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On Cellphones, Zombies and Existential Transcendence

In this neighbourhood, people act like idiots, and when you look at them, and they become self-conscious of it, they simply deny it all by pulling out a cellphone, because they are important, and they maybe know some additional who possibly could be "important", and - no - it is THEY who are where it's at! - and it matters not what you think for YOU, sir, alien worm, for YOU YOU are the idiot.

In a land where people project their sins and blame the other, then it might seem to actually make sense for some Yocal to deflect back upon someone assumed to project such judgment, by the Yocal trying to out-cellphone that person, yes?

The problem is, there really ARE idiots out there - Yocals and Aliens - in fact, the great many people playing this cellphone-zombie game, in their own heads, are, ipso facto, by definition, idiots.

In the same way, it may seem to make sense, in a world where EVERYONE is inclined to be assholes and to immediately blame and take advantage, and be passive aggressive, that a Yocal person like N-Girl would begin banging on her walls as soon as I, an assumed asshole, the Alien, moved in - and, woe, how important it is to her that I continue to be considered an asshole - for if I were not an asshole, then that would make HER an asshole, right?

When people do this deliberately, they usually package it in a lie to themselves - a lie, for example, that they themselves could at all be doing anything IDIOT or anything ASSHOLE - since, well, "EVERYONE IS SECRETLY DOING IT, SO WHY SHOULDN'T I?!" This becomes an example of, #"Blithe Denial."

Giving oneself the permission to bang on walls, while denying that this assholery could actually lead to the death of the targetted... ("VICTIM - what victim?! If anyone, I am the victim, even prior to any crime!")... is also an example of Blithe Denial.

When people wage such bastardism more unconsciously, i.e., when it becomes habit, (and we get nearer to actual PSYCHOPATH-TYPE behaviour), then these become examples of, "vicarious competition," and even sadism.

It is quicker for some Yocal to react like a robot, or, a tricker-happy #"cellphone zombie," and immediately act as if the OTHER, (Alien), is an idiot, rather than to take pause and think about it, or consider that the OTHER may NOT be an idiot, rather than to waste time being (probably) being judged as the true idiot in this game, or to waste time on the draw, before the OTHER pulls out THEIR cellphone, to try to OUT-IMPORTANT you.

And, in a world where everyone is afraid, then a good way to scare them is to go straight for your cellphone, making them think that you are going for a gun, because they supposedly dissed you, by giving you some kind of EYE.

If you are always afraid, then you always judge, and if, ("when"), your fear comes true, (as it does for so many reactive cops who assume their innocent suspect is going for a gun when actually it is a rubber ducky so they kill that person), it feels very powerful to brandish a cellphone that says, "If you try to shoot me, I will have a picture of it!"

One day, we will all have the luxury of being followed everywhere by drone's, which will take over these tasks, and then, at last, we will be able to relax, won't we? Cuz the idiocy and assholery will then all be concentrated in the police state. The Decider.

Well, the Yocal assuming, right off the bat, that this Alien person is a probable TERRIBLIST*, would be a smart, reasonable thing to do, according to frightened people, even while their prejudice ends up intimidating or even killing innocent people, themselves very much becoming terriblists - "ironically" - although, they would describe themselves as the true and validated, "AUTHORITIES," and so escape public blame or prosecution, yes?

Even so, either way, the whole damned dysfunction proceeds, screwing up society and its economy, becoming a spiralling, self-fulfilling snowball-to-hell.

Vicarious competition - reactive competition - competing by making rote assumptions through the corners of the eye, and then trying to one-up those unconsciously-assumed, judged, "competitors." A priori. "De facto".

Well, this mentality is exactly the same thing as the, "might-make-right," maxim, or philosophy, which is the real-world bane of many a libertarian or invisible hand, trickle-down theorist. It replaces the assumed MORALITY which was supposed to save us all, (from INEQUITY), from an irrational market, or a downwardly-spiralling, VIOLATED market or COMMONS, where only the strong win out.

But, as many a cosmologist believes that TIME IT SELF DOES NOT EXIST, neither does MIGHT-MAKES-RIGHT, and its logics of death, for it is all based on mistakes in thinking, assumptions, projections, selfishness (a virtue?!).

This learnt habit of jumping the gun, because it is legal to have an itchy trigger finger somehow, gets us into the same spiral as does the rabid greed - an assumed, "positive virtue" - of quant investors and their computers, banksters and their puppets, and CEO's and their zombie corporations.

