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I am the person who will destroy China.

Something in the way...

You ask me how can the sun draw crop-circles where crops shall disappear within decades? Here's the long form...

Space is filled with virtual particles, which don't really exist. These are subatomic particles which, from out time-line perspective or reference, may be said to exist for some tiny tiny instant, but when that happens, they are immediately cancelled out and destroyed, back into non-existence, by the emergence of an ANTI-matter particle. The emergence of a virtual particle, conceptualised as a mass of particle, (with gravity and location), are immediately rendered back into nothingness by the emergence of an anti-MATTER particle - its unparticle - its undoing and its Nemesis. So, because of this vast potential, of matter and energy, it is believed that, "zero-point energy," might be harvested from pure space, and, of course, it can be, because, virtually, hell, anything is possible. But to speak of the emergence of these virtual particles into existence is to also imply, unwittingly perhaps, that they also emerge as WAVES, not particles in a single location(s). Therefore, the implication is this: There exists a virtual FIELD across space. What is the nature of this field? Well, it seems to me it is, oh, half real and half not - in reality and yet out. As non-existence, it is a superconducting conduit for universal entanglement, where perfect information travels everywhere, past and future, all at once, faster than light. As existing in space - meaning according to some particular TIMEline or observation or selective INTERPRETATION - this virtual field, a composite of many, is the baseline from wither emerges the process of what I call, "ACCRETION," or the creation of mass from seeming nothingness. The so-called, "Big Bang," was an instance of ACCRETION - a condensation of potential energy into some observational timeline. But, virtual particles and stars continue to be ACCRETED, or created, every day, as around black holes. They pop out of nothingness, as dictated by the balancing demands of tHe virtual field, which is a field shared by all members of the so-described, "universe."

The virtual field, then, is also responsible for the maintenance of LIGHT at a particular speed, around 186,000. When light is magically slowed down or stopped within a crystal, by scientists in a lab, it is wondered, "Well, OK: Once that photon of light LEAVES the crystal, how does it instantaneously return to travelling again at 186,000 MPS?! I mean - WHERE DOES IT GET THE ENERGY TO DO THAT?" Has the photOn somehow metamorphosed into a fat sleeping slug of a particle, a fatter MASS, only to now burn off that stored energy by immediately becoming tiny tiny tinier again, and so speeding up? I have not heard of such a thing - that photons acquire more mass, or then lose that acquired mass. But it can be thought of as a possibility, wherein the photon is going through some transmogrififcation process of "self-acretion" - involving some interplay of ANTI-photon/PARTICLES.

But is better simply to get out of the MATTERialistic mode, and think of the photon regaining its energy through the mediation of the VIRTUAL FIELD, which contains infinite potential energy, and serves to modulate the speed of light. In the matterialistic sense, the virtual field is seen as space filled with virtual particles popping into existence, swallowing up the photon when the photon is too fast, and spitting it out when the photon is too slow. And the virtual particles are said to instantaneously be destroyed by incoming virtual anti-particles - pow! Snuffed out! But, listen. we are thinking of light as a photon with an infinitesimally small core of MATTER, driving through space - a point or location, travelling its own vector through a universe, everywhere exerting a pull of gravity, keeping that speed constant. Relativists don't really even need to consider virtual particles, they just feel that the gravity of all the planets and stars in the universe are enough to keep that photon regular. But, really, it has to travel through a lot of virtual furniture along the way, hiding in this kitchen cabinet, jumping over into that big ottoman... you get the idea. And my real addition to this novel VIRTUAL PARTICLE mediation idea is that it is better thought of not as a collection of particle-furniture, but as a composite of virtual and real and non-existent waves, called the virtual field. Field relativity.

Well, then, it is better, also, to think of the photon as a "thing" travelling its vector through "locations" - but as a dynamical expression of this virtual wave itself. In other words, the photon is not a single thing, travelling - it is a line of zillions of virtual waves/particles suddenly popping nto existence, at nodes along a vector, and then disappearing again. In other words, in this sense, the photon is not a particle, (with mass, to be slowed down by universal gravity or by virtual particles), the photon is ITSELF an expression of many "different" virtual particles. that is, the photon is merely an expression of potentiality-into-existence along a timeline-obervationally-established single VECTOR, (or interference pattern), through space. That means this: Those so-called virtual particles, gobbling up and spitting out the photon along the way? They are also to be said to be THE SAME THING AS THE PHOTON ITSELF. They ARE the photon. They are the concerted emergence of the vector from potentiality into existence. And so, the very existence of light is an expression of the universal, ongoing process of mass ACCRETION - of matter coming out of nowhere - within a universe of perpetual creation. And this expression, or accretion/creation, is derived from the virtual field, behind which is sheer ABSENCE, which is also universal consciousness. In other words, light is awareness.

