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WE are the 98% !

Posted on 2013.07.27 at 02:31

Its a shame how people don't listen to the confidence of Alex Jones, which is his own worse enemy. Years ago, he spoke of lab creations of living beings crossed using genes from both goats and spiders. Turns out that was true. Years ago, he told of drones that can spy on you, some as small as humming-birds. Not only turns out to be true, but they are being rolled out without regard to the will of the American public. Years ago he said that phone and net wiretapping was occurring without warning - what a silly conspiracy theorist. SO much of what he says has been, is, and will be true. Meanwhile, so much is also false - because so much of what he bases his truths on are minute samplings or anecdotes. But, if you have the wisdom of a psychic or a prophet or or a naturalist or a savant, you will know that this is where the wild things are, and gross trends may perhaps be discerned from various such,"insignificant," samplings, unreported by the megalithic media or official heads. Seriously, who wants to let the government do their gossipping for them - or their dreaming for them. The world of creativity belongs to us, the significant 98%, living on this insignificant, common patch of wilderness, or am I wrong? It is a wellspring for confidence. This wee postage stamp of Earth.

We, the confident.

For so long, I have wished that the "progressive-right" (Constitutional Libertarians, etc)., and the progressive-left, (Greens, some Dems, etc)., could ignore the deliberate distractions of social issues like abortion, race-baiting, etc., and fight what's really the problem - the 2% POWERS THAT BE. The puppeteers. Well, at least today, when Ed Schultz, (Dem), was ranting about the crap coming down on Detroit, harbinger of our demise, he asserted in fury, concerning the same GOP antics coming down across the country, "This is a COUP WITHOUT VIOLENCE!!!" Um - yep. And, so, would he look again at the complaints from the far right, that the banksters mean to de-gun us? Or that this all mainly began on Jeckle Isle, in 1913? That Obama and some other Dems may be intricately woven into this great unfolding of corporatist tyranny, if only by default? But - it was great to here him say that, because that's exactly what it is - but as if ruled by some alien invader race, called money.

But people over on the Alex Jones side, like Michael whats-his-name from NaturalNews, or John B Wells, at Coast-to-Coast, will always be just as dogged and entrenched, preferring the prejudices of their partisan ideologies, preventing them from connecting to progressives of the other side - or of more critical, open minds. For example, John B. Wells was taking about pretty much the same thing as Schultz, but he said the whole problem was,"You know what, folks... COMMUNISM!" That's bullshit. It's fascism in defense of corporatist statism and the enrichment and comfort of the elites - and it may dictate so-called "socialist" policies in its happy bag of tyranny tricks, but none of this has ANYTHING to do with COMMUNISM! Stop generalising. I swear JBW is a Koch-Libertarian plant at ClearChannel. He's a second-rate, second-hand thinker full of the same inane egoism of so many rinky-dinky disc jockeys in the radio business.

One example, though, of progressive far-left and progressive far-right coming together? The 205 who voted in the House for the bill to reign in the NSA omni-spying. Yes they failed. For now. But this is the second such time such a coalition has mustered in recent years.

Electricity as we know it is linear. It flows in one big direction, like the arrow of time, from BLACK to WHITE, or such. From the bad 49% to the good 49%, or such - but it does not include that insignificant 2% of entropy, or friction, or drag, or resistance, does it? There's always that, isn't there? Nuclear radiation, on the other hand, is not LINEAR in the way of electricity. It is NON-LINEAR. It is not of one arrow of time - it is of a multitude. Being non-linear, it acts chaotically, but may be gauged statistically. But even on a gross scale, radiation acts differently in our space and time than does, say, a bolt of lightning - or an Einstein on a train called 'Photon'. It has half-lives. It fades in strength as you move away from it, by the inverse square ratio - both in time and in space. And yet, up close, there is no certainty in radiation - as there is none in the Heisenberg-Schroedinger quantum realm of uncertainty and paradox. Information travels through wires. Consciousness travels through waves and wilderness. What we think, in science, to be the, "2% of insignificance," is in fact the greater part of reality, and of our ignorance.

