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Paul McCartney attacked by Plesiosaur, & other disturbing newsness

Eh! EEh! EH!!!

Ok, Paul! You should have used The New Gun-Bra!

The Abenomics Bra - Lifts (Inflation) and Separates (Wealth From Savers)
This is not Thursday Humor - though perhaps it should be. First, the Japanese promoted bond-buying as not just patriotic, but a manly endeavour that will get you the girls; but now the idea of inflating assets has been taken one step further. The Japanese have argued that 'sex sells bonds' in the past but now, as Reuters reports, the lingerie-maker Triumph's Japanese division has launched a special edition "growth strategy" Ab-enomics Bra. "We hope that, as the Japanese economy grows, we can also help bust sizes to get bigger," a spokeswoman noted as the bra features a rising trendline, three arrows pointing up, and promises a 2% increase in volume with extra padding. The analogy of an exogenous force maintaining a natural force at an unsustainable size is just too easy - as, just as in the real-life, at some point that 'supportive bra' of monetary policy has be removed.

VIDEO: Free Shotguns In Chicago: Armed Citizen Project Wants To Arm Single Women
Huffington Post - A gun advocacy group announced this weekend their hope to distribute free shotguns to unarmed people living in some of the most high-crime areas of 15 U.S. cities, including Chicago.

VIDEO: Virginia Students Suspended for Pointing Pencils and Making Gun Noises
Adan Salazar - Late last week, seven-year-old Christopher Marshall was taking on the role of a marine and his friend “a bad guy” when their teacher spotted them pointing pencils at each other and pretend shooting.

Woman’s Survival Garden Seized and Destroyed by Authorities
A woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma is suing the city’s code enforcement teams after they illegally cut down her entire survival garden. Denise Morrison, who started the garden after becoming unemployed, had over 100 medicinal and edible plants in her front and back yard.

Peaches, nectarines and berries lower breast cancer risk by 41 percent
(NaturalNews) Women consuming at last two servings weekly of peaches or nectarines saw a stunning 41 percent risk reduction for postmenopausal ER- breast cancer, while those eating at least one serving of blueberries weekly saw a 31 percent risk reduction, according to one of the largest and longest running studies ever made on women's health as a function of diet.

FDA, FBI raid natural cancer treatment clinic in Tulsa without due cause; force patients to leave without medicine needed for survival
(NaturalNews) A medical clinic in America's heartland that utilizes natural rather than toxic methods to treat cancer patients is under attack by the American police state oligarchy, according to new reports. As publicized by Tulsa, Okla.-based NewsOn6.com, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently sent agents to the Camelot Cancer Care center in Tulsa to conduct an unprovoked raid, upon which these agents temporarily shut down the clinic and stole medicine that had already been purchased by patients for treatment.

Still Believe Nature Got It Wrong? Top 10 Health Benefits of Marijuana
preventdisease.com - Marijuana has been found to suppress cancer, reduce blood pressure, treat glaucoma, alleviate pain and even inhibit HIV. It is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective. Can you understand more now why it's illegal?

Hemp to the Rescue Again – Cannabinoids Protect the Brain from Oxygen Starvation
Natural Society - A recent study published in the American Journal of Pathology found that cannabinoids in cannabis help keep the brain and heart oxygenated instead of suffocating on plaques and congested arteries.

NZ at Noon: Mystery from the deep
Stories making headlines around the country today include a mysterious creature washing up on a Bay of Plenty beach and a Tauranga teen online sensation. A video of an unidentified sea creature is causing a stir online. A Tauranga teen is also proving wildly popular on Instagram. Heading to the Monster Truck Show in Napier

Macho Men May Not Have Survival Advantage in War

Marriage Myth Busted: Women Not Looking for Sugar Daddies
The study found that successful men and women alike seem to be gravitating toward partners who are of a similar age, which could be explained by social networks. People who attend four-year colleges tend to mix heavily with people of similar ages, and they are more likely to marry one of their peers.

Massive Sinkhole Swallows Family – Husband’s Quick Thinking Kept Them Alive
......When you’re driving down the road – it’s safe...

*Main Story! -
Paul McCartney: Beatle Swarmed By Grasshoppers
Animal-lover McCartney carried on for almost three hours in Goiania as he remained unfazed by the grasshoppers, which even landed on him during the show.

One remained on his shoulder for much of the show and the musician introduced his new pal to the 47,000-strong crowd as “Harold”.

As he sang Hey Jude, McCartney turned to Harold as he sang the words “the movement you need is on your shoulder”, adding “it certainly is now”.

The star opened his Out There! tour in Brazil this week and is due to travel across six countries in the coming months.

His set lists have included rarely performed songs such as Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite, All Together Now and Eight Days A Week, which he has played live only once before – with The Beatles in 1965.

EPA Slapped with Lawsuit over Ongoing Bee Deaths
Dr. Mercola - The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has failed to protect bees from neonicotinoid pesticides, according to a lawsuit against the agency, filed by beekeepers and environmental groups. Said Paul Towers, spokesperson for the Pesticide Action Network (PAN),

One-Third of U.S. Honeybee Colonies Died Last Winter, Threatening Food Supply
Nearly one in three commercial honeybee colonies in the United States died or disappeared last winter, an unsustainable decline that threatens the nation’s food supply. Multiple factors — pesticides, fungicides, parasites, viruses and malnutrition — are believed to cause the losses, which were officially announced today by a consortium of academic researchers, beekeepers and Department

EU Announces Potential Ban on Neonicotinoid Pesticides Linked to Bee Deaths, Environmental Collapse

May 25 ‘March Against Monsanto’ planned for over 30 countries
March Against Monsanto - Currently, marches are being planned on six continents, in 36 countries, totaling events in over 250 cities, and in the US, events are slated to occur simultaneously at 11 a.m. Pacific in 47 states.

Exploded fertilizer plant sued Monsanto.

Peru says no to GMO
csmonitor.com - Peru is the first country in the Americas to ban genetically modified foods, putting its food policy closer to that of Europe, than the United States or many of its South American neighbors.

criminal big pharm co sued by govt


Greed may breed financial fitness, but evolution allows unselfishness to survive

New scientific breakthrough mimics an age-old remedy for grey hair and baldness: Onion juice
(NaturalNews) What the researchers found was that grey hair is primarily caused by a buildup of hydrogen peroxide at the root of hair follicles and that this was due in great part to a reduction in the natural antioxidant compound catalase. In addition to helping cleanse the scalp and follicles, onion juice also promotes the production of catalase. Catalase prevents grey hair as well as promoted thicker hair follicles.

McCartney Grasshopper magnified to show texture.

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