I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Yes, I have been way ill, and also preOCCUPIED with cooking and all. Right now, I begin to recover from a brain-smashing migraine. But it has not been only these things that have taken me away from posting in political communities, much as I WANT to. The fact is, I have been disappointed. No one else posts, at a time in history when it's do-or-die - the least people can do is post. I commend the protesters in Chicago today, (vs ALEC). I commend, "Moral Mondays," in North Carolina. I commend protests in Europe. But it all pales in comparison to what COULD and SHOULD be done. Why have we even let things get this far - so that we even need to take seriously such absurdities as genetically mutilated crops, universal surveillance of everyone and everything, or an endless stream of our wealth into the filthy-bitch rich? I doooon't GET IT!!!!!!!! This imperial shell of a nation is all over Africa and the Middle East, accidentally killing whomever, spying and bomming with drones, building even bigger and better weapons - ammassing more military than all other countries combined - and yet it makes up out of thin air this straw-man terriblism threat that it COULD swat with a fly swatter, but instead relies on to keep us afraid, take our rights, and push the petro dollar on every other country - when global warming is leading us quickly towards extinction and we nowhere NEAR have our shit together. Yes, I have been dispiritted. Well - what was the point of me writing this - I forgot... Oh - Good old NorMan GoldMan has also been letting me down, the last two days. He often is, and fancies himself, very independent thinking. But lately, he had been fumbling. I'm sure not a lot of other people are catching this. But, for instance, when someone comes in talking about abortion - he puts up walls and shouts them down as putting up walls, which many of them do, but some are moderates. That was just a general example. What really gets my goat is that he immediately accepts that there HAVE been threats posed by the fabulous terriblist group, "Al-Guano," rather than look at other possibilities - which I need not get into here. And he assumes that Obama is actually considering NOT allowing the Keystone XL, when Obama's history assures that he SHALL. Or - today, someone spoke of reports that, "a few protestors at the Chicago protests have been violent." And, instead of recognising that this was likely MORE-OF-THE-SAME activity of Ferret agents-des-provocateur PLANTS, he takes this at face value and stupidly urges marchers not to provoke trouble - as if this HASN'T been what OCCUPY was doing in the last two years. He made the same mistake on the dangers of the NDAA - although he latter admitted that he was wrong there. I only hope he comes around to waking up on these direly important issues soon, and declaring he has been mistaken. Anyway, I have lately been as sadly befuddled by the stupidity, or narrow-mindedness, of so many liberals, as I have been on crazies on the right. I just want to throw up both my hands. Ball of confusion. Well, good old manic prophet, Alex Jones, had a good show worth listening to today. In the first and second hour, he goes into a great and noble rant about the frustration of confronting our dire slide into futurelessness, and in the third+ hour he has former Congresswoman, the radical Cynthia McKinney. Recommended. But, even Alex Jones has missed some glaring conspiracy connections - such as between HSBC and the US embassy closings... Of which I need not speak, for though I may have tongue, brain doth not. Brain is flubber.

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