Go to http://www.earthfiles.com and see the latest crop circles, depicting musical ratios, or describing the threshold for escape velocities for light or matter from, e.g., the Earth, or a black hole. See how that is not unrelated to the inverse square ratio nature of radiation - i.e., OF SPACE ITSELF. I have tried to convey before, that everything is of SPACE, SHAPE or PLACE - or placement. It is when the planet's core or orbit is DIS-PLACED, that the electromagnetic dissonance occurs, of which I spoke just a few posts ago. The fumbling for a new world-line, in time and space. SPACE IS WHERE IT IS AT, MAN! I am sorry I can't go into the vast repercussions and elucidations of this, but recall, "Origami Universe," or posts I have done on the shapes of antennae, including DNA or proteins, and the transmission of info, as by similar shaped atoms in a superconductance grid, or on how each cell and each person is unique simply because of the individual PLACE it travels from in space. It is all a weave... But, the main thing is this: We see only the time-ways, the lines of electricity, the vectors of force, and so we only see a fraction of what is real, when we are confined to this material-world view - this fatal view - this view of might-makes-right, which justifies the reigning bullies of our day.

Similarly, science tries to force non-linear dynamics of quantum nature into the linear time and space of our world - like stuffing the randomness of bacterial chatter into some kind of human goose-step - and what do they get? These patterns in bubble chambers of spirals and vectors and spins and zip zip zip - all saying, "OK, I was over there, OK I was over there, OK I was over there - BUT YOU STILL CAN'T SEE ME NOW!" All we are doing is proving how certain aspects of non-linear nature act when they are artificially, or rarely, squeezed into a linear time - it tells us nothing of the essence of being - or of the wilder-world of the dark side.

But science, so captivated in its insistence that the universe began in one big bang, and so time flowed in one general direction, somehow glued together by relativity theory - science has now come to the necessary consequence of this fundamentalising naivety. This assumption that science contains the valid 98% OF SIGNIFICANCE, DEFINING REALITY, and it is this: Somehow, there MUST be this thing called, "Dark Energy," which comprises something like 70% of the universe - but we can neither see nor feel it. Also, there is this thing called, "Dark Matter," which comprises something like 27% - and we can't see or feel this either. But, it is necessary to the equations. Ergo, it must be real. Ergo: We humans only see and feel a mere 3% of the substance of the universe! And I am not talking about the limitations of our telescopes - and I AM NOT EVEN TALKING ABOUT ANTI-MATTER. I'm not even sure if they have squared away this DARK SIDE with the whole cosmological discussion about the MULTIVERSE or ALTERNATE DIMENSIONS. How cold they? They have taken something wild and non-linear, and tried to put it into our time-drawn LINEAR reasoning - the reasoning of mortals, of clocks, of entropic systems. Therefore, they are missing the OTHER 97% - but they consequently must be drawn again to those same old conclusions resembling GOD, and THE ETHER, and anything that underwrites the current theory. But - hey - push back that 3% of the universe which we supposedly, "can't see," and it's pretty damn close to the TWO PERCENT OF SCIENTIFIC INSIGNIFICANCE, isn't it. It just about stands out there in plain view, thumbing its nose at its own validity, proving itself FALSE. And this is how our Earthly paradigms always come up against themselves and eat their own tails. Because we always begin with the premise that being is of time, when in fact BEING IS OF CONSCIOUSNESS: WE ARE THE 98% !

But, let's keep our minds in the current thought of the times, and fancy about this dark side of the universe - this dark matter and this dark energy. I wonder what dark beings live there and haunt the gallows between our ears. I wonder who haunts that vast region we are kept out of - that 98% wilder-world - that world of speculation presently - which once was 98% the realm of ORDER as defined by SCIENCE.... now controlled by that 2% ivory tower of POWER.

See how it works, folks?

Overturn the paradigms and you have overturned the injustice.

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