I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

On the Transcendence of Entropy - Part 1

Two people, sitting in a field. At a round little cafe table. Drinking coffee, which has the potential of making either of them more relaxed, or more nervous. One person is liberal, the other conservative.

The liberal doesn't consciously realise that they are sitting in a field which may belong to someone else. In fact, it probably does. The liberal, "L", whiles away, laughing, habitually alluding to things which distract from the whole external-owner question. "Oh, how I love your company," says, L. "I feel I can be free around you! You're so much different to all those other conservatives!" You let me be me - and I abhor limits and boundaries, and all that control, you know?"

The conservative, swallowing a dead rat, very consciously realises that they are sitting in a field belonging to someone else. This conservative, "C", pomps about, throwing money at the squirrels, never never letting on that there be some external owner. C goads L into drinking more wine. "Feel free," C says, for the night is young! And now, let us dance, for I have a little secret for you!" And they dance about like a couple of fools, tripping over downed barbed-wire fencing or what-not.

So, there they spyre. There they aspire together, in a conspiracy of denial, which works out quite nicely. Their denial is of their own DISPLACEMENT. So long as it flows, their caffeine need not increase their anxiety, nor their wine decrease their denial. Finally, C says to L, and now, the secret is this: All this field belongs to me! And now, shall we not have sex?

But, the field does not belong to C. The presumptions are not true for L. And when L wakes up the next morning, C is surrounded by cops, and money is missing from C's wallet. And that's the price some liberals pay. For being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And that's how conservatives hop from trap to trap, making their profit along the way. Little lies. Big lies. Keep up the lies, and never be nervous. Be rich. Be flattered by children and bully-wanna-be's. Both of them seem addicted to this need to dance in other people's yards, but in different ways. They would be lost without each other, and god knows the sky should fall if we even put an end to this - this too big too fail nonsense, and all that. Too much invested. Too much assumed. Too many lives dependent on the gaming. Jolly ho - let's go for a hunt!

This is all about the taking of SPACE.

My Part 2 post will be interesting to most of you, to say the most. At the very least, it will seem like a complete threat to all that you believe. How may times a year to you get to experience something as unique as that? However, before you read Part 2, (in production via migraine), it might help if you were acquainted with:

1 - "Entropy" - see also: disorder, randomness, chaos, heat-death, your room is a mess, love your dress
2 - "Schroedinger's Cat"
3 - You are a child of the universe - Desiderata: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNq_DTmVCWs ( Poem TEXT on right: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desiderata )
4 - You are a fluke of the universe - Deteriorata: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggIQpmUhu10 ( TEXT: http://www.joke-archives.com/poetry/deteriorata.html )

PS - Please know that the above story has NOTHING to do with any particular LJ friend or their life, and this is honestly true. The analogy above started as a quick little thought about the difference between liberals and conservatives, in psychology, and was expanded into an example of a major concept I will introduce concerning SPACE, and how we place ourselves in space, and how that is important to how we view reality, and how that relates to psychology and so politics. The analogy above borrowed no ideas which were garnered from any one else's personal lives here, but I did see some potential similarities as it was written. OK? Please do NOT take it personally. All will be revealed in Part 2. Thank you now eat a rabbit.

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