Just as big Hollywood producers now hold out for the biggest enticements, in the $millions, from the most desperate state, before they decide to make their movie in that state - giving back no real tax or monetary or job benefit to that state or to the local economy - the rush by greed to out-draw the, "competition," only results in a fast spiral of destruction - a mob-behaviour gunfight - where everyone is trying to grab what they can for themselves, and the majority of them lose out, as do their victims.

And the only thing that happens, while so much true productivity, (creativity & cooperation), is wasted into thin air, a few $millions or $billions go into the pocket of a few of the most greedy at the top of the wealth-sucking, authorised conspiracy, (and institutionalising structure, of wealth-extraction.

This is called, "the danger of collective action," where formerly, "wholesome competition," turns into a lawless, (unregulated), gunfight, everyone grabbing away whatever they can from THE COMMONS, like cowards hoarding goods from stores during some emotional riot. Mob behaviour, just like backing the bully - based on fear, anxiety, the assumption that one's WANTS are the most important "NEEDS."

In the case of the Hollywood company, moving into a particular state to do a movie, and yet giving back zero $value to that foolish state, run by foolish politicians, trying only to APPEAR wise, what happens is this:

All 50 states try to out-do each other, offering $millions of tax-payer money, as enticements to every damn movie company, all of the states and people getting nothing back but crap movies for the national public, while all that money evapourates into celluloid and CEO manna, and all the states become poorer.

It's like a lot of addicts giving up their paychecks to the extracting GAMBLING HOUSE.

Its like third world countries, trying to attract the biggest corporations, which steal away the people's wealth, but give the upper politicians bribes and nice houses.

Its like a stock market bubble suddenly collapsing, in a massive TAKE from a rush of desperate piranha investors, where very few survive with their hides, the hot stocks and their COMPANIES plummet, as does the MARKET, as does the ECONOMY, as does the COMMON SOCIETY.

All of these foolish dynamics of death are based on foolish assumptions, and lies-to-thyself, that need not be, and truly hold poor sway against real life or real death, or the confidence of a moral society, holding much of its values in COMMON trust.

"The danger of Collective Action," - ha - people think of, "collective" as, "communism," when, "collective," is a fundamental flaw withing corrupt, crony, dysfunctional capitalism, believing itself godlike, in its spurning of government REGULATION!

This fast, spiralling hoarding, out-gunning, taking, greed - this cascade of VIOLATIONS of the COMMONS - it is referred to, in game theory, as the, #"TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONS".

It is also to be found in eruptions of HYPERINFLATION; or in a rush of poorly regulated megacorps out to China where all the cheap workers are, or even in a self-organising preponderance of people voting not according to their beliefs, but to their suspicions on the, "horse-race," the polls, the gossip, or the, "lesser of two evils."

It is suddenly a ZERO-SUM-GAME, where everything becomes a fundamentalist "good," (perceived, "self-survival"), versus a fundamentalist, "bad," (perceived, "threat to self-survival").

It also occurs where banks and corporations extract every inch of wealth or integrity wherever they can in a society, so that the critical majority of people in that society end up poor and desperate, under a manufactured state of, #"VIRTUAL SCARCITY," which never needed to be, making them highly manipulable into reacting nervously, neighbour-against-neighbour, obediently fighting amongst themselves, while the banksters, etc., remain IN CONTROL, and make off with the majority of whatever capital is available to further extract, (as through martial law), from this vast, massive evapouration of the common-wealth.

It also occurs in such phenomena as the Martin-vs-Zimmerman case, where now-desperate commoners all obediently rush-to-judge, whom is innocent, & whom is guilty, no trial - taking sides on the black, or on the white, left or right, etc.

It is can be referred to as instinctual, reptilian behaviour.

But the emotionally invested, out-of-control, commoners do strongly believe otherwise, for abstractions are on their side, where CAPITAL once was.

Zimmerman assumed the white neighburhood was on his side, like a credit card, or a cellphone.

Martin assumed that the abstractions of the hood were on his side, like a credit card, or a cellphone.

And all their opposing fans joined in similarly, as if on different sides of a sports stadium - at a GAME. The game becomes real, like the wants become "needs", and "needs" become greeds.

So, if the banksters wanted a race war, it would not be too difficult to construct one from these predisposed conditions, especially with all the capital available, no longer being put into productive investments! And, if they wanted a war, no problem, they can build a war. And, if they wanted to confiscate privacy, or munitions, or precious metals, IRAs, pensions, or savings accounts - not a problem. They are the top dogs, in like Flynn with the puppet politicians.

