I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

I kinda suspected that this heat would be worse than forecast - and its only day 2. Poor dog. I'm doing what I can. I am waiting until tomorrow before I allow him to go down the stairs a bit, to where it is cooler - Just to give some illusion of progress as Heat Week continues - And to spare the Nethers of our unholy noise.

Taking my dog out this afternoon, I discovered a box of food in front of the door. I have concluded that it is pantry-related. It contains nearly dated items from the local supermarket. And it doesn't contain any fresh GARDEN veggies, like those left outside the pantry 3 days per week. But it does seem to be in response for my call for more veggies, even though the lady I spoke to said she had no idea who was leaving the food. It has plastic-boxed lettuce and a bag of potatoes, etc., (and some fruit - which I really can't eat cuz of sugar, acidic). So, now we do know that it is secretly from the pantry lady. I am suspecting that she may leave out some fresh garden veggies soon, once they can be obtained from the co-op garden peeps.

Leaving the box on my porch, I crossed two streets and walked over to introduce myself to a neighbour guy. We talked. He said, despite my illness, I look like I have been taking care of myself. I said I used to exercise a lot before my illness, and that even football players are dying from Traumatic Brain Injury. Not that he doubted me or anything - sorry if it sounds that way - not at all. I also asked if he knew of ay auto-accidents nearby lately. He said on Saturday, or so, a car was side-swiped down the street. (I do recall may sirens down that way, Saturday night!) This actually blurs the question now - I am not sure if this explains the GIGANTIC BANG outside my window on SUNDAY night.

I did call the police earlier to enquire, but they had no record of anything happening - but the guy did mention Saturday by mistake, and I'm not sure if he might have been referring to the side-swipe mentioned by the neighbour man... Probably, I guess. So - no accident on Sunday, means it was probably a MAJOR firecracker, meaning it could have been N-Guy. Noted earlier: N-Girl has spread her lying gossip to other neighbours, apparently..

Eric Holder is coming out against STAND YOUR GROUND LAWS. The reason why Zimmerman was allowed to stand his ground was because of this 2006 KOCH BROTHERS/ ALEC legislation. The reason why TRAYVON MARTIN was not allowed the same right to stand HIS ground is because the Judge, a Democrat, conveyed the idea that the assault began NOT with Zimmerman's pursuit, but with Martin's aggression or self-defense. This is a strict interpretation of assault, which some could say is a manifestation of racism, and it may well have been rigged so. (It fits the defense's argument for self-defense, which the prosecutor was required to disprove beyond a reasonable doubt). The important thing is that racism was involved where the cops, etc., favoured Zimmerman from the start and so skewed the evidence. FLORIDA. But I also believe there is conspiracy behind all this, beyond racism. It may come from the KOCHS. It may come from the Administration, using it as a ploy to get STAND YOUR GROUND laws rescinded or outlawed. In any event, this trial, etc., is indicative of modern problems of PRIVATISATION, of the right-wing ALEC conspiracies, and associated bankster wealth-extraction from lower classes, of our blithe deference to authority, OF THE IN-GROUP ARROGANT SELF-INTERESTED MENTALITY OF POLICE DEPARTMENTS, and of society's acceptance of the jungle-rules of one-upmanship, toe-to-toe, PRISONERS DILEMMA, massive retaliation, etc., mindset. This paragraph is just a teaser of a future post(s) which may never come to be. It is also a mnomic device for my own ref.

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