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I wrote this in a recent post, and I want to re-emphasise it...
"Similarly, science tries to force non-linear dynamics of quantum nature into the linear time and space of our world - like stuffing the randomness of bacterial chatter into some kind of human goose-step - and what do they get? These patterns in bubble chambers of spirals and vectors and spins and zip zip zip - all saying, "OK, I was over there, OK I was over there, OK I was over there - BUT YOU STILL CAN'T SEE ME NOW!" All we are doing is proving how certain aspects of non-linear nature act when they are artificially, or rarely, squeezed into a linear time - it tells us nothing of the essence of being - or of the wilder-world of the dark side."

Now, I want to clarify something. When we force nature into our own time, (which is something all entities try to do themselves), it is the same thing as forcing our local "space" into a single coherent geometry, like Euclidean, and mathematics. (Relativity geometry is basically an attempt to "save" Euclidean geometry by qualifying every point in spacetime as being something bendable and cohering).

(This is romantically unfortunate in a way, because light is already out there, supposedly, doing all it can to hold everything together, and link everything to it's absolute, set, really fast, asymptotic speed of 186,000 mps).

This maintains the illusion of quantification, which so maintains that Being is external, measurable and generalisable as laws to other areas or times of the universe, rather than Being, um, being something alive and experiential, bedfellow of consciousness itself.

By our placing of such geometric templates upon nature, and presuming that our local arrow of time, which must include the degenerative process of thermodynamical Entropy, provides us laws which are generalisable, we consequently end up with essentially unfathomable, (and perhaps even superstitious or theocratic), concepts of a vast amount of "dark" matter and energy which is everywhere in the majority, but which we cannot measure - or the concept of a multiverse, which I myself invented, on my own, seeing it as an inevitable outcome of the reasoning that our universe is finite, in a way, and began with a single Bang, or god. Behind which is what? More unfathomable. That's what happens when science pushes true being to the curb. Science, my friends, is not God. Let us not fall prey to that assumption, politically.

(Our paradigms presently do divide nature into material reality vs spirit, or science vs god - even though science is an outgrowth of religion, or vice versa, historically).

(Oh - it was one of my lives pearls to find that actual physicists had created this same concept, the multiverse, and were more and more taking it seriously... Which they have to do, (as explained why above).

One little example: Our local TIME and space tells us that this measurable, quantifiable "force" called gravity makes mass, like apples, fall to Earth. Therefore, gravity, from our perspective of local entropic time, and space, is an attractive force. Then, we proceed to build relativistic geometry around this assumption. But only from this local existential perspective is gravity an attractive force. In reality, gravity is a lightly repulsive force, a property of space/time itself. Of course, I have not yet gotten into explaining this, but I hope to soon.

I also hope to talk more about what UFO's may be, physically; about "anti-gravity; about magnets and antennae and eyes, and more(!!!!!!!!). Oh - note to self: talk about alpha waves in brain... add more here when I remember it...

Here's a book of interest, via Coast-to-Coast, August 14: "Supernormal" - I have yet to look more into this. Is apparently great.

Sinkholes, now: Collapsing Earth: Why Are Giant Sinkholes Swallowing Cars, Homes And People All Around The World? - http://investmentwatchblog.com/collapsing-earth-why-are-giant-sinkholes-swallowing-cars-homes-and-people-all-around-the-world/ - This is a nice introductory article which provides no insight.
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