In a contagious tragedy of the commons, it is banksters who replace cooperative morals, and become, themselves, the so-called, "Unseen hand of the market place," believing their own abstract economic bullshit, for who wouldn't, so enriched? (Well, not me, which is why I, creative, productive once, have been rendered poor, in an upside-down economy - small enough to fail - to drown in a bath-tub - eh. The government once was US, folks. It still can be, I hope).

This is why it is crucially important, in these despairing times, that we make a deliberate effort to be vigilant about those in power, and the government which they may be capable of controlling, in described states of, "national emergency," and related. We must be careful that, rather than reacting, and jumping in to shout, "USA! USA!," and chiming in on a Nationalist jingle during a sports game, we instead refuse to believe what others tell us, and instead think for ourselves - not REACTIVELY - about the suspects hauled in after mass-shootings or bommings.

And we refuse to believe our trigger-happy assumptions, and projections, about those dangerous Aliens.

We should not immediately assume that these people are guilty, just because the officials, or the media - or even the professed "facts" - claim that they are, when, if nefarious agents hiding behind our government wanted to, they could select any damn stooge and paint him or her up to appear clearly guilty, if they chose to. IT IS NOT DIFFICULT TO DO, in helpless times like these. There are nefarious agents, in ivory towers, who do know this quite enthusiastically.

And, there are good people in government(s), who wish that their bribes and their bullying, and the corruption exploding all around, would simply be ENDED by the vigilance and vote of the people!

For, even if correct, merely as a matter of precedent, once we assume any select person as being guilty, prior to uncorrupted and fair TRIAL, then we hand over our own innocence to potential rape in the future.

We, in as much, assume something guilty within ourselves, behind the blithe denials of fearful egos, deserving of future testing, bullying, blame, indictment and, perhaps, imprisonment, "Just for safety's sake!"

Continuous private struggle - to deny this internal guilt, and self-hatred - followed by the danger of being rendered, oneself, the next,"dangerous alien," from nervous society via its reassuring, "authorities."

We play with fire already when too fast we draw our guns.

We one day put on a Senate filibuster show, pretending to demand that there be no illegal detention of US citizens, and there be no threat of warrantless search of homes or privacy, and then during the chase for the select suspects in the Boston Marathon tragedy, THESE EXACT SAME ABUSES WERE ENACTED!?! Within our borders. While we watched?!

We cannot say that these constitutionally illegal abuses, packaged within a sensational cloud of overwhelming firepower, (packaged like the rhetorical bullshit of a cowardly bully) - I repeat, we cannot say that these abuses DID NOT OCCUR, simply because imagine it so, because we tell ourselves that we had allowed consent, and so there was no abuse.

That is a false, bullied logic. "We'll, if you didn't do anything wrong, then what are you AFRAID of, SISSY?!"

Whether or not the suspects were actually guilty, everyone should have presumed them innocent, and there was NO EXCUSE for such massive, intimidating militarisation, hyped-up media, and displayed FIREPOWER within our borders. This was UNPRECEDENTED - sending a small army after two subjects, expecting us to abide and participate, when hundreds are being killed across the country from other violent crimes, and are receiving scant justice or attention.

This is not HOLLYWOOD. We are not in a BATMAN video-game. This is an extremely serious problem, and the least we can do, to guarantee our rights, is to think for ourselves, demand accountability, and vote like grown-ups.

You'd better believe, there are conspiracies. Where there is money, there is conspiracy. It is affordable.

You know the bi-line of my journal. This is a journal with a great concern for the preservation of innocence. The crime at the Marathon in Boston was what? The killing of innocent people. For that, we would let pass the very same crime, the hunting down and killing of innocent subjects.

And, indeed, it matters not whether these two brothers were ACTUALLY the perpetrators or not. Even if they were, WHICH WE DO NOT KNOW, (but should decide through fair, calm TRIAL), the crime would remain the same, should we permit government to kill anyone who has not yet been tried to be innocent or guilty!

Innocent unless & until proved guilty. That's the whole point! That is quite contrary to one logic of death that says, "If they (you) are not guilty, then what are they (you) running from?"

Any dog or dolphin will run after anything which runs away and, any dog may shift from TOYING around with some captive, to KILLING it as GAME or PREY, once it smells fear or blood, (as where the overwhelmed, weak subject, musters to run), where hunger is triggered, and guilt is presumed, and MIGHT SUDDENLY MAKES RIGHT. Do you not see the error?

