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I am the person who will destroy China.

In my case, a Fall always came before my pride

Having grown an extra brain, I may retire early tonight to the decompression chamber, and be offline forever tonight. There, I may try to do other compu-stuff. But, really, I can do anything I want, because you're not the boss of me. Not a fun past few days, as I suffer repercussions from laying down the lawn seed mix, which is comparable to bad sex. I am also suffering from a barrage of sudden retaliation from Nether Girl below - banging knocking slamming etc. - mainly because she heard me on the phone, quiet as a mouse. But I'm sure she has other good reasons and everyone must be loved for their differentness - serial killers, for example. But, one thing I managed to do today, after completely giving up on AMAZON, after hours of ARGH, was that I called BEST BUY and ordered the same fan, and they matched the AMAZON price - plus free shipping. So HEY! I figure I might squeeze by w/o an air conditioner, so I spent a TL of $60 on a good fan. This is a good fan because even when the world ends, and the electronic controls go out - it also has MANUAL controls. The manual controls on my last fan are what went wrong with it - and electronics can fail too - so - this is a good thing to have until the UFOs carry me away. Speaking of outer space: I listened to NPR today - that's a network made by aliens.

On, "Science Friday," they were talking about epigenetics and plants. And - I think I got a triple-home-run out of this show - as I was proven right about three things. The first one is EPIGENETICS: I have always believed that there was more going on in DNA that science had yet discovered, wherein experience can influence manners of gene expression, RNA activity, protein activity, learning, etc. I KNEW that, "jargon DNA," was simply important chaos which we had not yet understood. And - how is it that everything is like 50% genetic, and 50% environment - as in the fate/choice of being homosexual, baby? YEAH!! Wumpa wumpa. Or, remember my post about ASTHMA, where I claimed it had 3 vectors of influence or determination, much to the anger of my collapsing relative. One day, years later I would let her in on a little secret, "I don't try to be. But I usually always end up being right." MULTIFACTORAL! Shout it to the rooftops!! Correlation ultimately is connected by some contextual causation! (Sometimes). Anyway - so - this whole field of epigenetics is really taking off, and it proves that I was ever so right, but all I got was this darnationed T-Shirt.

Second thing: And this is what makes the subject of this post all about ME BEING RIGHT. One thing I have ALWAYS espoused was that Lamarck will be proved right, to a degree. We have been assuming that strict, machine-like genetics determine all the rest of nature, (seeing that it don't got religion like we do). So, we can just like hey, be god's chosen mechanics - like MONSANTO - and save the world from damnation, (i.e., us). And, I will also agree on something I don't have to agree on, because few people know this fact: No, the USSR didn't fall because of our cold war, or nukes, or all that other expensive self-serving death-wishing, which reminds me of N-Girl. Many historians tend to believe that the USSR fell because of the price of oil, which we DID manipulate, but, even moreso, because it bled itself to death in Afghanistan, and all associated death-wishing and expensive police-status-quo. BUT EVEN BEYOND THIS, the USSR fell because they were basing their centrally-planned agriculture on Lamarkian principles, expecting evolution to occur quickly within a life or two of one generation of wheat, or what have you. Along comes a string of bad weather, and their crops failed, and the people got restless, and down goes the USSR. Oh - one other MAJOR factor? CHERNOBYLE.

Anyway, so, you see, I have been realistic, and have held that there are sure limits to Lamarckism - just as there are to psychic abilities or other paranormal "bunk", such as DSM-5. NEVERTHELESS, I have always maintained, ever since I was a diminutive Babushka, that Lamarck will rise again - and we ignore him at our peril, just as we ignored TESLA, or PHAGE RESEARCH, and, most of all, LEACHES. So - what, to my infinite satisfaction do I actually - FINALLY - hear a scientist say on this NPR show? "Well, it's beginning to look as if Lamark was at least partly right!" See! SEEeeee! Yay! And, well, maybe this makes official people conclude I must be a dangerous Commie or something. When, um, it is THEY who now employ mecha-genetics, central planning, and endless war in Afghanistan - right? WHO'S THE FRICKIN COMMIE NOW, SEEE?!

