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ah the memories confuse meh

This is where I'd go every day for my coffee and hot fudge sundae or not.

This is an interesting article, either way. But what was nice to see was the additional of a true-scientific, associational argument near the end. See, that's the way science SHOULD be. http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/352184/description/Caffeine_shakes_up_growing_mouse_brains

ps - THIS opinion piece is also interesting, because who hasn't had a doctor in the past who was not also a crazy evil genius? - http://www.naturalnews.com/041520_DSM-5_schizophrenic_doctors.html

And these two articles on the same news are very important, finally bringing into widespread acceptance the link between blood sugar levels and dementia or Alzheimers. (However, one says that controlling cholesterol to treat Alzheimers is a good thing - no, this is a very bad thing - unless you want to only bring down LDL somewhat, but I'm not even sure that this would be a good thing).

By "coincidence", (and this is something I studied a lot in college when I studied stress, the brain, et al), the Hippocampus is responsible for circuiting the auditory memory loop, and for helping the amygdala retain memories. One sign of advancing age is that the Hippocampus gets degraded by stress hormones and processes related to insulin imbalance, or high blood sugar. The Hippocampus (memory) is also affected in dementia and Alzheimers. Seemingly, when we pick-me-up with a cup of coffee, this, (if it does not swing us the wrong way and increase stress), helps us focus on tasks at hand, presumably and partly by revving the Hippocampus a little bit. Damage to frog infants, aka tadpoles, from caffeine may be due to a revving up and gradual damage of the infants Hippocampus, and or some epigenetic or protein effect proceeding from maternal Hippocampus damage - similar to what occurs during stress and aging. It remains to be seen if human maternal caffeine consumption can so affect their fetuses - but childhood caffeine consumption may have a similar effect - hypothetically. Studies have not been conclusive here. But - who knows - maybe one factor in the rise of dementia in recent decades may be coffee or energy drink consumption.

Ironically, such things I studied in college now apply to me - not long after I almost-graduated... I do know that caffeine and sugar are tragic for my dementia - or for my CFS even when dementia is not a prob. As I've said before, most of these brain illness and TBI, ADHD, autism, Alzheimers, etc., are probably closely related in some basic mechanisms involving inflammation and glucose use dysfunction.

There was a time when I insisted that one should eat sugar when doing caffeine. Like, when I would have a daily small sundae and a coffee. I had reasons for that. Who knows - but I was on to something, right or wrong - maybe this will either be born out or debunked. But, I would NEVER advise such a thing to anyone who is susceptible to such illnesses today - or even to anyone susceptible to stress. My who idea was that the caffeine made the excited cells demand more glucose. Which is very probable. How the insulin and sugar is managed for that, IDK.
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