A hunter mammal runs on will or empathy only to a point, until its shark or reptilian responses kick in, where it decides, either shoot or get shot!" Thus, there begins not order, but a example of the spiral into me-first, dog-eat-dog TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONS, described above. Dogs do not take time to consider the ethics of their own selfish, reactive "decisions" at such times! They have little regulating as some Court of Justice. They rush in, they run in, they invite the crowd to run for the meat.

Thank god for those great apes who would forgive or adopt a weak child of another area, or settle some juvenile incident of brash contest amongst some members, by meting out nothing more than a strong, authoritative, not-violent look of disapproval. For it is the wise and just who know the vulnerable walls of the commons, within which survival breaths and breeds most free.

Again, our crime remains the same as those committed by any guilty terriblists, being the taking of innocent lives, even if our "authorities" indeed kill or mean to kill suspects who turn out to be 100% guilty. Their actual guilt or innocent is IRRELEVANT, for the danger is in the AUTHORITATIVE STAMP OF APPROVAL, by OUR CONSENT, SETTING PRECEDENT for future hunts and actual murders.


We become as implicated in the taking of innocent lives as were the original, perhaps unknown, perpetrators! We presume OURSELVES guilty, by way of blithe denial and blood-lust, like a pack of dogs, of murder. And then we flail about seeking to stick this blame on someone else ASAP.

And, those who would so endanger the innocent through such naive convenience, they seem despicable to me, were it not for the fact that their vanity or stupidly so profoundly puts their own lives in peril, one day. "And then they came for me..."

So, stand down, if you so abandon your pause in consultation with your daemon, only because you believe yourself hungry, having the need to take chase. Take pause, for justice, and suspend that hunger for it is but fear, dogging you.

And, just as the likes of Nether Girl would presume to launch into passive aggression against an innocent, and do so relentlessly, unendingly, and exhaustively, addicted all the more the more it may "succeed," there comes with this control-addiction THE COMPLETE INABILITY TO ADMIT ONE HAS BEEN WRONG, OR CULPABLE, OR THE PROBLEM.

To persecute all white swans not allowing for the possible fact that one of your victims may be black - this is an evil to society.

You and your mobs and your government or your movie company would give chase with little product other than the severing of heads or the feeding of Christians to the lions? This will grow you grain? This will feed your ACTUAL hunger?

BY precedent, and then by ever-cumulative and reinforced habit, procedure and annual budgetary allocation of MAKE-WORK, (which is ironic term), the chase, the lust of control and then blood, becomes institutionalised as a calling to quash innocence at all front.

When we presume guilt in others, we inherently presume guilt in ourselves.

And proceed to deny.

The externalisation or projection of blame-worthiness upon whatever new victim or messenger, killer or not, becomes an addictive, INSATIABLE addiction to escape one's own guiltiness. Or, reponsibility to the justice of the commons. It is a flight from trust. The finger of blame has turned upon itself. So, off with the finger! Off with a leg. Off with a head.

The guillotine falls and empathy pauses, but immediately, the lust rushes in to pervert, and for a more and more brief second, it feels real good to be, "alive".

The blade comes down. Another severed head. Everyone thinks, of the horror, and then the abstract release, "Oooo! THAT felt good!" It feels good to be free! And up comes a cheer from the crowd. "USA! USA! USA!" Do you not see the error?

Addicted to the punishment before the disappearing real reward.

Learning the abstractions of war.


Just as there is a germ of life in every being, there is a germ of death. This is necessary to existence. By being alive, one has made a covenant with the infinite, that one will both suffer some degree of pain and death, and one will cause some, (slightly or widely), larger degree of pain and death in the world. But, at what point would one allow this, "original sin," to grow from a contract with the divine, to a contract with the, "Devil"? At what point would you stare at your own mortality and allow yourself to be domineered by a cancerous patch of original guilt? Would you allow this sin to breed on your Commons-sense, at the expense of so many others, feeding you carnal wants as if they were needs? Are your so proud to be guilty, vicariously deriving some salacious sense of power or control, (hubris), by DENYING it by placing the blame on others, perhaps innocents?

"Eh! No one is innocent in this world! If I don't grab the loot now, someone else will!"

Well, that logic of death denies the reality that to live is to choose, preferably the good, through deliberate transcendence, and refute the rule of the mob, and its masters, and their puppets. False idols are they and their packaged foods. Their bribes and taunts. Their public sacrifices of the innocents, first the pedophiles, then one day, the child virgins.

At what point would you choose the germ of life within you, that which you share in Common with your neighbours, and all the universe, above the scours of entropy, original sin and death, where each is hung separately and alone?