Final way I am right: - but this is really more of interest to the non-ego portions of the brain... In fact, this is the part of the post which will make the post, one day, an actual HISTORICAL DOCUMENT. But it will, as per usual, only garner ridicule presently, seeing as nobody yet knows that it is 100% right. What a world what a world thank god for ice cream. Because, among other things, God is a cow. So - OK - back to the NPR, "Science Friday," show... This woman was discussing how epigenetic changes occur in plants, and how scientists hope that induced conditions during the lifespan, (world-line), of one plant or generation, can actually result in useful changes to subsequent generations... VIRTUALLY IMMEDIATELY, in evolutionary terms. No one would have DARED to say such ridiculous things, only 10 years ago. But, she said that scientist don't have to induce real drought or other stressors, they can simply induce these changes in the test plants through the wonders of CHEMISTRY. Then, the plant ACTS like it' been through stress, and then, like cows producing adrenal hormones or cortisol, (or being fed these), the plants can become big strong Arnold Schwarzenegger plants, and go on to produce big strong Schwarzenegger baby plants, or, "Republican monsterplants," all the better for humans to eat! Yay! Well, OK, they mean well. While I'm on the subject... Scientists have also discovered, very recently, that a small dose of HYDROGEN SULFIDE into a plant's environment will cause that plant to SUPER-GROW, real big and green! Why? Because HYDROGEN SULFIDE precipitates MASS SPECIES EXTINCTIONS, and so the plants try to super-compete, like cockroaches going for all the nookie they can get, because they are all being poisoned by toxic chemicals. Well, where does such a gas come from? One place it can come from is beneath the Earth's mantle, burping up during a MELTING ROCK MAXIMUM, such as the oe we are currently in. (However, the explanation as to why or how the plants react as they do is a little too loose for me - but, scientists spout that stuff just to know there is an Exit they might slip thrugh if they need to. It's not central to their observations or tests). - Anyway, so here's another way we can stress plants and expect them to epigenetically create "better" baby plants. (But - that won't happen if we all use one-time-only Monsanto seeds, now, will it?)

Back to the main points: While describing this "evolutionary" force of change through epigenetics, one scientist - the one who made the Lamarck remark - revealed to me that the main place where these epigenetic changes occur? IN THE CHLOROPLASTS of the plants! Scientists never knew that until like yesterday! But - its one of those things I would have discovered through my own thoughts on solar cells and pineal glands - which I have yearned to do, but I only do about 2% of the thinking I was meant to do, due to my illness. Well, that isn't the point - I'm merely humbly keeping to the theme of this post, being impossibly strident egoism. The real point is this: The chloroplasts are where sunlight is converted into stored (and also metabolising?) carbohydrates, or chlorophyll. Sunlight! Sun! LIGHT! These are comparable to our mitochondria, converting glucose into active energy. Our mitochondria were borrowed from some other organism hundreds of millions of years ago. Until then, we were doing just fine anaerobically, eating ketone bodies. But, perhaps, way back then, our pineal glands were a form of chloroplasts for us. In any event, it is within the pineal gland where PHOTON AND QUANTA COMPUTING (me) take place, setting circadian rhythms, guiding the will, setting us back on a health world-line, unless city water fluoridation and SSRIs calcify the life out of it!) In the pineal gland, we are most attuned to our psychic messages, be they from Santa Claus or from insects on Planet Prion, on the outer edge of the Galaxy. Similarly, I would see that it is highly probable that the same attenuation - to photons from the sun - as well as to quanta of superentanglement from across vast distances - occurs with the chloroplasts of plants, where epigenetics occur, (of course - jargon/DNA acting as antennae), and which are in every cell of plants, as I dimly recall from Biology101(?).

I have many times said that, "time-travel", information-transfer will be found to be most effective by using plant-life as antennae or conduits. Well, that's where the point of interface will be: WITHIN THE CHLOROPLASTS! Quantum supercomputers will one day be able to utilise plant-life to send information faster than light across vast time-distances. And, so, this is why I do believe that it is entirely possibly that this is what is occurring in crop-circles today, (those not made by man). Some other intelligence, "random or deliberate," is trying to send us messages in this way. Or - it may be being caused via a conscious, dreaming Sun. (Laugh, if you must). The super-entangled info comes into the chloroplasts, induces injury at specific areas on the corn stalks, causing the plants to bend as required, and the chloroplast epigenetics commences to heal the point of injury, causing a permanent elbow-bend in the stalks. You have just now been reading an historical document. Even without all the crop-circle stuff.

Having CFS, I have known what it's like to have the entire world not believe you are ill. And, this came AFTER no one wanted to take me seriously anyway, for such ridiculous propositions as, "THERE MUST BE SOCIAL LIFE BEYOND THE ACQUIRING AND SPENDING OF MONEY OR WE ARE DOOMED!" Consequently, I ended up with neither a social life or any money. But I keep plugging away, don't I? Right, N-Satan?! Well, then I get intense, life threatening DEMENTIA and here we go again - no one taking it seriously. Even though it makes strong scientific sense. So, this has been the story of my life. I'm sorry if the official people only think to paint me as a dangerous influence. I don't look the least bit like Khrushchev. So - well maybe that's why I dreamt of the Polish girl with the bright red nail polish in High School. "We should have dated," I said. She kissed me, meaningfully. But she cried because she could go no further, perhaps being married now. We should have dated and perhaps I could have averted all of this disquiet. She was one who would have believed in me - maybe even moreso now. Maybe she thought of me last night, realising how right I was about everything, as she fell into the bowels of some new sinkhole. I don't know. I just ask you all to forgive me for seeming like a Russian. This was never my intention. I wanted to be a silly girlish Eunuch in the random streets of Mumbai. Time to go. Merry-Go-Round Day, happy.
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