But, back to thinking about virtual particles as particles, and not waves in a non-local field... For, we cannot have wave without particle, nor space without matter, nor absence without existence-in-a-time... When these particles suddenly poke their little heads up through the waves and look around, they are coming into EXISTENCE. They are asserting their own EXISTENTIAL BIAS - their own right to BE, and therefore, they are expressing their own BEING - their own EXPERIENCE of life and awareness, derived from the universal consciousness. But, then, then, the mass configuration of the universe suddenly decides that these existences are no longer needed - and the accretion is aborted, and so back into infinite non-existence they go. Their assumption of an existential bias, of their own timeline or worldline or observational point of view has been obliterated by the needs of the greater universe of statistics and established mathematical values and arrangements and so forth. Their lifespan has been wee, and their existential bias has been terminated. They have lost their footing. They have lost the ability to assume that a single direction of time can be possible for them, and they fall back into timelessness, or, ha, into mathematical symmetry, where there is no time. That's all modern particle physics is about - looking for billiard balls based on these mathematical concepts of symmetry and such. But, physicists cannot be blamed - for they are only projecting their own TIME(line) into their their assumptions, with the ultimate outcome that time cannot exist in mathematics and universal laws supposedly existing from mathematics. Again, they start from the premise of BEING not as an EXPERIENCE, but as a physical QUANTITY - by necessity IN TIME - although they do not see this latter concept, like wombly babes do not know the clear blue sky.

A photon must "travel" through an obstacle course of furniture, popping in and out of existence. Or, it could be said that the photon IS that furniture - and that is what describes its mass, its point of location in a time and a space.

But, unlike the photon, pure consciousness is unencumbered by furniture, and so is everywhere always and now. It, "travels faster than light," simply because it is not constrained by the furnitures of "existence." It is not creation, it is behind creation, as potentiality. It accretes, not like a photon into single locations in space and time, or into individual pieces of furniture, (inevitably thrown about by the Nether People, btw), but through information which may be shared in two places at the same time, (and even beyond time), as by the psychic experiences the death throes of someone already murdered. Universal consciousness inspires creation, and we were built to express that creativity in our own bodies and our own ways, while doing everything we can to repress all other incoming information, or virtual accretions. As I have described before, the dynamics within the sun, wherein elements are created, are very similar to those that go on within our brains, where ideas and names and words are created - (all the rest being selectively repressed). So, within our own creativity, we bring matter to life, as the photon brings awareness. We give name. We observe, and so influence what is real. Via our own perspectivity and emotion.

A person gets a migraine, it is because some local region of the brain is out of whack with the wave field surrounding the brain - which is also keyed into the universal VIRTUAL field, (which also conducts universal consciousness, and psychic information, which is real because it is not real. Until interpreted). The local oscillations differ from those expected from the field, because there is some pathogen or immune dysfunction, or BP problem, etc. And so, there is a disruption of the alpha or theta, etc., waves in that specific area - and a chaotic aberration occurs, wherein the capillaries SPASM, out of whack. This is an electromagnetic phenomenon, although it may be related to, or mediated by, chemicals. Where the brain has gone astray, due to the imposing demands of alien existential biases, there emerges electrochemical disturbances, similar to the emergence of piezoelectrical pheomena, and static charges, as a result of disturbances in tectonics in the ground beneath our feet - and the animals run - and then the earth shakes. Spasms. Sometimes - even sings like trumpets! Things were not going as expected - along the expected worldline - and the local must somehow be brought back into whack with the universal, via the virtual field. That is why all those piezoelectric foo fighter balls of light may be rife with the consciousness of other beings. Do you see? That is why some people may see ghosts, and they may be called real, even though they are not.

Similarly, when a planet is compelled a tad off its orbit or off its rotational plane or axis, there accrues a great load of electromagnetic stress through the magnetic fields around that planet, as well as within the fields of the orbs in relationship to that planet, and its expected vector, which is now out of whack. These fields are directly keyed into the universal virtual field. And, some form of ACCRETION will commence to occur - you can count on it. Within planets, that can mean an intensification of radioactivity, and a heating up of the core, also through material FRICTION, and other conventional or thermodynamic forces. And so, the geomagnetic field of that planet becomes active and unpredictable, petitioning for some new, acceptable normal - usually meaning a new set of magnetic poles. And within all this electromagnetic chaos, we have "earth changes" events of unusual nature and precedent - and these SHALL influence the consciousness and thoughts and migraines of the creatures living on or within that planet. They partake in the accretititive establishment of some new norm, which may involve their own extinction. And, within the sun, there occur sunspots and flares and CMEs - all triggered via magnetic field dynamics. These emanating flares and neutrinos directly affect both physics and human consciousness here on earth, making more likely, e.g., such events as FUKUSHIMA. Or - adding to the problem of global warming which, even though we say it is caused by man, is also caused by man as influenced by the sun. So, in the electrical universe model, because of these changes,ad these build-ups of static charges, there increase in likelihood the eruption of interplanetary - or planet-to-comet - electrical arcs, or internal nuclear explosions. Certainly of core heating, magma plumes, and large topographical changes.