This, "original sin," this flaw of existence, this potential germ of tragic and destructive addiction, is put there is put there precisely THAT WE MAY CHOOSE. From complete chaos comes free will - as a personal effort. From the living blood of gods - of nature itself.

It is yours to transcend the existential, the meaningless, the randomness, and make your own crusade for some good. Look not for another symbol hanging from a cross or guillotine to absolve your pain, suffer the pain in you and others, and yourself rise from the dead.

Or would you blame all others for the mere fact that they exist, rationalising your injustice as some divine right, or virtue of selfishness, all others be damned?

Would you give no pause, and jump in with the frey, and consent to lead our world to hell in a handbasket? And, would you do so under the Christian flag, or under the flag of your party, or the flag of your gang or corporation, believing yourself good, when Christianity is as good a club of denial as any, and so has not been conservative when it has come to throwing the first stone.

To what degree would you give yourself over to the authorities, allowing your, "original sin," to become their property, allowing them to domineer over you, while calling yourself free? At what point would you let the cancer grow so large, mirrored in society, that you would rush headlong into conflagration, rather than to resist, only to prove that you are, "RIGHT," when you are wrong? Would you demand blood from a turnip, after the poor and elderly have been deprived, blaming all for the loss of you inner security, when you failed to act to save the Commons, or the planet, when called upon, by people wearing tinfoil hats? In wildness is our preservation. In falsely defended order is our demise.

Explain your actions to those seven generations down the road - do they not sit at your dreams, cheering you on? How could you substitute those cheers for the shrieks, tears-for-fears, and demands, in the bleachers of your hungry game now? Do they not count, simply because they seem to immediate use to your addiction? Give pause, not Chase. Give not over to corruption and haste. Justice only prevails in your very own spirit of the law, please know this and never forget it.

To get back to the original themes in this post, this development of vicarious competition and denial and the TRAGIC VIOLATION OR RAPE OF THE COMMONS, endangering our own security and rights, can begin quite subtly, as it would with frogs, calmly enjoying the sauna which gradually boils them to death.

The spiral into destructive competition, which ends in paradoxical mob behaviour, ruining things for everyone in a crash of "collective action", (ha - where everyone tries to look the same and do the same all at the same time, like some impossible Hydra, with cellphone, and credit card), can so begin quite quietly, virtually innocently, pulling little resentments out of randomness, and then returning little retaliations, unconsciously, or vicariously, or in denial, or by addiction, or upon demand as called upon by the authorities, starting from the mere state of EXISTING, with its germ of life, versus germ of death, ("original sin", Ahimsa), and illfully going through loops of errant, egoistical or paradoxical thinking, where the game becomes less and less about relevant rewards, but with the thrill presented, (conditioned response), prior to the actual attainment of that reward, such as food, or movie tickets, or happiness.

Where once was credit-spending to afford the rewards, there more and more is substituted the blood-lusting thrill of the chase.

Like salivating dogs, we spurn our own inner and outer systems of justice, or fair dinkum, in our pursuit not of productive useful realities, but of spites, of being, "RIGHT," of being a member of the Authority's club, and other abstractions, all attended not by calm natural enjoyment, but of masochistic punishments, which we thoroughly enjoy sadistically foisting off on more and more innocent victims. We become addicted to the evil, or the dystopia, or the dysfunction, and up becomes down, and down becomes up. Dial down another notch on the scale of moral integrity, or self-actualisation and awareness, and onus of control, and dial up on false control, addiction, pathos, etc. (Some of my concepts presented here could serve to illustrate a graduated scale, similar to Maslow or Kohlberg). As we, like frogs gradually boiling ourselves, (through the opportunistic or parasitic co-opting control of these things we deem authorities or values), - huhhhh - forgot what I was going to say here... must rest I suppose...

We join the self-destructive mob, much to many controlling the capital, in a tragedy of the commons, a flight of trust, and a rising of costs for everyone. (This is comparable to hyper-inflation). We lose our self-control, our ethics and our justice, becoming flailing zombie puppets for Fascism, or similar Tyranny, inviting others in to control us, even if that be some conquering military force, for we are innately "guilty" and we know it, as sadism turns quickly to the true dynamic at work here, masochism. And the true germ and lust for life turn quickly to the sin, the bonfire we have been building and denying all along, the germ of death, or "sin". The imagined reward has completely disappeared into abstraction and there arises the great seed of our blood-lust, once humble and wee and controllable, now absolute, the original contract for mortality, or death. The punishment commands us now.

