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I am the person who will destroy China.

a little discourse on the impossible

As you know, madman101 made a recent post about the end of the world. In it, he said that massive areas of rock were melting beneath certain spots in the globe, and he was proved right about this, for we are at a MELTING ROCK MAXIMUM this year, (as well as a solar maximum), wherein giant plumes of magma are moving towards the crust, and we are threatened with suffocation by massive releases of gasses like hydrogen sulfide, which have correlated to mass extinctions. http://www.livescience.com/29191-mantle-plumes-global-cycles.html (As if the bankster-imploded economy wasn't enough).

Madman presented his own speculation that a large swath of the country could sink all of the sudden, during the next, now-overdue NEW MADRID SUPERQUAKE in the midwest. This sink could reach from as far as from the Appalachians, past the Midwest and the Okalala in the Plains states, all the way to the Rockies, where the Yellowstone supervolcano sleeps restlessly, and ancient rising land in Arizona reawakens. Much of this area, should this happen, would fill with water, as predicted by Edgar Casey. And that makes one wonder if the whole, "Atlantis," legend might not have actually been a vision of the future. Like Fatima. Who the hell knows, with this unscientific stuff.

Through the fog of my brain and my dog, the other night, I heard Coast-to-Coast reporting that there were sightings, once again, of giant Triangular-shaped UFOs. These hovered over two places at the same time: Colorado, and Tennessee. Opposite ends of the sink. This happened on April 29, two days after my post. What if it were a cosmic assertion that yes, this is what may happen? But how could the same craft be seen over two places at the same time?

Was this an example of subjective psychology, were visions were being interpreted from the cosmos, by humans in Colorado and Texas, just as the people at Fatima "imagined" they saw astounding visions of an erratic, threatening sun? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_of_the_sun / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Lady_of_F%C3%A1tima / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Secrets_of_F%C3%A1tima

We may never know. As usual. One reason we may never know, is that this is all nonsense. Another reason is that it also isn't. Well, maybe this giant Triangle wasn't acting like entangled particles, or a particle and a wave, or a, "pre-collapse," Schrodinger's Cat, being in two places at the same time, defining the boundaries of the threatening continental sinkhole.

Perhaps this was in fact TWO triangular crafts, in two different places, built by our benign Emperor, the Military-Industrial Complex, (in secret). But, these craft, if they actually exist, (which they might), apparently defy known laws of physics or aerodynamics, that they would be just as amazing as one craft in two different places.

So technically advanced, perhaps, that either possibility may be true. Either one craft zipped along from Colorado to Tennessee in A MATTER OF SECONDS, or two craft were at these two different spots, even though they are said to be able to travel at lightning speed, or as slow as a photon caught in a jar of molasses by Lene Vestergaard Hau.

Well, either way, thinking about that only makes the head explode. The fact is that, EITHER WAY, if they exist, these craft are something wildly advanced. So advanced in fact, that they COULD have been sent from some alien civilisation, or dimension, warning us of our Folly. Or - they are so advanced that they could have bee sent as, indeed, prophesies from the psychic universe, or from our own mass-hysteria subconscious, or from the mind of the sun!

We are entering the twilight zone, where all possibilities dance and blend together - like the fire in a ball of lightning, or the frey along the border of the quantum universe, rife with possibility and impossibility. So, we don't get anywhere far, trying to grasp the science behind these machines, i.e., hallucinations.

What we CAN get out of them, though,is exactly the same thing we are capable of getting out of our very dreams: Some inkling for the truth. Some warning of what may be in store. And a whole lot of jargon information so vast, that it would take a lifetime just to take any one dream seriously - I mean really seriously - through scientific, materialistic analysis. No? So, what is wrong with interpreting these things as one would subjectively interpret dreams?

Maybe that is the only way they can be, "sent" to us, by the life-force which each of us ultimately creates. If you hear a voice telling you to pull your car over, RIGHT NOW!, you're going to do it. You can't wonder about it, or measure it, or make a complaint to the FCC - while some Mack Truck ends up heading right at you! Sillier things have happened,and we all know it. Because what we think we now is not all there is.

And, should these be great military weapons created by our very own beloved USA, and all it's NWO Napoleans, then it is just as well that we interpret them as omens because, fuck, what the hell are we doing, playing with FIRE like that in the first place. Koyaanisquatsi. Life out of balance. Unsettled sleep. Booms and trumpets in the night.

So, put your own subjective spin on it - as I did on the omen from my original home town, during the zenith of my delirium. We are a bunch of turkeys so gobble gobble. Well, check this: This latest spate of triangle UFO's all began in on April 26, (a day BEFORE my post), in England, land of perfect-information crop-circles, also perhaps info-food from the gods...

"What I can confidently intimate, for one thing, is that crop circles and "piezo-orbs," ("UFOs"), generally seem to be predictive. Interpret that as you may." - http://madman101.livejournal.com/1385490.html

A day after my post, they - or it - was then seen in, (Independence), MISSOURI, which is Ground-Zero of the New Madrid Superquake Faultline. Then it did the aforehead-mentioned stuff in Colorado and Tennessee on April 29. Finally, on Wednesday, May 1, (or 2nd?!?!), the phenomenon again occurred where? Australia. That very madman Land Down Under. How about that.

May 1 is also when, after days of internal turbulence building, recent solar activity culminated in a powerful CME arch. http://madman101.livejournal.com/1390049.html

Of course, Sydney gets a lot of UFO sightings, just like Phoenix, etc. And these Triangles have been all over the world, so. I am just reading order into the latest random hitting spree, as humans are wont to do, silly humans. What do you live for? Said a voice. (gaggle: "triangle ufo seen colorado tennessee" / "triangular ufo sydney australia may"). It was in Huff-Po, so it must be important! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/03/triangle-ufos_n_1471817.html

Happy Cinco de Mayo!... May 5! Exactly one year ago today, the highly intriguing Five-point STAR CROP CIRCLE appeared in ITALY. Sicily, to be precise, which obviously had something to do with CINDY LAUPER.

Three years ago tomorrow, May 6: Wall Street's historic and foreboding FLASH CRASH occurred, sending the market down 900 points or so, in the blink of an eye. Blink Blink.

BTW - this is not the great big PART 2 post I promised you. Brain too migrained to pick up and work on that. But. If and when you finally can read that post, you may suddenly realise that I am doing something big here.

I mean really really big.

And so, it is not so obscene if I may wonder about these Earth Signs in such a personal way, and, you should agree, and be convinced that, whatever else,

I have every right to go out of my mind.
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