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Methane is 10-40 times more deleterious than carbon dioxide, when it comes to building the global warming, "greenhouse effect." The natural gas we use to heat our homes is methane, with a scent added, for detection. Note that the Gulf oil disaster was caused by ignition of an expansive bubble of methane. While methane is always associated with oil drilling, lately methane has been increasing underground, especially as methane ICE melts around the sea floor, or in the warming Siberia tundra. But, methane might ALSO be increasing deep underground, due to geological processes involving magma rising, and earthquakes. In an earlier, long post, I theorised this possibility. You can find that via tags. Specifically, my hypothesis that methane may be correlated with sinkholes may be true. That's a sad feather in my cap. Yes, stored methane under the Louisiana sinkhole is a big problem, but methane from natural processes may be contributing as well, agitated or opened up by human drilling - and/or by related earthquakes. An even more toxic gas to worry about is hydrogen sulfide. That has a tag, but I'm not sure how much I've written about this doomsday gas. I will tidy up this post later.

Earthquakes trigger undersea methane reservoirs: study

Earthquakes Burp Up Methane Bubbles

"Within twenty-four hours of the quakes ending, the sinkhole emerged, Horton said."

Mysterious tremors 45 miles from sinkhole

Sinkhole explosive methane officially life threatening, residents not told

La. sinkhole emergency zone quakes, methane extends 2 miles

Horse Swallowed by Sinkhole...

Gulf Stream might be releasing seafloor methane

Rapid Arctic thawing could be economic timebomb, scientists say

Paired microbes eliminate methane using sulfur pathway

Arctic Methane Claims Questioned
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