Or, where the meek have held out, the stones which the destroyers have thrown, have become the new cornerstones. For it was the old order, the status quo, which had been so wrongly commanding our chase, our flight, of the insane - when we had been quietly called to entertain the meek, and wouldn't that have been so much easier, so less painful, than all this apocalypse now around us? One need not be a prophet to heed the common sense.

NPR - "On the Media", did a good job of looking at the rush to judge which we've seen recently, (yet again). Interesting, also, how many have used the concept of, "Muslim," or, "Islamic," to represent an idea of, "NOT WHITE LIKE US," to the point where we are chasing evil terriblists from Chechnya, where the Caucasus mountains are the very center of the so-called race which is called white, i.e., Caucasian! Who knows what white they will be chasing next, cuz they are Muslims. Who knows what paradox that racism will be taught to learn next!

And racist blacks are OK, cuz they don't see Muslims as racist whites do - as somehow BROWN (black). Racist blacks probably see all Muslims, light or dark, as somehow WHITE! So, heh. We are eating away at the middle, the in between the common ground, in this war between ourselves, being perverted in a rather 1984 way.

Somewhat reminds me of the great flooding which may be due for the middle of our country, per chance. Irony is an inherent property of nature.

The puppet masters say, "So why not exploit it to the Nth degree, and turn it into cash?"

Remember, I am not saying any suspects are guilty or innocent. That is all beside the point. And when I caution you to beware of our too-little regulations of a potentially uber-controlling government, I am not saying that the danger is BIG GOVERNMENT, or that banks or megacorps are not the true danger in their manipulations of government, with military and police.

More than this, I am not saying that all our government is guilty of such things as I have described - or even that particular agencies or agents within it, or associated with it, are guilty of anything. Again, whether they are or not is more beside the point. Not to judge not to judge...

But, I am hypothesising upon the likelihood that there CAN be dangerous nefarious agents and conspiracies hiding behind or manipulating aspects of government - A GOOD GOVERNMENT WHICH WE NEED! I am still a "liberal" who believes that rationally designed government, strong here, weak there, is absolutely necessary NOT to the encouragement of manic DESTRUCTIONS of the Commons or our rights and possessions, but to the exact opposite: The defense of our Commons and our rights - and our wealth and welfare! That is what government is precisely for! To prevent the great spirals of corporate, "collective action," rules by greed and lawlessness and irresponsible business and investment practices, of mob rule and gang violence and potential terriblists, and to protect us from the externalising costs and wealth-extractions, etc., of disorderly corporations, as from natural disasters and national and security emergencies. Government can calm down the Commons, allowing ethics and justice and creativity and productivity to breath and work more freely. We can get on with our lives, knowing that the FDIC TRULY will protect our savings from a derivatives crash. (?!!!)

We can see competition INCREASED when monopolies and cartels are broken up, or where the post office extends delivery to rural areas not reached by UPS, on Saturdays, even doing the contracted work of UPS along the route, so that UPS does not end up CHARGING A HUNDRED DOLLARS to deliver some small package to way out in some backwaters boondocks.

Government is greatly there to protect the weak from being devoured by the strong, to tame the strong, and thus bring up the wealth and power of all, whereby the strong shall further prosper, in the LONGER TERM, in the Bigger picture! The bigger picture. The wise old ape!

Common liberty can only be served when the expensive Liberties TAKEN by the powerful, are denied by a good government. Why would we abandon this? To serve our selfish interests. "Every man for himself. Trust in the rationality of the market."

Adam Smith, a prisoner in his times, assumed that market rationality and fairness, in a community of about 200 people, because those people were all regulating things according to their shared morality. He did not anticipate the huge international market conditions today, where rationality and fairness are less than preferred, and where conflicting moralities, or beliefs, or lack thereof, do result in great ongoing wealth inequities. Large-scale virtual scarcities, or cartels, or corruption, or bubbles and downwards collapses, or currency wars, etc., taking priority over rational economics. Conditions have greatly become: where to destroy, is to profit.

To rule by SHOCK, by big repetitive lies, fear tactics, force, intimidations, mind games, has been a nice little hobby for many a puppeteer. To feed off the chaos of destruction, and the forcing of the old status quo values and ethics precisely where it is least needed. Corporations find they can make a killing by exploiting the death of the old public morality - as of the Commons.

