I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

entropy cuts both ways - part 2

hold your things
and you lose your life
hold your life
and you lose your things

This a paradox - which occurs in life - like pride occurring just before a fall, because all the world loves a winner, whilst also conspiring to take that winner down.

You always hurt the ones you love. A lot of people love the ones they hurt. But when you hurt others, you hurt a part of yourself. Namely the upper part of your thumb, cuz it bends way back when you're choking them. I hate when that happens.

Similarly, mankind evolved because he possessed this thumb which could employ tools, and yet it was opposable. It opposed things and things opposed it. Dogs were very much opposed to the opposable thumb. And so we gratified dogs by naming them, "Dog," which is, "God," spelt backwards. And dogs saw that it was good.

Plus they sued for damages which is why we are required to feed them meat all the way until Kingdom Come. And God keeps saying that the Kingdom will Come but it never does, that devious devil.

There are many great and lesser paradoxes in life - and we call these, "Ironic," meaning that they remind us of iron, in some deep primordial way we don't have a clue about, except that iron attracts and it also repells, when magnetised, & it brings oxygen through our red blood cells but, if it wanted to, it could rust the fuck out of most minerals in our body.

We call this, "ironic." Along one timeline: one thing happens when actually the exact opposite was expected.

When we see paradox happening within in our lifetime, we call it, "irony."

We also deem it so when paradox just slumbers or languishes along, following our domestic wanderings like little house mice who are dependent on our crumbs from Kettle Brand Potato Chips, and yet who apparently have the power to control every move we make, through their psychic powers of toxoplasmosis.

But, really, all irony is, in essence, is paradox along our one subjective timeline. Big contrasts shuffling with each other on a broken CD player.

Many fools who do suffer thine slings and arrows are convinced that they are also fabulously partaking in this great existential thrill called, "irony," when in fact they are being held on the tongs of a catch-22 prong, being skewered over a fire by the Noble Elites.

These poor people can't win for losing. And if its not one thing then its another. They try to jump right out of the frying pan, but end up in the fire.

And they sit there, playing Calypso music, laughing about the sweet tragedy of life, and say, "Ha hooey, Mon! How ironic!" Then the rich eat them and their babies, and send operatives in to defeat the Soviet Union - and declare victory for the USA - for us all - and at this very same instant we WIN, we simultaneously lose, and down come the Twin Towers, ironically.

And when we are told we will be made safer from the guy on the Oatmeal Box hiding in a cave, somehow we all end up being raped at airports by swarms of automatic locust drones.

I didn't say this would be fun, folks. Nobody ever said that life was fair. Unless you eat organic children like the Noble Elites.

Ironically, one reason why paradox happens in life, to everyone, (and they can't escape, no matter how hard they die), is that entropy exists for every one single person: THINGS FALL APART. As the saying goes, "Dance on bombs and lose your legs."

But, entropy is slightly different for each individual. So, everyone is pushing and pulling, trying to maximise their gain, each affecting each other's struggle, and entropy, in this dissonantly entropic world - this world on the edge of multidimentionality. Everyone is seeking to bring order to their lives and to their futures.

And, so, this often creates little contradictions and puzzles, between people, but even within the push-me-pull-you minds and lives of each person.

Well, so, lots of people form groups, like CRAPERATIONS, to maximise, "blanket", or absolute "futures", (i.e., concepts, abstractions, heavens), that they all in the group can agree upon.

So, bigger groups versus bigger groups, and what do you get? Bigger and bigger paradoxes, and so bigger and bigger ironies in people's lives.

Eventually, when real resources get relatively un-cheap for the general society, then the contradictions get so stark, that we end up with evil people running around shouting about good vs evil, and also, good people running around shouting about good vs evil, which are curiously diametrically opposed to the evil people's concept of good vs evil. And isn't it ironic?

Its funny because its TRUE!

Old societies just kinda settle into stark irony, once they see that there is no longer any real possibility for one scintilla of progress, as it was once known, or anticipated. Think of Italy before Mussolini.

