You will own nothing and you will be nothing. (madman101) wrote,
You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

Sun begins to FLIP OUT

This happens every 11 years, (within 1 year), in synch with the 11 year orbit of Jupiter around the paranoid sun. So, it has happened before and before and before. I am not fear-mongering, I am referring now to subtlety, discretion, criticality... It SHALL affect weather, environment and psychology here on Earth. There have been some kind of cycles correlated with this 11 year cycle - one of which I myself espied some time back, in a comment to bobby1933, which I can no longer recall). SOooooo... it is safe to say that some weird shit will come down here on Earth within the next four months or so, because things are ALREADY screwed up enough as it is. BE PREPARED, gay boyscouts! Well - um what - being distracted by a lawnmower... um... yeah... quakes are certain... oh - GO BACK AND SEE MY POST ON "KILL-SHOT" - BoinG!!! zzzzzzzz!!!

But, most practically speaking, this basically puts the nails on the coffin for a surefire crash on Wallstreet, which is due for a correction of at LEAST 500 points, and which can't be sustained by this false economy - so it may be the huge crash which has been looming - a drop of at least 1000... That's great news for gold and silver, if you get into that kinky shit...
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