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eek - bleh!

Mistakes in a broken world.

Posted on 2013.08.22 at 18:26
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Mistakes are like little, "x-es". Mistake here: Mark it with an, "x". Mistake there, mark it with an, "x", use it as target practice. A very BIG mistake was called NAZIism, also marked by an, "X". A lot of people thought Jesus was a mistake, so they made him carry around a big, "X", and then they nailed him to it, and hung him out to dry. "X" marks the spot. Ground Zero...

Trading stopped on the NASDAQ today - due to some technical glitch. A lot of people made a lot of money on a similar computer-trading mistake in 2010, now called the Wall Street, "Flash Crash." But mostly a lot - and a lot of a lot - of people LOST money on that big mistake.

Similarly, Americans all got behind invading Iraq, after a USA envoy "mistakenly" gave Saddam Hussein the impression that the USA actually WANTED him to invade Kuwait, but this is said to be a mistake - a very fortunate one for a handful of global banksters and oilsters - but mostly it was a problem for a lot more people, many of whom lived in Iraq. But what was Saddam Hussein to do? He asked if he was expected to invade Kuwait, and emmmm how 'bout Kurdistan and Iran too? - and the Western oil-guys replied, "We don't care WHAT you do. JUST GET US THE MONEY!"

Also similarly, Americans all got behind the "mistake" that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, and therefore we somehow need to invade Iraq again. There were about 17 other rationalisations for going into Iraq. For example, a little girl went before global television and cried and cried about how Iraqi soldiers like to go into hospitals and take babies out of incubators and then stomp on them. How could anyone resist THAT? And yet, all of these were actually mistakes, in so far as they have proved to be COMPLETE LIES.

But, again, a lot of oilsters found this war coincidence very favourable to their plan to conspire to take over Iraq's vast oil resources. According to the history books which actually mention this aspect, going into Iraq and taking its oil was not a mistake - since WE don't make mistakes. We proudly stand behind our war-criminal leaders, like pathetic cowards.

Well, I could go into how our coming invasion of Syria is based on a deliberately contrived mistake by corrupt USA agents and mercenaries to REALLY DEMONSTRATE that Assad REALLY DOES have weapons of mass destruction, by gassing 1,300 innocent people there, at the very same time when UN officials were visitting. Then came the TV pictures of UN officials crying and crying and saying, "We cannot tolerate this from Assad."

But, what we can tolerate is that nice fat natural gas pipeline leading from Iran through Syria right to the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, where Europe and China - (and yes, Russia and the USA) - can gobble it up. If it is true that this corrupted country is going into Syria and Iran not, this time, "FOR THE OIL," but, "FOR THE GAS!", then how can we say that this is a mistake? After all, they are eating raw human hearts in Syria, right?

And we can wean the US dollar/(military-bankster-corporate-lying-complex) OFF of oil, and ONTO natural gas, and this will be very good for the global climate!!! If this were to be a mistake, then it would be comparable to trying to reduce one's cancer risk by switching from regular cigarettes to "light" cigarettes, which everyone knows is not a mistake at all.

Neither was drug and gun-running through Benghazi into Syria, or into Mexico, or to the Iran-Contra's; or Rumsfeld selling chemical and biological weapons to Iraq; or supporting the Shaw of Iran; or arranging that the Iran hostages not be released until exactly when the US presidential race was finished; or Cheney blowing up the gulf of Mexico, and - hmmmm - - -

Fukushima could not have been a mistake either, because look at all the people who got away with lots of investment money and bribes after all those six reactors were built, through GOVERNMENT-BACKED-INSURANCE, which were built right on a major Earthquake fault-line, waiting for a Tsunami? No, no no - ha ha ha - not at all.

Because the world is run by wise, dependable, caring people, and bad conspiracies don't exist. Money is something we all want, so let boys be boys. And let's all march into the War of 1812, the Civil War, The War-to-End-All-Wars, the War on Nazi-Bankism, the Cold War, the War on Drugs, and the war on Whistle-blowers! Because the soft-porn-propaganda of little girls and government politicians CRYING is so compelling - its almost as if we are sitting at our very own video game, in control of it all. What good boys are we!?! We are the Drone-sters!!! Cool! Easy! Zombie!

What a terrible shame that Greece somehow fell into insolvency and had to appease the central banksters for Goldman-Sachs-facilitated debts. What a shame that so many regular Greek people had to lose so much money and so many jobs, and homes, and lives, because of this. They were all decent enough to comply with those banks demands for Greek "AUSTERITY", and also take hits for a flight of capital and business from the country. But, that's what they SHOULD have done, because everyone KNOWS that AUSTERITY is not a mistake! Austerity reminds everyone of the rich guy on the oatmeal box, (whom we all want our crazy uncles to magically become some day), and everyone knows oatmeal is all about frugality and Greek-like Stoicism and also gluten that irritates the hell out of millions of miles of intestines. No, it was all that BorrowinG by the "GREEKS" which was the mistake! Just like borrowing during a depression to directly stimulate an economy supposedly makes the depression worse.