And so, an Empire declines, and then everybody uses the words, "yes," and, "no," almost interchangeably - at the very least, sonically. Because, the point of life has become, "Always keep everyone else RIGHT ON THE EDGE, dazed and confused. Stunned, Paralysed. Dysfunctional.

Always keep them guessing. And angry. And divorced from empathy. Cuz empathy means trouble. Its a con that slows ya down...

When societies are turned inside out by dynamic paradoxes - interpreted as irony by the meek, (and terrorists by the government), all sorts of other involutions and convolutions and pointless revolutions can happen.

To save your soul, you must crucify the saviour on a cross. A tad ironic. But, yo, its all about human nature. And, in Haiti, there is voodoo, where you bury someone, and they come back to life and make movies. Or, to control you dire situation, you play with a doll, sticking pins in it.

Or, if you are Wall Street, your whole idea of a, "growing economy," depends on the almighty YOU, investing your hardly-earned money into bets of utter failure and global destruction.

If you went into a field hoping to help people, you instead end up slowly euthenising them with your over-marketted pharmaceuticals and vaccines; or you just keep taking people's children away in family court, or you weirdly sleep with little boys in the confessional booth - and find there is a way of mass-marketting these profitable, entirely destructive things.

You hate gays? Run for office spouting homophobic jingoism and get caught doing the nasty with a male baseball team in a strategic military base.

Get into the boring business of banking and end up running drugs and guns and laundering money and stealing accounts and ultimately ruling the planet bwa ha ha haaaaaa!

All the good things we believed in - they are suddenly transform into ugly monsters, all in a fell swoop. And down go masses, and races, or people, with a single swing of the sickle. Ain't it just a tickle?

But, really, paradoxes as we know them are simply VERY gross exaggerations of a dualism rife throughout reality. It ca be big, or it can be small, discrete and dispersed like BP oil in the Gulf after the wonders of Correxit.

Big: Expect a big left turn, and around the corner you are suddenly turning right.

Some people paradoxically learn, and become lured in and addicted to the complete CULTURE or je ne sais quoi of DYSFUNCTIONALISM, because, ultimately, fate always steps in, and there is some great crash and some great resolution - because, "opposites attract."

In our personal lives, irony flows personally, through our one subjective timeline, or world-line. But stark contrasts and conflicts can emerge in society and make meals of us all. Bless the few who dangle the strings. Not.

But, stark paradox doesn't necessarilly, or so obviously, flow via a vector of time, so much as it presents us with a more static PICTURE of opposites in contrast - as a picture of a man biting a dog, or of a tiny woman, running "out of bananas." Apples vs oranges. Zero vs One. Big, set quantities.

So, when big, stark paradoxes occur in society, they are filled, like the clouds, with a STATIC CHARGE, which brings EXPLOSION. Concentrated entropy. Positively orgasmic, for some, or a lot of little deaths for all the, "small people."

Little: Well, deeper down into subtlety - a subtlety of irony, sometimes, which sophisticated people like to explore, are tinier and tinier paradoxes.

You see two ants struggling over how to place a bit of leaf. You see another two ants doing the same thing. And another pair and another...

And yet, from this apparent chaos, (which most people regard as the stupid entropy which forever bothers their lives), paradoxically, subtly, arises self-organising criticality, wherein the whole colony of ants magically manage to construct some very perfectly engineered bridge of leafy bits, across some way!

Subtly, a great gaping hole between two poles has been bridged, not by one stark paradox, with its explosiveness and gross expense, but by a great multitude of discrete paradoxes - ant tussles - )at least as seen from our great big human perspective).

Subatomic: Hey, you, great big human! Look even deeper. And you will see that paradox reigns throughout the very fabric of nature - as we observe that, "particle", is now, "wave", and, "wave", is now, "particle"!

But. That may not be how it is experienced way down there at the level of the tussling particles. They may believe they know exactly what they are doing. For, they look around and see: They have choices. Between this dimension and that. This potentiality and that. So many damned choices that, wouldn't you expect them to be randomly tussling and bustling about all day, just trying to LIVE?!

