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I am the person who will destroy China.

very important update

I have been so deathly ill. My one accomplishment: delivery of GF meals to me today. Dog was very good this time. Ate turkey etc. I was hoping that cholesterol would help my brain. I seem to be correct, but nowhere near well. According to a CFIDS newsletter, re: sci studies, both Gulf Was Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue (Immune Dysfunction) Syndrome usually a result of damage to Autonomic PARASYMPATHETIC system, involving destruction of ACh nerve and neuron receptors, as I HAVE SAYING TO PEOPLE FOR YEARS BUT NO ONE HEARD ME. So, this accounts for my (etc.) PTSD (and everything else). But the traumatic brain injury is related to car crash when I was a kid - even though stress/CFS/PTSD/exertion are feeding it. It's the main thing trying to kill me.

Before I manage to do a serious post - here's some really important reading...

"He said it's like a very large static electric discharge associated with the apparent huge stress emanating from the inner and outer core to the liquid mantle beneath the Earth's crust. He said he understands there has been a change in the speed with which the mantle is moving so now the mantle is moving faster. The mantle flow increase sets up new vibrations from the magnetic conductivity created."

- http://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=2087&category=Environment - notes: (according to this), all my stuff about chaos/electromagn/noises creating fixed nodes of crisis, etc., all pretty much true. My theory on static electricity/discharge also true. My theory of melting rock + gas, true, & not disproved, as much of this activity has occurred near ancient or recent faults or underground heat or volcanic spots. However, the wide global dispersal of these events also lead me recently to suspect that a greater generalised core heat (etc.) is in effect, rather than merely via regional upflows of magma plumes. My idea of central core problem, associated with changes in geomagnetic field(s) also correct. Upflow of water into sinkholes even after dry spell attributed to 3 dif causes also probably correct. My suspicion of intense radiocativity in inner Earth not touched upon. No mention of associated gasses like hydrogen sulphide. Also, a big ball of ice landed in TN. Suggesting yes this may POSSIBLY be related to (multifactoral) Comet ISON. - see my post here: http://madman101.livejournal.com/1385490.html (more support undergarments here: http://madman101.livejournal.com/1387555.html )

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