And isn't it terrible how all those people in Cyprus lost about 50% of the money in their savings accounts, because of similar rationalisations by the coerced Cypriot government? Its a good thing that the FDIC has made sure that that sort of thing could not POSSIBLY happen in the USA, where just one bank has about $60 trillion dollars alongside, in many similar savings accounts, expecting to be FDIC-compensated by $200,ooo for each account when the derivatives inevitably fail following the coming BOND CRISIS?.. even though the FDIC has nowhere NEAR the amount needed to cover everyone's savings during a mass RUN, which will trigger a government shutting down of your account, followed by 50% of your savings disappearing.. Woops - someone made a big mistake by borrowing so much! Someone like the US government! Better pay up - so let your savings be your new taxes! Woops - someone made a big mistake by gambling almost $1000 TRILLION on so many derivatives all failing at the same time. Better impoverish the entire planet by keeping up obligations to all those bets, even though that is more money in the entire universe.

It is not a mistake for the government to violate your privacy at every turn, assisted by seemingly benign CORPORATIONS and COUNTRIES, (i.e., BANKS), because this is the business of CORPORATISM, which doesn't at all resemble the GIANT "X" of NAZIsm!

After all, the spying government, and company, are only guilty of looking for PATTERNS, in the METADATA, (while also spying on thousands or more individuals as well). So, if some mom is shopping for a pressr-cookr online, and her son is looking at back-packs online, and such, then this is a legitimate PATTERN, meaning they can barge into these people's home and maybe even mistakenly shoot someone - because this is what must be done so that we can be guaranteed of SECURITY in our own personal effects, as put forth in the Constitution. And, it doesn't matter how many eavesdroppings, and how many accidental home invasions, and how many errant entrapments, shootings or running-of-drugs, etc., these are not mistakes at all - they are only comparable to, "Stop-and-Frisk," i.e., legitimate defenses of vested interests, invested in the STATUS QUO.

And, if anyone speaks up about a lot of crimes being committed in government, then they get pursued around the globe, thrown in jail like a prisoner of Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo, or some sad privatised prison, and treated with absurd abuse, and then get a trial where corrupt judges exclude relevant evidence or arguments, and then get thrown in jail for dozens of years more.. But the people who were exposed who had actually been COMMITTING REAL CRIMES? Or the crimes in government themselves? Or the CEO's and banksters and politicians conspiring to save destructive too-big-to-fail Ponzi corporations? ??? They somehow never get addressed - or even touched on in the media. Instead the debate is all about whether or not you are a traitor, or if you'd look a lot like Mohamar Qaddafi if you took sex-change hormones. Or if you ever jumped around on top of babies taken from incubators.

Or was that Mubarak? - Mubarek, who was a mistake and now he isn't a mistake because now the Muslim Brotherhood is a mistake, even though we put them up to this. And that is kinda the same tune we play for our brothers-in-arms, Al-QUANO... Remember them? Remember so-called Old-Same-Old-Bin-la-la-land? Supposedly being done away with, when n fact it was our Army Seals who were destroyed, first in a helicopter, and later in a plane??

If I told you that the Belize government was after me, or that the Ferret had done something to my Mercedes and my life is now desperately in danger, or that four men-in-black from Hamland Security drove by my house today, looking my way - well, then, this would all just be considered paranoia - as MY BIG FAT GREEK MISTAKES. Because authority does not make mistakes, and I am obviously not a authority, because I don't have money.

No, no, no... all the mistakes go to the poor, the common middle class, the meek and the experimented-upon.

For example, I bumped my knee on a table, and therefore, the Nethers took revenge on me for this mistake - three times in one day - bang bang bang bang! Just like Batman! And, if they wanted to, they could try to pull me into an argument which could only be resolved by bringing in the police, who would see us both as mistakes, because he said, because she said, and they are the authorised ones. I would be guilty because, well, I am white. And yet they would be guilty because, well, they are black. Black vs white. Banks vs the poor. BIG MISTAKES AND BIG LIES VERSUS THE RIGHTS AND WAYS OF NATURE. OF WE, THE PEOPLE. Those whom we elected tell us that we are the BIG MISTAKE, and OK we are:

Whenever we fail to stand up for the poor or disabled.

Whenever we see injustice and fail to flood online communities with posts and comments about it.

When we assume each other is guilty or wrong or potentially a mistake, and we pull to ourselves and our fears, and react to everything we see as it were a giant Monitor Lizard. Oh nooooooooo!!!!! The white guy upstairs made a noise! Better get out the firecrackers and drones!! Its every man for himself in the wild wild west, and the world goes 'round A-merica bush.

Or - when we allow ourselves to be intimidated, respond in a pattern of fear which only invites more superstitious suspicion from on high, and more entrapments, martial law and diversionary WAR. Simple fact: They have no authority to steal our wealth or our rights. End of post.

Michael Hastings Last Story Was On CIA Director Brnnan; Will Be Published In Upcoming Rolling Stone
San Diego 6 - This week Elise Jordan, wife of famed journalist Michael Hastings, who recently died under suspicious circumstances, corroborated this reporter’s sources that CIA Director, John Brnnan was Hastings next exposé project (CNN clip).
- Goggle for more.

He should have taken a train. Like in Mussolini's Italy.. Cuz they were the only thing then which actually still WORKED. Oh, wait. Trains keep blowing up lately - woops!


Oh- I think I was mistaken! Maybe the incubator babies was about Libya?! BTW - it takes BIG MAN, yo.

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