Well - think about human beings, if you must... Inspired by the virtual field, things which tend to be more similar in fundamental SHAPE to each other tend to be ATTRACTED to each other. This includes molecules, orbs, brains. This is because shape is a lens, much more than is time. Shape involves a full range of times, or multidimensionality or potential, in the same way that full-spectrum light contains more potential than polarised light. So, this is why people of similar genes tend to be kinder to people than to people who are not of their KIND. Sad, but true. And, humans do this exercise in medicosmic accretion more CONCEPTUALLY, wherein, e.g., a particular individual will selectively chose to hear certain facts, and to repress others, based on which group he CONCEPTUALLY identifies with - concepts being abstractions of shape. (In our synesthetic brains). This has been used to explain altruism, although, I think they have this whole altruism thing kinda upside-dow, (the same way they have gravity upside down, yikes). This can be likened to, or related to, how gravity pushes, unless it is blocked by mass. This latter statement is another way of describing our conventional view that gravity pulls mass together, when local. (And, from this assumption, comes the whole need for a rationalisation for the existence of some dark matter out there!) But objects are attracted to like objects to escape the push of external forces. Attraction is another way of saying escape from the outside world. So, consciousness flies through the universe faster than light, and jumps from like shape to like shape, as electricity will jump from one antenna arrangement to another antenna of similar shape. And the important thing about this is that "shape," as I roughly call it, is slightly more important than nearness, or locality -and, so, it is more important than TIME. THAT is why psychics ca be said to experience awareness from things that happen in the future, or with things that have happened in the past. They are going BEYOND time, travelling a super-conductance via shape, (like antennae), or - CONCEPTUALLY - via similar concepts or even words. When presented to the others around them, in local time and space, all psychics must INTERPRET their experience in images, as do dreams, and this is one reason why our temporal world so easilly dismisses them as being incorrect. But it does not mean that their direct experience was incorrect. Nor does it mean that empathy in animals is invalid, simply because they don't have the same pyramid-shaped spindle neurons which we do, and do not show the empathy in the same ways we do. We tend to dismiss them because, well, they are shaped differently, including conceptually, as, "they don't even have language!"

So, deep down within us, there are attractions to similar people. And even deeper, there are attractions to anyone of the same species. But, we are lost in trying to repress too much incoming information, and so we often deny, and make enemies of, the very people we WOULD have been attracted to overtly, in some other life, but we are, in this life, instead stultified by jealousy. Because these attractions are creeping up through our psychic senses, and yet which are denied, we tend to conglomerate or coagulate around each other, without even knowing it, or without even trying - just by these freakish accidents and coincidences, which often leave us speechless. Therefore, N-Girl is compelled to follow me about the house, imitating me, and then denying me, by blaming me, and then my retaliating against my "fault" through her passive aggression. And, until the point of blame, she has no idea she is doing this - and she does it so much, that she can be said to be mentally ill. But, everybody does it. And we end up in each others faces, fighting about lawn turf, or this god vs that god, or apples vs oranges or apples vs apples, because we are secretly drawn into each other, in time and space, towards this social bickering - or sex, if you wish. This is part of the process of accretion - and of species CREATION - within our nature. But, this whole topic can be expanded upon so much, I simply can focus on it more right now - I need to end this post before I destroy my day...

(Saved by Zero, part 2, coming to a theatre near you!!!) - - Well, I think I should actually just close it now, and just mention one topic I was going to include at the end of the post, which is the importance of language in defining opposites. Specifically, English, with its definite article, "the," and with its Shakespearean concepts of "un-" and "non-", which define, "categorical opposites," out of nothing. This is a really interesting area. And I have to save it for later. But I will leave you with one thought:

If, "the living," is the opposite of, "the dead," as well as of, "the undead," then how can the dead and the undead be the same thing - ha ha. Gravity talks. And madman WALKS!

It's ALIVE!!!

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