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Speaking of Extinction - Part 1


1 - Large corporations which consume the planet and exude or externalise costs, to be suffered by their environment as well as innocent creatures. Mega-Corps. Monsanto.

2 - Jerkwads who exploit the moment through terror, fear-mongering, control, bribery, and cause consequences which are destructive to future generations of creatures and their habitats. Monsanto. Bullies.

3 - Banksters, quants, investors, theorists and politicians who profit by supporting and praising a growing, upward economy, lasting up to a few hundred years, which provides for the expansion of billions of people on the planet, at the expense of virtually all other ecosystems and species. Fools. Humans.

4 - Creatures and psychopaths who benefit by exploiting the spirit or will or lives or means or habitats of others, waging self-obsessing wars of vengeance or passive aggression, blaming others for the weather, accidents, coincidences, fictions, voices in their heads, or, waging infinite wars for, "the GREAT CAUSE," forgetting about all the rest of nature. Village Idiot. Nether Girl. Psychopaths. Narcissists. Vultures. Zombies.

5 - Ideologues with their heads in computer-generated clouds who feel that if they just built Utopias on islands, with centrally planned, or, "completely unplanned," governments and economies, all will be corrected. Libertarian technocrats. Randian mega-project, "visionaries." Crooks who funnel jobs and wealth away to China or to the Cayman Islands. Mitt Romney.

6 - Vulture capitalists. Crisis capitalists. Shock-doctrine capitalists. Cronie capitalists. Trickle-down, "Free market," capitalists. Capital-centric capitalists. Cows and cattle. Sheeple...

7 - Everyone who allows all this to happen. People.

8 - Nuclear power plants.

9 - Subdivisions.

10- Math.

Links and info and etc. being encouraged for future posts about extinctions, past and present. Right now, I am looking for articles re: the hypothesis that humans caused the extinction of megafauna in North America, circa 11,000 BC. Collapsing civilisations or cities, with an environmental cause or factor, also accepted. Magnetic field/ poles. Magma, lava plumes. Global skin-flip. You know. Anything bad.

Heard Thom Hartmann repeat show yesterday, wherein he (again) spoke of the Siberian Traps and the Permian Extinction era. But a few other things are prompting me to discuss this topic. Recovering from massive migraine.
Tags: "terrasites", 70 deadly sins - banksters, 70 deadly sins - blame/ judgment, 70 deadly sins - bribery, 70 deadly sins - bullying, 70 deadly sins - control, 70 deadly sins - corporation time, 70 deadly sins - crapitalism, 70 deadly sins - externalisation of cost, 70 deadly sins - fear-mongering, 70 deadly sins - ideology, 70 deadly sins - monsanto, 70 deadly sins - parasitism, 70 deadly sins - passive aggression, 70 deadly sins - rampant libertarianism, 70 deadly sins - war-mongering, assholes / assholery, definitions / my terms, economics - and environment, economics - bubbles, economics - externalised costs, environ - psychology, extinction events / mass extinctions, failure to act, my terms / definitions, psychology - environment, s- 'speaking of extinction' (series)

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