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invasion of the fish people

I've been getting some things done, slowly. The big batch of hand-washed laundry is done and is simply hang-drying now. (For those who might hand-wash, flash-rinsing in water w/ bleach (or vinegar?), before rinsing clean, will avert the awful stale laundry smell that can grow on hang-dried laundry). Did other stuff. My pasta rocks more than I thought, since the last time I tasted it, I guess my taste-buds were shorted out by CFS. But I was hit by a really severe relapse yesterday, because of all the exertion, which, yay, has had no repercussions from the Nethers. (Starting to get on with life, my so-called). The relapse transformed in nature, but had me down most of today, although I squeezed in a few small tasks. I was preparing to call it a night and retreat into the back bedroom, but now I realise I have some energy to sit in bed #1, online, with hot World Music jammin. Also, no cig smoke filling up this room on a Saturday night becaue I have died and gone to heaven.

So, my first attempt at a post is about that tiny human mummy from Peru, (posted earlier). Here is a better link: http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/2013/05/bizarre-6-inch-skeleton-shown-to.html, and pics are at examiner.com.

I thought a little about Aca, the tiny human. Tried to figure it out. My mind is open. But I have two theories. First of all, there are two things that suggest it was not a fetus. Large jaw, and evidence the skeleton MIGHT have been 8-10 years old at time of expiration date. Anther thing is this: It had a CONE HEAD. I don't have enough info on Coneheads of South America - I've heard it said that coneheads were born naturally that way. Maybe. That's not TOO impossible. But I've always bee inclined to thing that the heads were bound up, by weird cultish humans, and then moulded over years, to take that shape. If the latter is true, (I'll only put it at 60%, since IDK), then Aka the tiny human couldn't have been a fetus, because it had a cone head, which requires years of binding, (assumedly). So, my theory #1 is that Aca was a binding experiment, or special ritual, where he or she was not only bound for a cone head, but was bound like a mummy COMPLETELY, over the entire body. The jaw was usually left unbound, so the poor thing could eat, and that is why it grew larger. The tiny hands and feet, the lacking of one rib, &c., could also be explained by years of unrelenting binding. If so, I'm sure the perpetrators thought they were doing a very special and divine thing. I mean, wouldn't you? People act that way at the tail end of a failing civilisation. Sacrifice animals, virgins, races, etc. Try to make zombie mummies out of newborns.

Tiny hands and feet could alternately be explained if this were in fact an incompletely-formed fetus. It could also be explained by some unknown disease or toxic chemical poisoning or genetic quirk. I am not sure, but I think that MAYBE some brain illnesses may tend to shrink the hands and feet, or at least create, "claw hands." I know that my hands began to shrink a few years back when I thought too much about women's underwear.

I don't think they had too many toxic chemicals around, although if they mined for gold, they might have been exposed to too much heavy metal music, and that is what created the original Beavis, btw. As far as the ACCELERATED AGING illness hypothesis... Well, that illness as we know it today is certainly not as drastic in effect, and actually SHRINKS the jaw instead of enlarging it - as it also makes the nose large. Aca the tiny human had it the other way around: large jaw, tiny alien-like nose. However, we haven't gathered medical evidence of all illnesses, or possibilities, from all the epochs, or all the species. So, it is not impossible that some accelerated aging illness, (probably genetic), could have existed, in the case of Aca. If so, if this unknown illness hit Aca, then it seems kind of doubly rare that Aca would also be a fetus, but still, not impossible. (More likely in some scenarios). Well, perhaps, whatever the original cause, the horrendous-looking baby was killed at birth, or was a still birth. Which is odd because who wouldn't want a 6" human running around one's household, chasing mice and stuff?

My theory #2, (#1 was BINDING, remember?), is that this may have been genetic, but not an aging disease. A genetic quirk. It goes like this. Today's Peruvians who live in high altitudes, like them Inca and others before them, have lung capacities like dolphins. They can utilise oxygen twice as well as we can. One "price" they pay is that these people are very short. Both traits are on the same gene. Well, these little balloon-lung Peruvians didn't just get that way. A lot of tired people fell, or were pushed, off mountain sides on the way to this evolutionary stage. And, the emergence of the fluke genetic flaw, which became the cornerstone of their new tiny-superhuman physiology, had a little bit of randomness going on, along the way, as well. So, my theory is that, at least in a few cases, the genetic fluke sometimes showed up a little exaggerated, a little too much, overcompensating, saying, "Look! Look! Pick me! Pick me!" But, no dice, it was just too extreme, producing way-too-small humans, with super-dooper lung capacity, that they didn't survive and no one wanted them anyway. Because the overcompensating genetic fluke was turning people that looked like frickin goldfish. That is why, even today, Lake Titicaca I said to be populated by an intelligent race of tiny mermaid people, and they all make big Disney movies down there.

Well, it's looking like maybe I should disappear away into the back room now. But I might work on posts and continue to say things about you behind your back cuz I luv ya bro's.
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