So, no longer is there a strong morality acting as the, "Unseen Hand," within the glove that rules, regulating fairness. Merely in large-scale economies, governments are required to step in and fulfill the role that public morality once played completely, but leaving morality, or religions, alone, and free. But, now with a dysfunctional global economy, and a disempowerment of coherent public morality(s), what do we see? Government on the one hand being bribed to further deregulate the economy in favour of the rich, while on the other, urging us all into a war of religion-against-religion, and snitch-against-snitch, etc.

As a substitute for the unseen hand, rational role of the public morality, or the Commons, aspects of government may be becoming more of a threat to, than a protector of, the main body of the economy, and society.

But, it was a philosophy of TRUST between the original COMMONers, which had once backed the power of the society's economy. The public morality, or philosophy, need not be an institutional religion, where everyone must believe in a god, e.g., spelled G-O-D. It can be something simply where everyone is coming from the same premises, or assumptions, where there is a good which goes beyond or farther than our individual wants, or greeds, or animal natures, or fears, which makes each economic player someone who is deemed PREDICTABLE and TRUSTWORTHY.

One need not have, "In God We Trust," brandished on the currency, of a once egalitarian, somewhat Deist, nation. All that is needed is a social compact, and this comes from an individual contract with his or own existence - of from a contract with the universe - that he or she shall transcend the dead, and make oneself part of the living, trustworthy and giving, humble and lovable. Tolerance. Patience. Self-examination. Etc.

I have discovered that much of my ways seems to have a similar effect as does the belief in God, held by religious people. (I do not say I reject the existence of God, either, or etc., btw). This is because I do see something greater than myself - I CHOOSE to see so, otherwise why do i write these stupid posts. Like a belief in God, it calms me down, gives me motivations, allows me to, if not trust people, at least to predict a lot of them, the devils!

I often patiently and confidently turn the other cheek. (Although, this may have a little more to do with a knowledge of successful tactics learnt from game theory).

I choose my own spirituality. No one tells me I have to. But it keeps me off the streets. It is pro-health. Where there is health, there can be WEALTH!...

The impact of spirituality
- in: http://www.livescience.com/29094-belief-in-god-psychiatric-treatment.html - (from, "Belief in God May Boost Treatment of Mental Illness")

When patients feel a sense of power outside their own lives — whether through religious beliefs or through connections with friends, family or even nature — it can boost their treatment outcomes, said Christina Puchalski, founder and executive director of the George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health in Washington, D.C. Puchalski was not involved in the new study, but has done her own research on clinical strategies to address patients' spiritual concerns.

"If people are able to see something outside of themselves, they tend to do better in general, so that's not surprising," Puchalski said. "From my own clinical practice, I certainly see that if people are able to have some sense of transcendence, they often have better responses."

Part of what makes this a fascinating area of study is that spirituality can take so many different forms, which means it can have diverse implications for patient care, Puchalski explained.

"Spirituality can be broadly defined," she said. "It's not just religion, or a belief in a higher power. The ability to connect to something outside of oneself — things like hope and being hopeful, or having a sense of coherence — it's all part of spirituality."

And, to think that all the trouble we're in started with something akin to harmless cellphone competition. But, really, it all began with one small kernel of bothersome EMPATHY. For what would be the reason for caring what others think, of bothering to remember how and when to mete out retaliations against such-and-such, in this dance to show the largest gun, and appear even more STANDARD and OFFICIAL than one's neighbour, or to compete to buy the most standard, official lawn, if we did not, deep deep down feel some connection with, or responsibility to, each other?

Why else so desperate to imitate, sometimes all at the same time like some great gang of fools, to the point where all else in nature is excluded by blinders, that we may then DENY each other, as if each other was some very weird, strange-looking, dangerous alien from outer space, using the same cellphone, driving the same silver Taurus, cooking the same meal tonight as the guy upstairs - if we were not because we were ever irritated by this dogged empathy suggesting that we are all connected? Hmmmm?

We once had a public philosophy to deal with such existential issues but now, comrade, I guess the task now falls to each of us, to transcend individually the great gaping gaps of naught in existence ever widening before us, eh? Newsflash, today: "Cellphone use can be contagious." Well, surprise surprise. (There is also a story about GOOGLE today, which I wanted to include in this post, but presently I do forget what the story was about!).

It all rises up from disorder, this resonant humanity we so vehemently strive to deny, these days. But, when we deny the chaos of our nature, then we deny our own soul capacity, and our own creativity. We end up as foolish clones in a robot game, thinking ourselves godlike, walking into the fires of damnation.

From wildness comes free will.

