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Somewhere in time ...

Well, i have been ill with BRAIN. Now, I have about 2 hours left to live within this May 19th day, and I want to live it with all the gusto I can, by making an LJ post. I have three separate trains of thoughts for posts, so I really have no idea or plans regarding what I am going to post now.

First of all, the clock is ticking down, waiting for you to solve the logical puzzle of explaining how it is possible that gravity doesn't PULL, it actually PUSHES. So, explain that to me and you win eternal life or a stuffed weasel. But...

Here's how my mind works, (beginning a new hypothesis): First, I have positted that gravity does in fact PUSH, rather than pull. As far as I see it, this position has as much validity as does the opposite position, that gravity pulls - and certainly a lot more validity than does the position, "gravity TALKS!" So, this far-fetched idea is actually a fairly or relatively strong hypothesis, being up to 50% possible and 5 times more whitening than those other, store-bought brands.

Next, I hold the option that communication can travel faster than light, across vast distances, due to universal entanglement - and this includes both the psychic realm, and the phenomenon of superconductance. This is because it is outside of time, and is instead, (if based on anything at all), based on SHAPE, or position-in-space - or field-relativity. But I can't explain any of this nonsense now. Just remember the times I kept raving on about the beauty of antennae and 3D shape and space - and relate that to the shapes in our DNA, molecules, etc.

So, along comes, "RadioLab," today, and it reminds me of that woman and her stroke, who wrote, "My Stroke of Insight." And it also reminded me of something I was kind-of reminded about earlier in the day: Without words to name things, without a left-hemisphere, or a functional auditory loop, we lose our ego and our logic, and become like unto babes in the clouds, daft and stupid, boundless and free. So, when this woman had her stroke, she lost her language functions, and she lost her ego, and she lost her selectivity and mainly REPRESSIVENESS of the brain over other incoming information. I have spoken before about how, when this repressive selectivity of the brain sometimes contorts or fails a bit, then info can come in that seems surreal and schizophrenic - but NOT TO WORRY. These hallucinations are not inherently UNTRUE - they are just not REPRESSED in the way our species and our language function has evolved to repress them. IN FACT, these emerging chaotic "hallucinations" are, rather, real information, which are, and always have been, present throughout the universe - if merely by the fact that that you just experienced them. IT IS ALL BEYOND TIME. IT IS THE VACUUM. These things I already believe.

The woman with the stroke was only, "conscious," of one thing: The BLISS of being in concert with a zillion amazing cells dancing and playing in her cosmic body and through the universe. This is what near-death experiences are like, too, except they sometimes include Rod Serling.

So, it was then that the light-bulb in my head suddenly flashed on and I thought: Psychic experiences, superluminal info-transfer, universal consciousness - they all exist BECAUSE OF ABSENCE. Quantum entanglement across the universe happens - via ABSENCE - not by forces. It is the ABSENCE of thought and memory and time and even shape which allows us all to be in communication with each other in a psychic way, even though we do and we don't believe this - and even though this is and isn't possible - and even though stats have an iffy time proving it - and so on. And our egos and brains were completely built to DENY about 99.99999999% of it, most of the time, except during necessary chaos or sleep. And even dreams must be selectively interpreted with shapes and symbols - as they are carried into the realm of the ego.

Just as gravity does not PULL, but instead PUSHES APART, (except where blocked by mass), there is no commanding force behind this cosmic consciousness - it is just there faster than light, until some shape comes along and commands it, and shares it with some identical shape, perhaps across the universe, perhaps across the living room floor. Nether is the new Ether. How frickin Zen is that? Just by accident, though. I didn't start of trying to be any kind of Woo Lee!

People understand light to travel at about 186,000 miles per second - even though it can be slowed down and even stopped, which sounds impossible, but no- it can be done with a dash of paradox. Well, it can be thought that the electromagnetic force of light is another (linear) force subject to time, like we like to think of things falling to earth, because they are subject to the PULL of gravity. But I say, that isn't it at all. Light only APPEARS TO US to travel at that speed, because, along its, "route," (a shape), it gets swallowed up and spit out again by virtual particles along the way, popping in and out of existence. We assume these virtual particles not to really to exist, and to be non-dynamical - but they are very dynamical, in the spirit of chaos - and they are both responsible for the slowing down of light to that speed, and the speeding up of light to that speed - ("i.e.," via 'field-relativity'). But, instead of seeing this, we say that photons contain a tiny amount of "mass," and so this is why light, "cannot travel faster than light." This is the same sort of assumption we make when we assume that gravity PULLS - makes things fall to Earth - due to the sway of mass, or matter. Shape! So, we also assumed that things could not travel any faster than light, because of the pull of mass, or matter, or gravity, everywhere - making such an impossibility. But what we are really saying is that we are bound by our observations, and by our shapes of space, and certainly by our imposition of linear time - and so nothing can escape our universe - the world of matter. The world of entropy.

But there is something BEYOND - and that something is perfect information - we we are beginning to glimpse through the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. And PERFECT INFORMATION IS EVERYWHERE, ALL AT ONCE, IN THE FUTURE, AND IN THE PAST - ALL PRECISELY BECAUSE IT IS BEYOND. Beyond our observation. Beyond our time. Beyond our symbols and shapes. Beyond space.

It is pure consciousness, and it exists because it is ABSENT.

Absence is the great attractor!

