of hypotheses. It doesn't mean I believe his overgeneralisations, or egoism, or fear-mongering, or occasional lambasting of, "liberals". I just collect ideas to consider not as conclusions, but as hypotheses. Then I try to see, later, how bigger pictures might fit together. And I imagine Manning in various sexy poses.

Now, lets look at some Manning Hypotheses:

1 - Manning has been through hell in prison. This is something I have seen as a very strong hypothesis, all along. It certainly has kept people talking and speculating and angry and hating the opposite political party, or such. But now, I must call this into question. I must ask if this has merely been a red herring, just more propaganda. why? Because the, "I want to be a woman," may hypothetically be another canard to preoccupy the news cycle and public gossip, disgust, fervour, division, etc. (See below).

2 - Manning wanting to be a woman is a media canard. (See above, ha ha). After all, who really knows what went on behind military prison walls while he was detained. And why would that information be allowed to get out? I have seriously entertained that SNOWDEN has been a deliberate canard, moreso than Manning. But the Snowden case can, in one scenario, actually strengthen the probability of #2, and vice versa.

3 - IF Manning has really been through hell in prison, then it made him mad, and want to be a woman. Not likely. But possible. Drugs and/or being forced to sleep on the floor in a cold prison cell in nothing but undies, etc., could certain humiliate, and agitate any, "gender dysphoria," that was already there.

4 - Manning has ALWAYS wanted to be a woman. Actually, this is possible no matter what, and so in most cases, it doesn't really matter - except towards the verity of #3 or #4. The possibility that a somewhat socially-separated, anti-authority person with possible boundary issues might also have VPC and gender questions or dissonance, i not at all improbable. Those who have studied psychology will agree with me. And, do I recall actually hearing something about Manning - or Snowden??? - supposedly having, "boundary issues," some time ago?!?!??? So, this remains (part of) a valid argument. If true, then Manning deserves support and medical care, and the wider gender issue must be discussed by society and government. Or -

5 - (ONE OF 'THE SMART' HYPOTHESES'). True or false, maybe this gender issue is being used by Manning's lawyers as a way to try to avoid him being sent to Leavenworth, through public debate and outrage.

6 - True or false, maybe this gender issue is being used by Manning's lawyers as a way to try to avoid him being sent to Leavenworth, by forcing Obama to either PARDON him, or face a series of court case, eventually going to the Supreme Court. (For the legal issue, see #7).

7 - True or false, maybe this gender issue is being used by Manning's lawyers, AND OBAMA, as a way to try to avoid him being sent to Leavenworth, and: begin a series of court cases, eventually going to the Supreme Court. The issue would be: "Should military (government, ergo ALL) HEALTHCARE for prisoners include sex-change operations and treatments?"

This would be a part of Obama's strategy of trying to bring more rights to the LGBT community. Recently, BY SHEER COINCIDENCE(?), Barack Obama signed an order saying that the Social Security Administration should change the stated sex in forms, and the Social Security, to that sex-gender preferred by the holder. This is THE GOOD OBAMA HYPOTHESIS!!!

8 - Or, maybe tactics discussed in #7 may actually be designed to further divide the RIGHT in this country, from the LEFT, as in other reforms for the LGBT community; as in, "The War on Women"; as in the Martin-Zimmerman case, etc. This is 'THE BAD OBAMA' hypothesis. Clearly, Obama still bows to the banks, and the banks love it when our society continues to simmer in a division against itself - more, "Divide-and-Conquer." Thus, the hidden, silent slow-COUP, extracting our wealth, can continue. Or - social-economic competition can continue to feed consumerism, or fear, or whatever stress.

So - Do you see, now, that I am always trying to open my mind, or change it when necessary? Which hypotheses do I currently believe is most probable? I don't know right now, because the purpose of these hypotheses is to keep signs visible, and then to compare future events to them. This is how I have come to the solid conclusion, for example, that, yes, we are under a global bank, etc., coup, which will probably end in no good - UNLESS IT IS DESIGNED TO SAVE US FROM SOME NATURAL CATASTROPHE, OR AN ALIEN INVASION, ETC. Or, it might even be meant to PREPARE us to be taken over by aliens, or - anything is possible!!!!!

It is more likely that an economic collapse is feared, as was betrayed by Obama's little economic-regulatory conference today. Among other things, Wall Street is due for a big correction, and so is gold - i.e., THE DOLLAR. That this occurs whilst we prepare to go into Syria for NATURAL GAS may not at all be coincidental. See how various observations can help put together possible bigger pictures?? Also due: trouble from the sun, most likely. A large, direct-hit CME EMP would be tragic for the global economy, and civilisation as a whole - not to mention the mass extinctions being caused by global warming and pesticides and radiation. But more on this stuff later.

PS - I have, for so long, hued to the, "GOOD OBAMA", hypothesis - but now tend to see him only good on social issues, not the really, REALLY serious ones.
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