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Get Into Jail Free card! - Part 1

It occurred to me that the division between the game-playing-elites and the dirt-grovelling-poor/middle-class isn't just defined by the difference of money games between the two, or the difference of academic-degree status games, or gated-edge-cities and fancy car games, or Wall Street gambling games, gossip games, and what have you. It also is defined by the differences not merely in language, but in talking-style games. A poor person may say hello in a way that some rich person finds rude and objectionable, and the poor person will be snubbed, denied opportunity, etc. The rich person, head-in-ass, simply lacks knowledge of, or involvement in, any understanding of diversity, or empathy for the humanity or pain behind any other human being of differing class. Instead, the rich are adhering to the only game they know, which they think is reality, It is simply outlandish that some person may say "hello" with even an ambiguous hint of incorrectness in their voice! ... ESPECIALLY when one is pre-judged to be unworthy from the start. The poor are judged as being offensive, or of vile-intention, or of repugnant or ignorant or absurd substance, PRIOR to any introduction into the game. But, of course, it works both ways. In a very urban black neighbourhood, if you say "hello" but sound white, then you get the evil eye. It is the same childishness, the same closing of minds and heart. Fear-based. Laziness-based. Selfish. Atomistic. What made me think this was the following convo between a caller and some guest on a Progressive talk show: The guest was asserting that such-and-such could not happen, based on her academic knowledge. But the caller rejoined, "No! No, THIS happens... because..." Well, the rich guest then just laughed. Laughed, Because she was affronted and surprise by the rudeness of the caller, who probably had more authority on the subject - or might have been overly-relying on anecdotal information. Either way, though, any exception to the rule SHOULD be listened to. But, the rich, liberal guest was uncomfortable, for she started from the premise that she could speak at length, freely, since she assumed she was amongst liberal friends. So, she simply referred to the game, laughed at the caller's ABSURD rudeness, and beckoned help from the talk-show-host, guardian of politeness, referee of the game. But, look at what happens when you step into a neighbourhood wherein I live. There is NO assumption that we are all friends here, even though the only people who remain here are people who vote LIBERAL, if they vote at all. And, they are all so accustomed, here, to interrupting and being interrupted, of contradiction being forced even from people who may agree, that they commonly speak in a slipshod, argumentative fashion - like a forever angry husband and wife. They are so used to being abused, and assumed to have no authority, unless they FIGHT for it, that this style of talking is simply normal for them. This IS THE GAME. They cannot perceive that talking such a way in other social contexts, or areas, or classes, gets you nowhere but down the UP-escalator. This is a clear example. But, the idea that talking-styles can define the game differences between classes, as dialect and languages can define differences between ethnicities or cultures, is very important, I think.

The whole problem with Stop-and-Frisk is that it focused on high-crime areas, where blacks and Hispanics were widely in the majority. The programme was also designed to serve the feeling of safety of richer people, white people, gated communities, (See Martin-Zimmerman). (This was in the same spirit as the violent crack-down on peaceful OCCUPY protestors, based on WHATEVER petty zoning ordinance could be waged against them, in the service of the banksters and the vested-interests - all supported, in FACT, by programmes of the FERRET and other intelligence agencies, as overseen by the current administration). Well, what occurs is something called PROFILING, based on appearances, of darker skin. Racial profiling. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, (a feedback loop), where EVEN MORE blacks and Hispanics become targetted and assaulted, by an overly-eager police force, or conspiracy of goons. All for the (paid) "GOOD of society". This spiral of unfair targetting, assuming innocent people are immediately GUILTY even before we get to "hello", arresting even more people than are represented by crime stats IN THOSE AREAS, is, perhaps you ca see how, a mathematical reinforcement of the STATUS QUO - serving vested interests, while also driving now-more-aliented minorities towards being more likely to commit crimes, in defiance of WRONGFUL authority. Neighbourhoods wax corrupt as the police wax corrupt. This is what goes wrong when the REGULATIONS built in by the WIDER game, i.e., THE CONSTITUTION, are violated. Well, this Stop-and-Frisk fiasco, or crime, which can so easilly be filed away as RACISM, because it relies on looks, even though it has an economic-sociological skeleton, (greatly contaminated by racism further), is also a good example of how Africa Americans, or other minorities, are driven into deeper poverty and loss-of-opportunity and acceptance or empowerment. It is a crazy feedback loop, which is also dependent on many blacks reacting by turning towards further crime, and to further abuse-speaking, and towards fulfilling negative stereotypes, all because the problem is only seen as something racial - when it is something more than racism.