But, on that low-down scale, what do we care - when so many of us regard all this not as usable order, but as random chaos - noise - entropy... so, we who habitually refer to alternate L-I-V-E(s) as the very opposite of our own personal Life, and call it, instead, E-V-I-L.

That is the way of existence, to greater or lesser degree.

But, have you noticed, that when we try to force this crazy, low-down world of nearly infinite potential - where radioactivity sleeps in rhythm with the sun - we get some kind of massive THERMONUCLEAR EXPLOSION? And who needs that?!

Well, down at this level, way way down, in the world of quanta and virtual particles and experiential photons... there is this thing called, "entanglement." There is multitudinous and multifarious connection, way way across vast distances of the universe, "instantaneously", (superluminally), by all matter, in conversation - in consciousness.

And, so, that is also ironic, compared to a big observing humans personal timeline - that we focus in so so very discretely - so subtly - and soon, we see, in one tiny tiny locale, the other end of the universe - (or perhaps the big bang itself, for you believers).

Subtlety through chaos, discrete choice through entropy, and employment via a cooperative society, is the whole magic of ASSOCIATION - socially and brainly - meditating, opening the mind up, seeing comparisons and contrasts in various QUALITATIVE, not so much QUANTITATIVE ways - going beyond, rising above, TRANSCENDING our own stressful, selfish personal timelines, and seeing what is BEYOND - what is more POSSIBLE.

And so, we imagine, we create, for this is in our nature, and this is our salvation - our will and our freedom. When we meditate in this way, we touch the vast border of universal ENTANGLEMENT, and experience so-called psychic dynamics, if only through our dreams, (which we interpret more medicosmically later).

But, whether meditating all peacefully and OM, or running around in crushing paradoxes like chickens with their heads being cut off, OMG!, the wonders of psychic experience - like cold fusion or like a nuclear bomb - little or big - will emerge, show themselves, and illuminate both meaning and irony in our lives - stark, subtle - what have you.

Even in trying, explosive times, nature will assert its ironies. Even in boring, wasted days, there is irony to be discovered in the study of ants, or the dreaming of what could be.


BTW - who, ironically, in a sense, came to my rescue yesterday, when my overheated, entropic pot was filling the apartment with toxic fumes? Nether Girl. For, somehow nature managed, to have her immediately cooking potatoes downstairs, which helped mask the smell, and kept N-Guy from wanted to bang on my front door and start yelling at me.

Because, ironically, so put-out, I AM THE PROBLEM (now).

So - did she do this, realising that there is a point to how far a female should crucify a male, or anyone, and instead realise that life is hard for everyone, as it is hard for her. Did she show empathy? Was this deliberate or was it rote?

Or was she again food-competing with me because she mistook my hot pot for more of my fancy, south-of-the-equator cooking?

And, did she make a sex game with N-Guy, out of her insane banging on the walls - wherein he then joined in last night - not because her fearful/sexual excitement of me possibly retaliating so DANGEROUSLY, (threatening to burn the house down!), was too much for her to contain, and so she had to rush to her male and culminate the whole competition in one rollicking orgasm?

Or, not because she had him now by the balls and was faking it, goading him into the evil of biting the apple with her - of banging on the walls with her?

BUT BECAUSE SHE FELT REAL EMPATHY AND SOUGHT TO DISTRACT HIM FROM ME IN THIS WAY - if only by random chance or, "subconsciously"???

We shall never now, and that is the irony of life. No one ever really knows. It just depends on how we decide to interpret our co-called observations. How we select meaning out of a basket of beans and sand. With the devil at our heals.

What I know is that I have learnt what I came here to learn, and I wish to move on, with no drag from revenge.

All the entropy I need is already coursing between my ears.

PS - "Rocket Man," is playing on the radio. I realise it was the first hip-hop song. Just speed up the beat and there it is. See? That's what I'm talking about. Have a good Mother's Day.
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