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"Miracle of the Sun"

NASA Satellite Captures Spectacular Eruption on Sun, (Weds. May 1 2013)

The Lady of Fátima & the Miracle of the Sun
[LiveScience 02 May 2013] - The story of a famous miracle in Fátima, Portugal, began in May 1917, when three children (ages 7, 9, and 10) claimed to have encountered the Virgin Mary on their way home from tending a flock of sheep. The oldest girl, Lucia, was the only one to speak to her, and Mary told the children that she would reappear to them on the thirteenth day of the next six months. She then vanished.

The children soon told their parents, and while some in the village didn't believe their tale, others did — and told more people. As the weeks and months passed, more and more of the faithful made pilgrimages to Fátima, where the children claimed to receive Mary's visits. Still no one else saw the Virgin Mary; instead, the gathered adults would stand riveted as Lucia took the lead and began to describe her visions.

It was Mary's final appearance, on Oct. 13, 1917, that became the most famous. In his book "Looking for a Miracle," Joe Nickell states that "an estimated 70,000 people were in attendance at the site, anticipating the Virgin's final visit and with many fully expecting that she would work a great miracle. As before, the figure appeared, and again only to the children. Identifying herself as 'the Lady of the Rosary,' she urged repentance and the building of a chapel at the site. After predicting an end to [World War I] and giving the children certain undisclosed visions, the lady lifted her hands to the sky. Thereupon Lucia exclaimed, 'The sun!' As everyone gazed upward, and saw that a silvery disc had emerged from behind clouds, they experienced what is known [as] a 'sun miracle'." READ FULL ARTICLE...

I was a great reader of, "Reason," magazine, a Skeptical Libertarian and sometimes Atheist pop/intellectual journal or such. Great articles, often. Read it while at the same reading the leftist, "Society," and, "Humanist," publications - and Sci.News, Sci.Amer., and etc. Those were my salad days. (I would go to Subway, sit down with a salad, and read all sorts of things into it. Then I'd drink coffee and dream of Old Vienna).

Well, these days, it seems, so many Skeptics are not really Skeptics but trained deniers, or very subtle snarks, like over at Snopes.com. Several times, I have caught arguments over at Snopes based on generalisations based on selected information, just like Mike Addams at Natural News, who can be exceedingly annoying. And, sometimes at LiveScience.com, even, there seems to be an ongoing effort to flat-out reject the mere possibility of ANY UFO's have some intelligent, extraterrestrial or dimensional origin. I don't see why it is so hard for some people to keep all lobes open while drinking water at the same time.

Anyway, Skeptics, the Skeptical Enquirer, etc., often tend to look at religious events such as Fatima, with very careful Kit Gloves - cuz they surely don't want to insult Christians - and declare that since there could be no evidence of a physical phenomenon, then psychology must be the Reason for something paranormal or spiritual. And, they completely remove Faith as a real dynamic function within that psychology.

When Darwin and all those Earth-Changers came along - going back to Locke and Burke and then Existential philosophers, etc. - permission was given to not believe everything Saint Augustine said, all about Angels ad Needles etc., and the Scientist-philosophers like Okham and Witgenstein and Whitehead and Russell and so on, these were to be regarded.

So, now, most of the unexplained stuff is dumped into this assumed class called psychology, where self-delusion reigned and could only be managed through Patronising Freudianism and chemistry-altering drugs, if not lobotomies.

That's because they looked at the human phenomena of the world - at being - as objects, as went Skinner and Rand. They perpetually missed the point that consciousness itself - being itself - has been fundamental to the phenomenon and dynamics of existence, which is something only the Quantum Mechanics could posit.

Social Scientists remained trapped in some vast naiveties of a Scientism which was really flawed at being truly scientific, in many regards.

These materialist came along, and they reinterpreted sacred texts as either being off-limits to comment, or as examples of errant psychology. Taken in, when we ourselves read the literature of the Middle Ages - on Alchemy, and so on, we think they seem so arcane, backwards, closetted and stuffy. Trapped in ignorance. And this is largely true. Much of it was, like so many Republicanist Lizard-heads, full of quackery and - oh what's the word - distraction? Dissolution???

When we read Nostradamus, many of us feel he was just a quirky hack. I don't really regard Nostradamus highly as a prophet - personally - but I do now see that, like DREAM INTERPRETATION, so much depends on how we interpret and observe the world. I see that the potential to see Nostradamus as a prophet is a real phenomenon, by real people, and they have this right to interpret him this way.

Prophesy is never 100%, otherwise it would change the future, and, like time travellers careful in the past, that is not permitted within the worldline or dimension which we travel. It is NECESSARY that observation be partly subjective and emotional.

Well, these materialists taught us to look back at the texts of the past as if they were written by 4-year olds, and we all took on this great hubris called, "modernisation." But don't be so sure. Look at the World Trade Center, (which, coincidentally, was cryptically foretold by Nostradamus, by Plato, and by YOURS TRULY).

These days, when I read articles like the LiveScience one regarding Fatima, it feels to me like I am of the future, reading some dogmatic doggerel of a more primitive age! And, I'm not saying that any sort of faith or religious belief is insisting that the Fatima visions were real, beyond psychological, because, you know, god and the bible and all that.

I am saying that there is a glaring set of blinders on such articles, where the experience and dynamics of being itself are routinely dismissed, with declared authority - as of the declared authority of some four-year old.

And this kinda makes me feel alone sometimes. And - in despair of our future. I don't know if our thinking can change prior to us destroying ourselves, trapped in this ubiquitous mindset of competition amongst billiard balls, always discounting context, subtlety, multiple factors, the psychic power of consciousness, the paradoxes of spirit in existence.

So - I do not deny that the "psychological" visions could be real, worthy of thought, worthy of interpretation of prophesy, with the requisite grain of salt.

I say that these things ARE possible, in a dynamic, chaotic, uncertain and paradoxical - and MOVING - way. I say that, mainly, miracles only happen in this "subjective" way, although the wealthy stuff of dynamic miracle is ever, and all, around us, in the multidimensionality and randomness and psychic universal entanglement of particles and their all-important WAVES. Dancing. Dancing.

And, I do hold, while you all may assume me mad, that there is the possibility that some being(s) from beyond our understanding - perhaps from the mind of the sun itself - is warning of our great tragic Error unfolding, through such signs as crop circles, and so on.

I continue to hypothesize. Creativity is the blood of being.

Note - seeking any links re: cool history of Vienna. Bye. Have to address laundry. Dear laundry. Stop following me. Get OFF MY BACK!!
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