The recurrence or persistence of patterns of random coincidence is where Order begins.

This relates right back to my recent post on local earth changes, such as, "The Taos Hum," as a conspiracy of different ambient or turbulent forces in confluence or an enhanced or augmented pattern of interference. Spiked. Statistical spikes. The sound of one clock ticking. Choice. Please be sure you have heard one of my favourite episodes of, "RadioLab," all about stats and coincidence, which I see as perhaps their most important episode, because it's where my head is at.

STOCHASTICITY! - http://www.radiolab.org/2009/jun/15/?utm_source=local&utm_media=treatment&utm_campaign=daMost&utm_content=damostviewed

I do like stats - loved my class in college, although the grades tasted a little tart - and I pretty much understand stats. But I also have some comprehension of chaos theory. And I do know that the universe is a big paper mache origami, in many respects. So, I continue to claim, with all due respect, that there are more-than-significant flaws in statistical method, theory or assumptions. There are limits to the validity of stats, as there are limits to the validity of science. There are even limits to the validity of reality as we think we know it.

Yet, having said all that, this episode of, "RadioLab," is a great champion of the randomness of probabilities as construed by conventional stats, which I have much appreciation for. Also, the episode goes into the paradoxical derivation of order from shear statistical randomness, (as where the idiosyncratic and contradictive or random behaviour of individuals ants somehow - what a energy-sink, right? - somehow works its way out through the colony, producing simple social rules or logic, by which great majestic bridges made of leaves and twigs are constructed. So wonderful.

But, I'll add, never give up the factor of free will and choice in stats-measured evolution, e.g. For, I do believe, that, beyond the vast randomness exists not merely a wealth of unpredictability, but a fundamental wealth of multidimensionality, behind which is none but universal entanglement itself. Access to perfect information. Access to other people's memories, etc.

This whole infinite, paradoxical dialectic, creating both time and timelessness, is the stuff of BEING itself. Observe. And be observed. You are one. And you are naught. Choice and transcendence is where it is at. From that comes, e.g., the transformation of a zombie crowd salivating en masse over the sensational guillotining of the innocent, by authority, of that mass into a prayer and a vote, if not a revolution, for justice, our basic law.

One of my LJ friends mentioned the philosopher, Heidegger, in her post yesterday. I haven't thought about him in ages. I even forget if, or how much, he was influential to me. But, I went back and Wikied him, and found him to be very relevant. He was concerned about the nature of time. And of BEING. So, here is the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heidegger

Is time real? Is EXISTENCE, of course thought to be within time, real, or not real?! Make your own choice, yeah? what about these matters of, "original sin," or of, "thermodynamics," or of, "mortality"? What's it all about?! Well, many quantum physicists and relativists and mathematicians, with their bi-directional, set, numbers in the sky, assert that time is not real.

As Heidegger said, they start of failing, reaching that conclusion, by beginning with the assumption that, "being," refers to THINGS. Objects. To them, a, "being," is a measurable quantity of mass. (And that leads them, btw, into all these Achilles-heel flaws in physical theory). Heidegger felt that beings should be looked at more according to their own experience - of BEING. Being is something of an experiential quality. Consciousness is what drives the physics of the universe.

That's a lot of how I see it, without getting all Hume on you. My mission is to figure out what are the dynamics of consciousness, as relates to memory, energy-use, thermodynamics - and to time which I feel can, in one way, be said to be real. (And not). I feel that the choice to "consciously" transcend the shackles of death which we and our universe create for us, as a test of our mettle, is at the very essence of creation itself.

But, until I find some mathematicians with nothing better to do, (which I might actually have found, and until I am free of Nether Girl Dementia forever, then I have no way of further exploring these great frontiers, which have be before me all my life! Well, consider, here are two scientists yapping about how time truly does exist, beyond being the subjective flower pot of our carnal strivings, so to speak...

Smolin and Meck discussed the consequences of his idea, including what it means for our understanding of human consciousness and free will. One implication of the idea that time is an illusion is the notion that the future is just as decided as the past.

"If I think the future's already written, then the things that are most valuable about being human are illusions along with time," Smolin said. "We still aspire to make choices in life. That is a precious part of our humanity. If the real metaphysical picture is that there are just atoms moving in the void, then nothing is ever new and nothing's ever surprising — it's just the rearrangement of atoms. There's a loss of human dignity."

http://www.livescience.com/29081-time-real-illusion-smolin.html - Controversially, Physicist Argues Time Is Real

This post is officially finished.

Let go of your heart,
Let go of your head,

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