Enough of that.. I guess I will now switch over to some thoughts which occurred to me upon hearing about a rat experiment. Even though the conclusions don't bother me so much, I found this to be a wonderful example of how science can suck and not even know it - just like when your looking at something and you don't even SEE it, because you don't have the words for it. You just smile at it, as if from behind a stroke...

Abstract: Put a rat into a pure white room. Place food somewhere therein. Take the rat out, spin it around, see if it can find the food. It cannot. Because it is looking for the Dramamine.

Then, try it again. Except this time, you paint one wall blue. See if the rat can get its bearing, comparing location to a reference: the blue wall. So, spin thee rat around, drop it in - can it NOW find the food? No. It cannot. It is only wants vodka.

Conclusion: Rats cannot connect different references in order to learn or think - just like babies out-of-the-womb-and-into-your-heart...

Why does this experiment suck? Well - its just like the reductionist experiments that used to prove that empathy does not exist in babies or in most animals, when it does - (it even exists in cells, fcs). For one thing, it fucks with the animal. It spins that damn thing around. Tell me if you're interested in searching for, or conceptualising food in space, after you've been put through such stress? All your catacholamines, etc., want is to see an insulin rush or maybe a cocaine injection like that monkey in all the textbooks. I thin maybe it was just a living monkey head - no wait that was something else from my childhood...

No, that rat's brain isn't interested in ASSOCIATIONAL THINKING. It's interested in black and white, fight-or-flight, looting behaviour, and all that.

Now - you put in a blue wall. Do you really think that is going to solve the problem? No, it's not. Why? Because even humans don't see blue until they have a word for it. Even grown up humans, who can compare red against yellow, or this shape against that, or this-many against that many, even when they don't have words attached, CANNOT SEE BLUE, unless blue has been invented by a word. Why?

Because the sky is blue. Unless we have a word for it, we don't see blue, because we don't use the blue sky as a reference for anything in the first place. Fruit is colourful - so we eat it. Grass is green - we track over it. Insects are dangerous when they are yellow and black. But the blue sky is always there, minding its own busines, and we just take it for granted. Our reality = all the things below the blue universal sky, but not the blue sky itself, which we do not see as part of the set. It is like the ETHER.

So, if you expect a rat to ASSOCIATE by reference to a blue wall, especially when it has no control and has been stressed, and it prefers to use its NOSE anyway - its own nose-language which is unknown to us, like the sky, then you're barking up the wrong tree. You're already putting your own conclusions into the experiment, without even knowing it. WITHOUT EVEN SEEING IT!

Furthermore, so long as there is existence in space, (and certainly in time), there will be some form of communication, or language, going on - even in the so-called empty brain of that woman w/ the stroke. That is because, through entropy, and by physical necessity, even somewhat at the atomic level, there ALWAYS MUST BE SOME DEGREE OF SELECTIVITY OR INTERPRETATION GOING ON - just like there must be some degree of signal-to-noise.

But the closer you get to the subatomic, the farther you travel from the bounds of your own existence, and dance on the edge of multidimensionality, where entropy is a lot different than it is up here for our machines, and our economies and our global warming. The further into this shimmering ABSENCE you go, the further you touch the "instantaneous" sharing by and of all things extant - until, you go so far, into nothing, that all that is: is consciousness as perfect information. It does not exist, and so it is everywhere.

You are the decider. This is the path. You are not a lab rat.

You are the Deists' God who wandered off unseen, unknown, absent.

To a fatherless society, you say, "My Father is not of this world."

So, when scientists say that, without words, we cannot think - that we are no longer conscious - that we are absent, understand the flip-side to this materialistic, temporal assessment:

Into this greater absence, we find greater PRESENCE.

Both. Heaven and hell.

Our science assumes a lot, based on a single assumption of TIME, which, like the blue sky, they do not see. They do not see themselves or their numbers and laws as having come from a place so base as TIME. Out of entropy. And, from this blithe denial - this not-seeing the context of time behind their so-called independent laws - has brought many of them to conclude that time does not really exist - but it did for them, and their pocket books - we are supposed to honour their ideals, pretending to hold together our universe and its earthly bureaucracies, like the rules of too-big-to-fail banks, and their ethereal supply-side economics?

Well, time surely exists - as much as existence and ego in space does exist - and it also doesn't - when we get into the realm of universal consciousness, which is absence, and which is presence.

But, the, you might wonder, "What is this, 'perfect information,' crap? Isn't that the same thing as the great 'independent,' Platonic ideals or laws, created by scientists, in time, of time, but not SEEING time?" Yes, but also no. I have no better phrase right now than, "perfect information." But I am referring to something more various and more "dymamical" than the scientific laws of nature. I am starting with the premise of "being" not as a quantity, but as an experience of life. And so, ethereal, "perfect information," is closer to universal consciousness itself. But, these paradoxes could take weeks of posting, so, onwards we go...

There are at least two great books out by scientific thinkers recently, dealing with the question of TIME - which are agreeable to me. One book is about time being all in the present. and the other book is about time existing, and underlying scientific assumptions, as partly discussed above - this latter book is via http://www.geraldepling.info/geraldepling.shtml.

You may not notice it, but we are undergoing a grand paradigm shift at the moment.

But - what is "absence"? Isn't that like "chaos" or "randomness" or etc. i.e., just a subjective definition of something compared/ in reference to a world, or order, we already know, in time? Like the sky-blue sky in reference to the set we know below it? hmm. yeah. and not.

Gravity pushes. And gravity pulls. Nothing goes faster than light. Unless it does. These are the voyages of the Starship Entropy.

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