But, it is based on judgment according to skin colour, based on certain superstitious assumptions of correlations of crime and blacks, rather than treating each individual as someone unique and worthy of respect, as beheld in the Constitution. There are assumptions that these correlations=causation. And, in way way, they often do - and mostly, they do not, because each moment can be a new beginning, where there is shared the common game called HUMANITY. But, by having dark skin, the subject is assumed to be in violation of the PC, majority/ELITE game, before even getting to "hello." But, as this post has described, there are similar catches based on accent, or talking styles, or assumptions of rudeness, and further misunderstandings of conduct, behind which there is an endless history of differentness and strife. Similarly, gays do not have dark skin, but they may act differently, etc., and so be deemed as being of the wrong game, very early - earlier than is admitted these days. But, they came for the blacks, and then the Jews, and then the gays, and then the Catholics - they will come for you, by hook or by crook, for some violation of some city coffee ordinance or whatever, UNLESS WE STRONGLY HUE TO THE MEANINGS AND INTENTIONS BEHIND THE HIGHER GAMES THAN RACE, STYLES, CLASS, APPEARANCE, POLITICS, ECONOMIC - THOSE WHICH WERE MEANT TO STAND BEHIND THE SPIRIT OF THE CONSTITUTION.

Here's an example of how rationalisations were selected to ENTRAP minorities who were wrongfully stopped and frisked, in NYC, as in any other banana republic: The victim is asked if he (or she) has any drugs on him. If he says, "No," and yet he does have drugs, he can be charged with the SERIOUS crime of lying to a police officer, and all that.

On the other side of this CATCH-22 VICE, if the same victim said, "yes," and was told to show the drugs, and he obliged, he could then be arrested for the crime of, "displaying drugs in public." It was a no-win situation, feeding a dysfunction mass-cognitive-feedback-loop, which only leads to further socio-economic degeneration, more call for SECURITY police, more CRIMES being committed, MORE WEALTH BEING SHUFFLED UP TO THE BANKSTERS AT THE TOP.

I have written of this Catch-22 vice before, when describing the abuses of those with power. It is a way of keeping outsiders away from the in-game. It is obviously unfair. And, it is usually undone when the sheepful masses COME TOGETHER in the name of REAL HUMAN JUSTICE. Meanwhile, victims are shuffles off to profit-driven privatised prisons, by profit-drive politicians and their police, etc. Profit profit profit - what profit comes down to is an increase in the ability to CONTROL. And, so, there is no end to it, until war, or until refusal by the people as one.

And don't think that more speeches, and promises by the Justice Department, in the waning years of the Administration, to reduce criminality of people charged with carrying pot, will solve much. Get your eye off this shell, ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/12/eric-holder-drug-sentences_n_3744717.html?utm_hp_ref=politics), and look at the shell which ACTUALLY hides the pea!...

Gratuitous: LOW-LEVEL - http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/08/13/Feds-Prepare-Charges-Against-Two-Low-Level-JP-Morgan-Workers
Fishy story - http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/banking-financial-institutions/287115-holders-remarks-on-banks-too-large-to-prosecute-reignites-controversy
Fish fish - http://www.truth-out.org/buzzflash/commentary/item/17863-eric-holder-enables-dishonesty-fraud-and-likely-criminal-activity-on-wall-street

More sameness -

"No basis in fact!" - http://www.infowars.com/official-embassy-attack-threat-had-no-basis-in-fact/
Keep a eye out and go to jail! - http://www.alternet.org/5-people-serving-insanely-draconian-drug-sentences-thanks-mandatory-minimum-laws
Mow your lawn! - http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=44665
Forget your mortgage! - http://www.salon.com/2013/08/12/your_mortgage_documents_are_fake/

(Also, read this here post again, and try to see how "META-DATA" analysis can be compared here, and hang the innocent. "META-DATA" analysis is the analysis of mass-amounts of data for PATTERNS in order to rationalise further abuses of completely innocent people. Beyond that, of course, it can be used to target ANYONE to coerce them to give up money, or do whatever, or else be threatened, as is commonly the mobster political dynamic which currently runs WDC itself. "Do me a favour - pay us protection-taxes - or else say goodbye to your daughter.")

We need to get our eye off the social issues which divide us, like racism, or abortion, or gay marriage, etc., and look straight-on at the deeper power game going on here.

Suggested reading: my tags "racism" - some posts on how people collapse ambiguous info (social exchanges) into provocative examples of racism; see also much on inequality of wealth, over at o_c_c_u_p_y, see also Thom Hartmann - his sites and books.

Good NEWS? - The Justice Department moves to block two mega-airlines from merging and becoming, well, an empire. That's good news - real news... But I am severely jaded. This effort is once again a PROMISE, and pales in comparison to the manly work that needs to be done, like the repeal of Glass-Stiegal, and the dismantling of the Fed-NSA super-conspiracy. Too little too late, probably, again. And so, I regret to tell ya, they usually pull stuff like this to win back voting blocks, when they are very sure that the Supreme Court will eventually shoot it down.

And - while trying to get in SUPER-BAnKSTER Larry Sommers in as head of the Fed, look what they tried to pull on us HERE: Putting in Clapper to head task force - ("send it to committee!" - RIP) - to choose people to fix the FICA Court, supposedly, pffttttt! This supremely ironic factoid was going to be one of my more-of-the-same links above, until Obama just now came out and reversed his decision to choose Clapper.. *caps!* - obviously bowing to public pressure. FINALLY. Obama knows the NSA has a 14% approval rating with the REAL-WORLD public - and he's not only interested in boosting his historical POSTERITY - they are all focusing on getting Hillary elected in 2016. Which is why she made the voting rights speech very recently...
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